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FAIL/FAILE Seek info on: Faile, Fail, resided Bamberg & Allendale Counties. Charles Frank Fail &Josephine Bessinger had children: Henry David Faile, John Wilton Fail, Charles Mac Fail. 15 April 98 V.A. Faile Goude
FAULKNER Seek info on family (parents/siblings) of Isaac Faulkner (Falkner?) b. 1843Edgefield Co. (now Aiken). 6 Feb 1997 Steve Evans
FERGUSON Seek info on George W. Ferguson b1830, 1860 census Grahamville, wife Sarah A. Brooker? b.1823, children: Mary Strange 17; Barnaby 11; George P. 6; Dora E. 2; & B. J. Corley, laborer. In aletter from Captian A. B. Estes of the Savannah River Guard 3rd Reg. Cavalry SCV, John R. Brooker & George W. Ferguson request transfer to Captain John Mickler's Co., 11th Regiment SCV, transfered to Co. E, 7 Oct. 1862. George W. 25 June 1864, NC field hospital, Petersburg, VA Barnaby died 28 April 1936, SC State Hospital, bur.Mt. Arnon Baptist Church, tombstone pict. George P. marr Cecilia Beasley in 1880's. 19 April 1998 Cindy Ferguson Jones
FERGUSON I am writing you because I am working on my ancestry. I have been told that two of my people were buried in Mt Arnon Baptist Cemetery. I would like you to look into there graves.  James Simeon Ferguson Born: 02-09-1884 Died: 05-19-1927; Zela Christine Ferguson Barry Born: 10-19-1911 Died: 12-31-1944.  29 March 2007 Linda Hallman
FITTS I am looking for information on the Fitts family who resided in the Fairfax, Gifford, Beech Branch area. My great grandfather is buried at Beech Branch, John Edwin Fitts (1852-1927) and his father Robert I Fitts (1818-1891). Would like to know if I would be able to find the Ogilvie family burial ground. I understand that Captain John Fitts, Jr. was buried there after being killed in action while leading his regiment in guerilla warfare resisting the incursion of the Tories at Fittses Bridges (near Barton, SC). Any information would be appreciated.  21 June 2007 June Gardner
FORRESTER Cemetery I do not see the Brian Forrester Cemetery on the Allendale Cemetery list. Can someone tell me how to find it. I have several ancestors  (James Forrester (1769-1834) and Mary Reeves Forrester (1788-1853)) who are reported to be buried there.  June 2007 June Gardner
FOREMAN My Grandfather Porter Foreman (spelled Poter in 1910 Bennett Springs census) was son of William Foreman. The presumed father to William was Bryant Foreman. Census records in 1880 show a Bryant Foreman in Four Mile. Porter's brother Jesse Foreman owned land in "the Area". His other brothers were Issac (Babe) and John Foreman. He had a sister Mary and possibly Julia.  Any records of William and Bryant Foreman in slavery days prior to 1880 would help. William Foreman grave marker indicates he died in 1904 at the age of 57 years. 7 Sept. 2004 Frank (Foreman) Long
FOX Maxine Fox was my uncles daughter she married Robert Warren and they had a Child Dian. Dian has at lease two children a Kimberly and Chad. Maxine later married Jim Cook. Looking for any information to contact them and get more information.  Sept. 2005 Larry Fox
FRAZIER I working on the history of my grand father's family.   I was told that they came from Martain, SC, a small town out side of   Allendale, SC. 14 July 2001 D. Dallas
FRIER I am trying to identify the burial place of the Rev. O.J. Frier. He died April 21, 1931 while pastor of Mt. Arnon Baptist Church in Allendale. His death certificate records burial at Allendale on April 22, 1931, but no cemetery is noted. Any help would be greatly appreciated.  21 March 2009 Judith R. Jolly

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