My family line connections to the Allendale County area are Buford , Forrester , Fitts , Reeves , Wooten , and Breland . In researching my Forrester line , I became aware of a cemetery referred to as Bryan - Forrester . Unable to find anything substantial as to location of this cemetery ... I developed some theories:

1) That it may be another name for the Bryan cemetery described by J. Canant as being off of Bluff Road in a bull pasture

2) Attached is a document on the Bryan family authored by J. Canant . It makes reference to the marriage of Sallie Bryan and Edwin H. Forrester . Several of Sallie's ( Sarah) brothers and sisters are stated as " d. in Stillwood " or " buried Stillwood " ......... so I surmised that Stillwood might be relevant . I knew from the Stillwood photo you posted on the Allendale site that Stillwood was associated with the Bryan family .

I made a field trip to Allendale on Wednesday 8 / 9 / 06 , and using your photo I identified Stillwood Plantation . A U. S. topography map had shown an unnamed cemetery nearby , which I have now found . This cemetery is populated by about 20 Bryans , apx. a dozen Forresters , and about a dozen other various graves . This place is my Bryan - Forrester cemetery , also known as Stillwood cemetery .

This burial grounds is previously uninventoried and not posted on any site that I'm aware of . There is a brief mention of it in the book Allendale on the Savannah . I am writing to let you know of the existence of this place and it's genealogical significance to the area.   I intend to return soon ... make a complete inventory ... and post the results on the site . Any tips or advice from you concerning this venture would be appreciated very much.

Henry W. Buford

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