The Hampton Terrace Hotel

        The Hampton Terrace Hotel was located in North Augusta, South Carolina.  Some people think today that if the Hampton Terrace were still here, North Augusta would be known as Hollywood. The Hampton Terrace was a huge hotel that burned down on New Years Eve of 1916.
        A man named James U. Jackson organized the North Augusta Hotel Company. The cost was about $536,000 to build the Hampton Terrace. In April of 1902, the hotel was completed, and in December of 1903, it was open to the public.
        The Hampton Terrace was located on a hill that overlooked the countryside for many miles. The hotel was very important and outranked both cotton and banking in its profits.  The Augusta Chronicle (a local newspaper) was quoted as highlighting the hotel as one of the best in the country. The Hampton Terrace represented the epitome of Augusta's hotels. The hotel itself occupied the entire city of North Augusta.
        Few people realize that the Hampton Terrace was part of North Augusta's development.  The hotel had five floors, four of which contained rooms for five hundred guests, and three hundred rooms. The frame on the building grounds was longer than two football fields and had enough windows for seventy average sized houses.
        The Hampton Terrace Hotel was a magnificent place and should still be remembered today as North Augusta history. The Hampton Terrace Days is a great way to experience life in the good old days!!!  The celebration is great;  they have a parade which is filled with old cars and people dressed in clothes that were worn in the early 1900's. The four day celebration begins this year on April 21st in downtown North Augusta. Come and join the fun of historic tours, arts, crafts, entertainment, food, exhibits, and the parade!!!

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