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Marker: "Antioch; Christian Church; Organized in 1833; by Dr. and Mrs. W. R. Erwin; and Mrs. U. M. Robert, this; was the second Christian Church; (Disciples of Christ); founded in South Carolina.; Dr. J. D. Erwin, II, served; as minister for forty years.; The present building was used as; a court house in 1865."

Our Mother; Harriet Eliza; wife of; Thomas Raysor Erwin; Born February 1, 1846; Died April 4, 1927.

Memorial Plaque: Sarah Daniel; Wife of; Major James Erwin; Born 1762; In Camden District; Died 1815.

Ann Marion Erwin; Daughter; of; W. R. and Julia C. E.; Erwin; departed this life; on 28th of Nov 18-4;Aged ;

Dr. C. W. Erwin; Born Feb. 22, 1857; Died Nov. 24, 1910; Truly, it can be said of him; "And the King lifted up his voice; and wept at the grave.; And all the people wept, and; the King said; A great man has fallen this day in Isreal."; 2nd Sam III 32 38.

In Memory; of; Carrie M. Erwin; Wife of; Dr. C. W. Erwin; Born Nov. 20, 1856; Died April 2, 1904; She was a zealous member of the church at this place.;

"She hath done what she could."

SACRED; to the Memory of; Dr. William R, Erwin; who departed this life; on the 17th of November 1876; in the 58th year of his age.; Blessed are the dead

Julia C. E. Erwin; Widow of; Dr. W. R. Erwin.; Born Nov. 4, 1812; Died July 31 1888;

Jesus will meet me.

Ephraim A. S.; Erwin.; Born July 31, 1838; Died in; the faith of Christ; Sept. 7, 1863.

Sacred; to the memory of; Gen. J. D. Erwin; who departed this life; Nov 8, 1852; in the 62nd year of his age.

Dr. J. D. Erwin; Minister of; The Christian Church; 40 years Pastor of this; Church Antioch; Born Dec. 29, 1829; Died March 17, 1900.

Anna Erwin; Wife of; James Daniel; Erwin; Born; October 8, 1840; Died; April 27, 1920.

Memorial Plaque: Major James Erwin; Married 1777 - Died 1815;  Great-Grandfather of; Robert Gallaudet Erwin; 1854 -1906; Late President of the Atlantic Coast Line Railway; Erected by his son; Robert Munro Erwin; 1937.

Joseph Havener; Son of T. R. & H. E.; Erwin; Born April 17:; 1882; Died Nov. 26: 1884.; Aged 2 Years; 7 Months & 9 Days.

Sacred; to the memory of; Julia Caroline; daughter of James and Sarah Erwin; of Barnwell District, So. Ca.; departed this life in the hope of a glor...; immortality through our Lord Jesus Christ;

[much more, illegible, stone broken]

Sacred; to the memory of; Martha S. Erwin; who departed this life; Nov. 7, 1852; aged 12 years 8 months; . . .

Olen Erwin; son of; Dr. J. D. Erwein; and Laura A. Erwin; Born May 16, 1870; Died Nov. 7th, 1870; Aged 5 months & [illeg.] days.

Rebecca K.; Daughter of; T. R. & H. E. Erwin,; Born Feb. 26th, 1878.; Died Jan. 5th, 1885; Aged 6 yr's 10 mo's; and 10 days.; "She is not dead, but; sleepeth."

Sacred; to the memory of; Rebecca; Daughter of William R. &; Julia C. Erwin; who departed this life; 14th November 1840; Aged 3 months; & 12 days.

Samuel Maner, "C. S. V."; Son of; Gen'l J. D. and Sarah Robert; Erwin,; Born April 15th, 1838; Died February 28th, 1875.

Our Mother; Sarah A. E. Robert; Wife of Gen'l James D. Erwin; Born April 16th, 1807; Died October 25th, 1874.

Thomas Raysor Erwin; Born; October 10, 1855; Died; August 17, 1820.

Thomas Raysor Erwin, Jr.; Son of; T. R. & H. E. Erwin,; Born; October 17, 1883; Died; October 19, 1883.

Our Brother; B. F. Killingsworth; Born November 13th, 1827; Died October 19, 1900.

In Memory; of; Rennie; Daughter of; Dr. J. D. & L. A. Erwin; and Wife of; T. P. Lawton; Born Feb 15, 1866; Died Jan'y 1, 1887.

Nina; Born July 30th; 1858; Died December 14th; 1873. [side 1]
Nina Martin; Daughter of; Robert & Annie Erwin Martin; Born July 30th 1858;
Died December 14th; 1873.
She is not dead but sleepeth. [side 2]

Robert Daniel Martin; Son of; Robert & Annie Erwin Martin; Born Nov. 1st, 1864; Died May 25th 1883.

Here rests; all that was mortal; of; Robert Martin; Lt. Colonel, C. S. A.;

Born in Charleston, SC; February 12th 1835,; Died in Augusta, Ga.; May 24th 1874.; A loyal gentleman; A devoted patriot; A sincere Christian.

This partial survey by John D. Culbertson, Ph. D., was made with photographic documentation. 27 August 2000.

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