The"Humphreys Burying Ground"

The Humphreys family is buried in a small cemetery outside of Allendale, located off Bluff Road down a dirt road. Early letters indicate that this was known as the Humphreys Burial Ground, but it is now known as the Smart Cemetery.

"It was especially difficult to get to the old Humphreys graves, using hatchets, a mattock and pocket knives. We all got tangled in the smilax and blackberry thickets but it was a good adventure. Once we got into the deep underbrush and woods, we found many other graves, Brunson, Gray and Smart families, and, off to one side, the graves of our Humphreys family. The stone of our Revolutionary ancestor, Joseph William Humphries, had been broken by a fallen tree, and I pried with the mattock while my husband, AE, pulled out the stone. It was cleanly broken and we stood it up against the tree trunk. These graves were completely hidden from the clay road, and no one would have guessed that they were there. After climbing back through the thickets, we stood in the road picking burrs and thorns out of our clothing! The cemetery is now in better repair, thanks to one of the local families."

Identified grave markers of members of the Humphreys Family, buried in the "Smart" Cemetery:

Sacred to the memory of Joseph Humphreys who died A.D. 1809 Aged 65 years

Sacred to the memory of Jane daughter of J.C. & S. Humphreys Who died 3rd Sept. 1817 in the 9th year of her age.

Sacred in the memory of John C(onyers) Humphreys who died Sept. 26, 1814 in the 46th year of his age

Sacred in the memory of Sarah Humphreys who departed this life February 20th 1857 Aged 76 years ll mos. & 12 days

Elizabeth wife of C.H. Colding died June 14th, 1869 Aged 63 years, 4 mos, 14 days Erected by her son Charles

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