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REEVES Please add my father as a grandson of Charles Benefield Reeves. My father was Carroll Edwin Reeves, Probate Judge of Allendale County for over forty years.  The locks were made by Rev. C B REEVES.  Among the pastors serving this historic church, we find:  Joseph J LAWTON, Joseph A LAWTON (grandfather of Camille Cunningham SHARPE), B W WHILDEN, Calder BAYNARD, Charles Benefield REEVES (grandfather of Mrs S J WILSON and also of Otis REEVES), who served the church for 32 years.  3 Oct. 2003 Virginia Ann Reeves Catalano
REEVES I am looking for any information on the Reeves from Allendale County. 26 Feb. 2008 John B. Reeves, Jr.
Register Seek information Ann Caroline Register born on January 9, 1825 in the Allendale/Beaufort area.  She was my GGrandmother, married to Jerimiah M. Wilson. They were lived in Allendale, S.C..  They travelled by covered wagon over the old Post road to Camden County, GA. with the children that were born at that time.  28 Oct. 2004 Joe Quarterman


I am a longtime member of Saint Charles Avenue Baptist Church located in New Orleans, Louisiana. We celebrated our centennial in 1998 and as a part of that celebration attempted to find and frame pictures of all of our past pastors.  Of the 15 pastors pictures dating back to 1898, we are missing only one, that of A. E. Reimer,1904-1905. We have tried many sources, but the only other reference we see is in a history of the  First Baptist Church of Allendale written by Ms. Judith Canant.  He is listed as one of the early pastors. I would certainly appreciate it if you have or know of anyone who would have more information or any type of picture of Rev. Reimer. Bob Dombourian, Metairie, LA., 504 834 8713 phone, 504 832 9635 fax  17 June 2001

 Bob Dombourian
Reynolds I am looking for information on Alexander Reynolds. He could be Cherokee or Part Cherokee who lived in the town of Aiken. He died in 1918 and was born around 1855. If anyone knows him or how to contact the Indian chuch there. (I think its St Mark's baptist), let me know.  17 Nov. 2004 Mike Craig
Rhett Any slave records of Robert Barnswell Rhett who owned Lily Rhett of Cousahatchee,SC. She had 12 children whose names included Benjamin Smalls, Matthew Smalls,Gineivese Smalls, Cleavland Rivers, and Bertha Aikens. Please share any information on any of the above noted individuals. 2 August 2002 Ginneh Webb
Rhetta My grandfather was William Rhetta, and his father was born in South Carolina. Does anyone have information on the African-American descendents of Col. William Rhett of South Carolina?  20 March 2009 A. Rhetta
Roberts  Seek descendants of James Roberts died 1802 in Barnwell Dist. Allied families include Williams, Riley, Thomas, and Allen.  Jennings Rountree, POB 159, Elko, SC 29826. 22 May 1998. Jennings Rountree
ROUSE  Does anyone have information on Barney or Jennie Rouse who are buried in Ebenezer Church Cemetary? I would like to know if they owned land in the former Bull Pond area.  16 Feb. 2003 D.M. Davis

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