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Great Salkehatchie Baptist Church, Ulmer

From: "Allendale on The Savannah," 1970

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Great Salkehatchie Baptist Church at Ulmer, SC was organized Jan. 19, 1790. The first building was erected on the banks of the river and given the Indian name--Great Salkehatchie. The site was near a settlement known as Buford’s Bridge, settled here prior to the Revolutionary War.

The first pastors for this church were Rev. HOLCOMBE and Rev. James SWEAT.

The first Sunday School was organized in 1858. The first missionary society was organized in 1890. The minister was Rev. John G. WILLIAMS.

The first church building was destroyed by Sherman’s Army and was used to build bridges on his march through the South. It was rebuilt. Then in 1915 a new site was selected in the town of Ulmer.

The name was first spelled Great "Saltketcher." This church was one of the fourteen churches that organized the Barnwell Baptist Association on Aug. 1856. The pastor at that time was Rev. J M HOOVER. The first session after the organization met at Great Saltketcher.

In 1869 the spelling of the church was changed to Saltkehatchie.

In the year 1879 the association met at this church. Rev. John G WILLIAMS (Miss Eunice WILLIAMS’ father) preached the sermon.  

However, "The Barnwell Baptist Association," by Clara Johnston Hitt, copyright 1914, states that the association met at this church in 1857, 1864, 1879, and 1890.  The first session of The Association convened there on Sept 25, 1857.  Graciously submitted by Fran Bundy.

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Among the early members of the church are BOYNTONs, SANDERS, ULMER, BRANT, MYRICK, McMILLAN, HARTER, DICKERSON, GOODSON and others.

E C FURMAN 1833-1871 Ann Elizabeth COPE - died 1868
Martha A HARRIOT 1826-1891 Evelina Wilson JOHNS 1872-1906
John MEYER 1825-1857 Janie E ULMER 1850-1927
Angus WILLIAMS 1812-1856 Ephrain ULMER - died 1886
Loring DEER 1813-1889 Ann J CORDRAY 1838-1910
George DEER 1813-1893 Elizabeth WEEKLEY 1877-1907
J R WILLIAMS 1849-1916 Henry M ULMER 1842-1912
Amanda Rebecca WILLIAMS 1848-1878 Jeff GRIFFIN 1861-1943
Sallie G CUMMINGS 1871-1898 Maggie Harter GRIFFIN 1869-1946
Etta S MYRICK 1851-1935 C J KEARSE 1824-1881
Philip ALL 1822-1854 Adam ALL 1812-1882
Anna BOYNTON 1821-1847 Bessie ALL 1812-1858
1George AUGLEY 1835-1911 (1838?) Dave WILLIAMS 1840-1908
Rev. William WEEKLEY 1807-1892 J Addie ALL 1856-1885
Rev. Moses BOYNTON 1840-1886 B B CAVE 1846-1876
Susan Sanders BOYNTON 1830-1890 James C McMILLAN 1844-1823* (*this is as printed)
Wm James CORDRAY 1870-1947 Mary T McMILLAN 1847-1925
Senna Boynton CORDRAY 1872-1909 William GOODSON 1808-1876
Owen WILLIAMS died 1893 Rebecca Brant GOODSON 1818-1897
Rebecca WILLIAMS died 1923 Laura GOODSON 1854-1946
Eugenia CORDRAY 1863-1889 George W GOODSON 1837-1922
Elliott L SANDERS 1848-1913 Narcissa WILLIAMS 1880-1904
Ida M SANDERS 1861-1943 Rosa E PLATT 1885-1942
O D A WILSON 1843-1913 Mrs. Joe BRANT 1860-1908
Lavania All ULMER 1826-1896 Henry P WEEKLEY 1839-1916
William Thomas ULMER 1816-1880 Janie Sue Ulmer WEEKLEY 1882-1964
Richard William Furman 1798-1876 O D ALL 1860-1918

The following were submitted by Jim Wood [] 15 March 2001

J. Perry Williams 1842 - 1878
Mother - Wife of J. Perry Williams 1838 - 1902
Willie J. Williams 1866 - 1891
Josie R. Williams 1876 - 1895

Sallie E. Williams wife of Thomas J. Deer 1862 - 1915
Tamer Williams wife of John Williams Died 1816
J. W. 1855 (top of stone missing, probably John Williams)
(Note: John Williams will dated Aug 16, 1854 named Wife- Mary Williams, Dau - Mary Williams, dau - Zilphia Sanders, dau - Ellsey All, sons - James Wilson Williams, Jones M. Williams, and William B. Williams and a grand daughter Elizabeth Moody.)
Mary J. Williams died 1868 age 71

J. Angus Williams 1842 - 1876
Selma Amanda Barker wife of J. Angus Williams 1843 - 1916
J. H. Williams 1872 - 1876
Hon. Jones M. Williams 1818 - 1875 ( a S.C. State Senator )
Rebecca T. Williams 1825 - 1908 (maiden name Priester)
James Angus Williams died 1883 age 38
Robben Plato Williams died 1894 age18
Memory of R. P. Williams 1876 - 1894 (maybe same person)

Winiford Williams 1820 - 1900 (wife of James Wilson Williams from 1860 census)
J. Wilson Williams 1814 - 1879 (James Wilson Williams)

Tamer Eugenia Priester 1858 - 1901
Memory of John Peter Priester 1862 - 1908
John W. Williams 1876 - 1933
Hattie Williams 1871 - 1956

D. W. Williams 1840 - 1906
Ada Pearl Williams 1892 - 1898

My name is Joy Boutwell McNally, and in doing research on my 5th great grandfather, Burton Boutwell. I found the following on him in a book at the State Archives in a South Carolina Baptist Assoc. book. Burton was a messenger for the church, but I found no reference to him in the book that was written on the early history of the church. He apparently was very close with the early Weekly, Augley, & Priester families, for he bought and sold land to & from them.

These early named persons owned and possibly lived near Jackson Branch and Millers Swamp as based on old deeds at the Barnwell Courthouse.

Would someone be so kind as to add this information for others of the congregation, and for future researchers to hopefully help them in their quests?

It was so wonderful to visit the original spot where the first church was, and to see the present day church. It is certainly a church I would love to attend if I lived in SC. I have also attached a picture of what we were told was the baptismal hole, in the woods to the left side of the cemetery, and above the Salkehatchie River, that was used many years ago.

I am currently writing a family book, and need to know who I would contact to get authorization to use the picture that is on the webpage of the cemetery, for the day I went, it was cloudy, and the current picture on the site is so beautiful. Can you tell me who that might be, and how I can reach them?

Many thanks, and I hope you have a very Happy, Safe, and Proserous New Year.

Joy McNally

Baptismal Hole A few members

The following submitted by Jocelyn Brabham Barrett,

1. Mamie Juanita (Nita) Stephenson Brabham Bowers, 20 Apr 1891 - 9 Mar 1934   (Death certificate #3111 SC) Husb. is John Frank Brabham and Robert (Bob)   Bowers) and d/o Wm. and Mary Lavenia Wilson Stephenson.

2. John Frank Brabham, 26 Mar 1888 - 17 Feb 1919 (Death certificate #3447. He, also, has a 2nd Death Certificate #7292 =# is blurred - which indicates he died 17 Mar 1919 and is buried at Mt. Arnon Bapt. Cem. Informant on the first DC was John H. Brabham, his father. Informant on the 2nd DC was Sim Ferguson, a cousin of his wife. We were told by Frank's aunt, Eula Lee Goodson Brabham who died in 1995 that Frank, her brother-in-law was buried at Salkehatchie.) Also, Bertha Brabham Miller who died in 2005 at age 107-1/2 that she baked biscuits for when her Uncle Frank died and that it was really cold which sounds more like a February death than a March. Wife was Mamie Juanita (Nita) Stephenson and s/o John H. and Abby Augley Brabham. Lived in Sycamore when he died.

3. Robert (Bob) Bowers, died after Nita Brabham Bowers died, but I have not been able to learn anything about him except Daddy said he was a gambler and died with his boots on! Eula Lee Goodson Brabham said he was buried at Salkehatchie so we put a flat stone down for him.   2nd h/o Nita Stephenson Brabham.

4. Willie Lou Brabham Beeman, 21 Jul 1911 - 23 Oct 1931 (I have her DC, but cannot locate it at this time; however, I have her obituary from the Augusta Chronicle that says "Funeral services will be conducted at the Salkehatchie Baptist church, Allendale, SC with interment in the churchyard cem.") She was a d/o Frank and Nita Stephenson Brabham and the widow of Dr. A. E. Beeman

5. Clyde Brabham, ca 1912 - 1921 (No DC or anything on him, but Aunt Eula Lee Goodson Brabham said he was buried at Salkehatchie.) s/o Nita and John Frank Brabham; however, since he died in 1921 like his brother John maybe he is at Mt. Arnon.

6. John Brabham, ca 1914 - 13 Jul 1921 (Death certificate indicates he is buried at Mt. Arnon Cem. by the informant, his mother. He was a s/o Frank and Nita Stephenson Brabham. Aunt Eula Lee Goodson Brabham said he was at Salkehatchie so we added his name to the headstone. Most of the Stephenson/Stevenson relatives are buried at Mt. Arnon and his death took place in Baldock so I'm not 100% positive where he actually is buried. DC #9879 SC.

Daddy said his father, his grandfather and 2 little brothers all died within a year, but I've proved his recollection is not quite right. His father died in Feb 1919, grandfather in Aug 1919, brother John in Jul 1921 and 2nd brother Clyde no proof. Daddy, born 31 Jan 1910 - 7 May 1971 NC would have been only 11 years old at the time his brother John died so I guess his memory is a few months off. I will defer to you whether you wish to put the 2 little boys at Salkehatchie. Maybe John should be put at Mt. Arnon since that is where the DC indicates. I've found no record of Clyde. Maybe sometime I can get an obituary if I can ever get down to Barnwell. Also, with Bob Bowers since I have no actual proof except word of mouth.

7. Theodosia Abigail (Abby) Augley Brabham, 8 Aug 1859 - 17 Mar 1946 (Death Certificate # 03251 SC indicates she was born in 1869, but she was on the 1860 US Federal Census for Barnwell Co. SC. Informant was son Lee Martin Brabham. Wife of John H. Brabham.

8. John H. Brabham, 12 Dec 1856 - 27 Aug 1919 (Deach certificate #15982 SC s/o Benj. Brabham and Mary Lyons) Informant was his sister Laura Amanda Brabham Weaver Creech.

9. Jefferson D. Augley, 7 Feb 1862 - 1 Jun 1935 (Death certificate #8272 SC) s/o Andrew Martin and Delilah Agnes Kinard Augley. Informant was Ms. S. A. Augley.

10. Robert L. Brabham, 22 Jan 1872 - 29 May 1923 (Death certificate #6934 indicates he was 51y 4m 3d which would put his birthdate as 26 Jan 1872 rather than 22nd.)

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