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(From Allendale On The Savannah, Published 1970, no longer in print.

by Alexania Easterling Lawton, Minnie Reeves Wilson)

Recorded in Barnwell Court House, is land donated by Mrs Sara Bryan Kearse, grandmother of Mrs Pearl Kearse Davis. The church was built in 1860 by slaves. The lumber is hand hewn.

Preaching and Sunday School services are held regularly. There are forty dedicated members. The Rev. Henry M Thompson is serving as pastor.

Some of the oldest graves at Gillett Church:
Cynthia Watson Brown Nobles * Born 1799*, died 1863 Mrs Dillie A. Harden Born c1801**, died 1875
Elizabeth Furse Born 1850, died 1857*** Jabez Nobles Born 1835, died 1886
Robert Harden Born 1793, died 1871 James Young Calhoun Born 1827, died 1899
James Nobles Born 1803, died 1873
*corrected from photo, as well as corrected from Manning Files, Vol XII, pp 250, submitted by John Culbertson, Ph. D.  Cynthia Watson Nobles (nee' Brown) was the dau. of Cap't (Rev. War) Bartlett Brown, and the wife of James Nobles.
**corrected from photo, submitted by John Culbertson, Ph. D.
***corrected from photo, as well as corrected from Manning Files, Vol XII, pp 78, 266, submitted by John Culbertson, Ph. D.

Doct. Elijah Gillett. Died Sept 4, 1818, Age 63 years
Elizabeth Gillett. Died Jan 3, 1816. Age 38 years
Mortal Remains of Amiable Mary Magdolene, Daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth Rigton of Charleston. Consort of William S. Gillett, "Whom death arrested of five days illness." Died October 1824. Age 30 years. Beside her Sleeps her infant son, William Scarborough. Dec 20, 1820. Age 6 mo.
In Memory of Andrew Jackson Gillett. August 16, 1816.

(The above was contributed to Allendale On The Savannah by Tom Williams, Baldoc, SC)

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Mike Mooney, Sr. born May 7, 1895 died 12-2-1965
Hattie Jane (Fennell) Mooney born 3-25-1900 died 10-10-1951
John Robert Mooney born 6-7-1923 died 3-16-1990
Mike Mooney, Jr. born 11-23-1925 died 12-12-1993

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