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Dead Man's Rock I am interested in locating "Dead Man's Rock" said to be about 3 miles from Lyndhurst (Boiling Springs), Allendale Co., SC, near Lower Three Runs Creek. A distant relative, Ethelred ("Dred") Clary, is said to have died on this rock. I am also interested in the exact location of Lethe Plantation, also said to be on or near Lower Three Runs Creek. I know I can probably find this information in Barnwell or Allendale Court House, but I am not sure when I will have an opportunity to visit either one, and it may well be that someone who monitors this message board has the information. 12 Dec. 2000 Julian Harrison


Julian Harrison

DAVIS Seek info on Harman (Harmon) Davis b.1798 Edgefield? Co., SC?  In 1830 GA census, 1840-60 Winston Co., AL census. A Davis m. Nancy POSEY b. c1802.  Need parents of both, stuck! 18 Feb 1997 Jean Brand
DAVIS Seek info on  Daniel Davis should be kin to Rezin Davis. 19 Nov. 2001 John Crispin Davis


Seek info on Jerimiah Dononvan or O'Dononvan, Ireland. Evidently a stonemason, built several churches. Any info about him or his family appreciated. 16 Dec 1996 Vicki McNamara
DOWLNG Mary Dowling, born 7 Aug 1831, daughter of John Jabez Dowling and Susan Barnes, married Charles Michael "Mike" Freeman. She was buried in Rivers Cemetary, Brunson, Allandale Co., SC. They had five children, Charles Michael Freeman, Jr., Sula Freeman, Mary Jane Dowling Freeman, Lou Freeman, Julia Freeman. Does anyone know Charles Michael Freeman's parents and where they came from?16 Mar2000 Thor Egede-Nissen
DOWLING Need information on Tooten, Sindersine (sp?), Dowling or Craddick families. Looking for news archives, photos, history from late 1800s to 1950s. 30 Dec. 00 Dana Dowling
DUNBAR I am searching my family tree and I came across an invitation to the marriage of Seth Elroy I am trying to find out about the Dunbars of Allendale. My great-great great gandmother Antoinette Sturgis was allegedly a slave and had a son named Henry Dunbar, by her master. Henry Dunbar , my great-great grandfather Henry was born in Allendale. Trying to find out about manumissions, slave lists and plantations. 3 Oct. 2003 Kelli Shimabukuro
DUNBAR Please provide me with information for Oscar and Polly Dunbar, parents of Oscar Jr. and Lucy Dunbar. Oscar Sr. was born roughly during the 1840s or 1850s (he and Polly may have both been born slaves at John All's Place).  Oscar Jr. married Julia Thomas (Daughter of Doc and Amy Thomas). Julia died in 1916. Their children were Ida (Mackey), Amy (Charlton), Evelina (Hall), Virginia (Aiken), and Victoria (Owens).  10 Oct. 2003 Larry Middleton Dunbar
DUPUIS DuPuis b: March 17, 1877 and Ethel Murray b: August 8, 1883 married June 4, 1896. Are there many DuPuis buried in Allendale, and at Beach Island Baptist church cemetery? I know that my great great uncle is buried at the Lebonan Cemetary in Scotia. Seth S DuPuis and his wife Racheal. My great great grandfather, David Spicer DuPuis) may be buried at the Swallow Tail Cemetary in Savannah, Ga. I do not know the direct link to Seth Elroy . My great grandfather (Seth Henry DuPuis) and my grandfather (Harold Leon) were both born in Port Royal, SC and died in Charleston, SC. 19 APR 2000 M. Lisicki

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