ring tailed lemur


Lemurs are prosimians which differ from monkeys (Prosimius is Latin for "before monkeys").

There are 51 different species of lemurs, 17 are endangered.

There are 2 species kept at Riverbanks, the Ring-tailed lemur and the Red ruffed lemur.

The word lemur is Latin for ghost - When French Explorers first heard these animals calls, they mistook them for souls of the dead.

Ring-tailed lemurs (Lemur catta) do well in the dry habitatas that cover most of Madagascar, so they're not as threatened by habitat loss as other lemur species. They are most active by day and have fun bathing in the sun and having stink fights. red ruffed lemur

Riverbanks Zoo keeps five Ring-tailed lemurs.

The Red ruffed lemurs (Varecia variegata rubra) are only found in tropical rainforests in the northeast corner of Madagascar, and are critically endangered. They are most active by night and stay in small family groups.

Riverbanks Zoo keeps two Red ruffed lemurs.

Thanks to the Riverbanks Zoo and Steve Wing of the Riverbanks Staff for this information.