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Fire at the Allendale County CourtHouse

by Jim Bryan (edited by, and any errors due to, ye webmeister)

Before 3:15 AM Monday morning, 18 May 1998, the Allendale court house caught fire. The right wing and center section were involved. The great work of the Allendale County Fire Department, and numerous others limited the destruction to the Main Court Room (the center section upstairs) and the right wing. Arson is suspected. 2/3 of the roof was destroyed and 1/3 of the building was gutted by fire.  The three vaults (Judge of Probate, Clerk of Court, and Treasurer) held. No records were lost. Temporary mobile offices  have been set up  to house the county offices until the Court House is rebuilt, which is expected to take about 1 - 2 years. The Court House was built in 1922, just after Allendale became a county (1919). (Thanks to Jim Bryan, updated 29 June 1998)

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