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Tillman, Ryan Benjamin

Benjamin Tillman, was born in Edgefield County, South Carolina in 1847. All through his political life, and even after his death, many South Carolinians had a pride which warmed their hearts when they heard his name; while others held a hatred for the man. To some he was known as a dictator, but to others he was a governor, the pride of the people, an upright citizen, and a fine orator. In 1890, he formed the Farmers Alliance and later served as the governor of South Carolina. Some of the many accomplishments which took place during his terms as governor include: the erection and endowment of Clemson College, just and suitable assessment of taxes on railroads and other corporation, the refunding of the state debt (which saved the state $78,000 of interest every year), and the establishment of Winthrop College. Tillman died in 1918, after serving his state well.