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Calhoun, John C

John Calhoun, born on March 18, 1782, near Abbeville, South Carolina, is said to be one of the best South Carolinians who ever lived. He stood for and believed in what South Carolina believed in. In 1802, he graduated from Yale after only 2 years. He served as a state legislator for two sessions before moving on to the House of Representatives in the National Congress in 1810. In 1822, Pennsylvania nominated him for President. He also served as Vice President under John Adams and Andrew Jackson. In his last speech to the Senate he asked, "How can the Union be saved? By observing justice for the South and living by the constitution.". On his death bed his last words were "the South, poor South". A fellow statesman once said of him "Mistaken he was often, but he never did anything consciously that he thought was wrong or low.".