Bryan Cemetery in Allendale, at NW corner off of Bluff Road and a county road, situated in a lot which houses a young bull (no bull, I mean there really is a bull!). There is a clump of tall trees in the center of the lot and the gravestones are visible from the road. Buried here, on the old Mock Orange Plantation land, are:

Joseph Bryan (son of William Bryan, RS and Elizabeth Moore) born August 9, 1776 Barnwell Dist, SC died June 18, 1836 Mock Orange, Barnwell Dist, SC

Rebecca Dewees Bryan (dau. of Cornelius Dewees and Mrs Sarah Minors Dewees) born October 20, 1774 born Charleston, SC died October 24,1840 Mock Orange, Barnwell Dist, SC

Joseph Clay Bryan (son of Joseph and Rebecca Dewees Bryan) born July 12, 1806 Barnwell Dist, SC died October 20, 1842 Barnwell Dist (Allendale), SC.

Bryan - Forrester Cemetery, Henry William Buford to June Gardner August 2007

I did find the cemetery .... it is a separate burial ground from the Bryan Cemetery on Bluff Road ... which I found first.  I haven't worked on my genealogy much this year... I seem to  be missing my little notebook that I keep field notes in. I need to check lost&found at my local library... maybe I left it there. Some of  this info is from memory.  When I located the Bryan Cemetery on Bluff Road ... I came  away disappointed. Only 3 graves there that are marked ... in the middle of a pasture where horses tromp around them. All Bryans... these were original folks who settled the Mock Orange plantation.

If any Forresters had ever been there ... they were gone to the wind.  About this time I met another cousin on-line .... we share the Williams surname together from Allendale and have some common Williams ancestors. I noticed that "Bryan" was one of her other family names ... asked her about it. We discovered that one of her Bryan great aunts .... Sarah "Sallie" Bryan ... had married Edwin Hansford Forrester. This seemed a likely basis for two families to share a common burial ground. She had Sallie's brother ... Joseph Bryan ... as the owner of Stillwood Plantation ..... Sallie lived there with Joseph many years ... she didn't marry Edwin H. Forrester until late in life.... his first wife... Laura Smart had died.

There exists a picture of Stillwood Plantation on the Allendale, S.C. genweb site. I went back to Allendale ... searched high and low ... found the plantation house no problem. Looked around a couple of hours and located an old cemetery there. It was getting near dark (05 - 06 winter) .... but the place was full of Forresters and Bryans. But too late in the day to really check it out.  

I went back last October and inventoried the whole place ... I do still have those notes. Three main families are there ..... Bryan (20) .... Forrester (13) .... Rowse (or Rouse) (8). I believe these 3 families were close neighbors who ... as they began to die off .... decided to share a burial ground. James Forrester 1769 - 1834 is the oldest grave here. His wife Mary Reeves Forrester is here .... 1788 - 1853. They are my GGG-grands. The son John James Forrester is here 1830 - 1857. He apparently died at 27 ... his wife is buried at Beech Branch Baptist .... Laetitia Jemima Fitts ... these two are my GG-grands. She is buried next to her second husband ... who was a Fitts also ... her cousin.  I then descend from JJF and LJF 's daughter Sarah Georgia Forrester... who was apparently called "Lottie". She is buried in Macon, GA .... my hometown.  She was married to Richard Williams Buford ..... my surname. He is buried at Beech Branch Baptist back in Allendale.

Henry William Buford

BRYAN cemetery in Screven Co., GA.  Just about all of the adult people in this cemetery came from Allendale area (BRYAN, HUMPHREYS, JARRELL, etc). Submitted by that fount of knowledge on things Allendale Co., Judy Canant.

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