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SANDERS I am looking for my anything on my Grand mother Liza Sanders .Her daughter`s name was Mary Lee Sanders born Aug 16,1911.  8 Feb. 2002 George Early
Sandy Run Cemetery Does anyone have information on a cemetery, I believe the name is Sandy Run, where Lewis Elmer Mole and Clara Ruth (McMillan) Mole are buried?  I recall the cemetery as North between Fairfax and Brunson, SC.  They lived between Brunson and Hampton.  14 Jan. 2001 John Mole
SAVAGE Does anyone have information on the family of Parker Savage? I am interested in his daughter, Barbara Savage, who married William Edenfield.  21 April 1999 Frank O. Clark
SAXON I am looking for information on Lina Saxon DOB 11 Nov 1920 in Allendale, Death 04 Feb 1989; James Saxon DOB 08 Feb 1891, Death 21 Nov 1947 in Allendale; Frank Saxon DOB 19 Aug 1929; Charles Frost Jr DOB 17 Jan 1892; Ella Frost(married name) Death 01 Dec 1932 in Allendale(any children she had...).  July 2006 Rebecca Saxon
Seabrook-Carter Family As a history exercise for my children, we have decided to trace our roots back to Allendale, South Carolina. The oral tradition as told to me by my mother is not too complete as regards dates, as very few of the family members of that time are now deceased. My recordings from my mother are as follows: "My Great grandfather was Willie Seabrooks. He was married to Mary Ann Seabrooks for whom I am named after. They had two daughters: Hattie and Nancy. As I can remember, I believe that Nancy died while young though I am not totally sure. When Hattie, my grandmother was young perhaps around 13-15, she married my grandfather, Herbert Carter. Hattie was born in 1900 or so so they would have married somewhere maybe between 1913 -1915. They had nine children of whom 6 lived. The six living children were Willie, Cornelia(called Sallie), Joe, Rosa(who is my mother), Anna, and Elizabeth. Due to a disturbance, my great grandfather Willie Seabrooks went to live in Savannah Georgia around 1923-1925 but the family settled in Allendale." Account recorded 2/26/02).  As you can see, the details are very scanty. The only other information that I can remember is that the family once resided at 923 Nixlane, Allendale South Carolina. I There were two houses on a piece of property I believed eventually owned by Mrs. Cornelia Layton one of the Carter daughters. If you can give me any suggestions as to how to further carry out a search, I would appreciate it.  This information was orally told to me on: February 26, 2002 By: Mary A. Ford(My mother) From Columbia, S.C. to Georgia.  3 Oct. 2003 RC Payne
Shubert Charles Leopold Shubert was born about 1820, died in Newberry District about 1880.   Christian Shebert b. in Newberry District about 1850.   Frederick Shubert b. in Newberry District about 1862 md. Catherine Lightsey d. about 1834. Both left wills d. in Barnwell District about 1832 md. Catherine Lightsey.   Among Frederick and Fredericks: 1. Eve Shubert md. Jacob Kinard, 2. Mary Shubert md. David Miley, 3. Catherine Shubert md. Jacob Copeland, 4. Elizabeth Shubert md. _?_ Platts.  Dec. 2007 Myrtle Linder
SEARSON Looking for burial place of Zacharia Zadoc Searson (1814-1901), first mayor of Allendale. Was living with oldest son, Robinson Plato Searson, in 1900 Allendale census. I have located R.P. Searson's grave in Swallow Savannah Cemetery, but no sign of Z.Z. He could be buried with former wives, Emily Caroline Lewis or Mary Rebecca Allen.  Also looking for burial place of Benjamin Cicero Searson, Z.Z.'s second son. 19 Nov. 2001 (2005) David G. Rawlings
SHAW Seek info on Anna Shaw b. 21 July 1889 near Ehrhardt, SC, dau. of William Shaw & Susan Ethel (Rosa) Chassereau.  Anna m. Jones All & reputedly lived in or around Ulmer, SC. Known children: James Burns All, William Richard All, & Doris All. Anna had a half-brother, Monie Calvin Chassereau, who lived near Pembroke, GA. 3 Feb 1997 Al Chasserau
Sheppard Just found the Allendale & Barnwell SC web site. I am interested in the following Barnwell Baptist Assoc. sessions 1871 - 1874 and the pastor M. R. Snares or Suares. I have seen this spelled two different ways even on one of the sessions you have posted.  My interest in this pastor is that he is on the 1870 Barnwell SC census with a wife Angeline L. age 42, keeping house. Also there is a Walker Sheppard, age 13, as "house help". I found the Rev. Suares mentioned at least once on each of the Barnwell Baptist Association meetings and sometimes twice on the page. I would like to know which church he pastored and if the Sheppards were members there.  Also on the Barnwell 1870 was an Ann Sheppard as head of the household with a son, George age 12 as an apprentice. I believe she was the mother of Walker and that George was his brother. I would like to know if they were related and who was the father. By 1900, Walker's name is spelled Shepherd on the Beaufort SC census. He had married Lucy Ann Brunson. She is of the Savage- Jackson- Brunson line of Barnwell/Allendale area of SC. I cannot find anywhere when Walker died but by 1910 Lucy had remarried a William West of Screven Co. Ga.  I wonder if Guy Ferguson would have this information as he is related to Lucy Brunson Shepherd. Also on the 1880 census of Beaufort SC census I found an Ann Shepherd in the household of William Clark with a spouse Jane and several children. Ann Shepherd was listed as the mother-in-law. Is she any relation to you?  Anxiously awaiting your reply. Please send reply to my email address  20 June 2005 Tempie C. Drescher
SINDERSINE? Need information on Tooten, Sindersine (sp?), Dowling or Craddick families. Looking for news archives, photos, history from late 1800s to 1950s. 30 Dec. 00 Dana Dowling




Seek info on Lewis Smith, Barnwell Dist. 1830-40. Wife Jane. Chidren: (1) Susan m. John MCain; (2) Sarah m. Henry Bennett; son, William B. Bennett; (3) Charles Smith; (4) John N. Smith.  Also seek info on Owen P. Smith b. Beech Island 1811 m. 1836 Sussanah HARRISON. Sussanah m. Miles Cope. These SMITHs mentioned in a Barnwell document & assumed related. 3 Jan 1997 Clayton Rhodes
SMITH The widow of Rev. C.W.Smith, First Baptist Church of Fairfax, who later married O. J. Youmans was my aunt, the former Annie Jones. I am trying to locate one or more of her children, Arthur, Fred, John Paul, Charles W. and Jeanette, or her grandchild, Jeanette's son, Charles Arthur Hair. I will appreciate any help you can give me. Or will you refer me to someone who may have information to assist me?I am Charles Earle Jones, son of Annie's brother,  3 Oct. 2003 William Samuel Jones
Smith- Harrison- Bennet Seeking info on Owen Pinckney Smith, B. 1810 beech Island S.C.. M . Susannah Harrison 1836, One child, Mary M. Miles Cope. Owen P. Married 2nd Caroline Pengree , daughter of Thomas and Cathrine Waters Pengree. They had seven daughters and one son. Owen and Caroline had two sons and two daughters born in S.C. Owen Rhett B 1844. Sarah Catherine b 1846 Martha Julia B 1848 and William Pinckney" my grandfather"b 1852.. They then came to Georgia and had four more children in Screven county Ga. 16 Jan. 2000 Zane G Smith
Anne Jones Smith (Youmans) How very interesting to find the information you and Mickey Smith have furnished on the First Baptist Church of Fairfax.  The widow of Rev. C.W.Smith who later married O. J. Youmans was my aunt, the former Annie Jones. I am trying to locate one or more of her children, Arthur, Fred, John Paul, Charles W. and Jeanette, or her grandchild, Jeanette's son, Charles Arthur Hair. I will appreciate any help you can give me. Or will you refer me to someone who may have information to assist me?  I am Charles Earle Jones, son of Annie's brother, William Samuel Jones of Gaffney, SC. 17 Feb. 2003 Charles Earle Jones
Smyrna Church Does anyone know who has control over (i.e., the keys to) Smyrna Church. I am interested in getting it restored, and have an engineer willing to look at it. 29 Sept. 2003 John Culbertson
SNELLINGS Seek information on Uriah Drummond Snellings, resdied in Allendale. 6 Sept. 1998 Hope & Lee Snellings
Snelling I am interested in any information anyone has on Uriah Snelling.... He is the missing link to our family tree.. i saw the headline of a book on line that stated the name Uriah Snelling when i did a search for him and it said that he was headed towards a gristmill in putnam county.. He is origionally from Allendale,barnwell area.. I know that his mothers name was Mary Drummond Snelling...can anyone tell me anything.. 2 Aug. 2002 Hope & Lee Snellings
SMOAKS I'M TRYING TO FIND MY GRANDFATHERS FAMILY AS FAR BACK AS SLAVERY.HIS NAME WAS ROOSEVELT SMOAKS.  I believe my grandfather was born around 1905 and back then it was called old barnwell county.  Hs mother's name was Sibby Smoaks I believe and he was married to Henrietta Hamlet,who was born c1908.  They had 10 children: Roosevelt jr., Calter who renamed himself later to Pearlstine, Matthew,, James, a daughter who died around 5 years old from a fire, Ulysees, Walter, Rebecca, Luther, Clarice. 23 May 2001 CALVIN SMOAKS



SMOOKE Seek info on Marion Smooke, native american, settled in Allendale early 1900's. He married Mandel Harris. 26 Feb. 99 EXOER
I am looking for information on the parents of Eliza Ann Smoak (1857-1928).  She was born in Allendale, SC and died in Screven County, GA.  She Married Richard Charles Morris.  Her death certificate lists John M. Smoak and Eliza Jackon as her parents.  He brother William Robert Smoak lists John W. Smoak and Agness Jackson.  Any help would be appreciated. 31 July 2015
Cathy Carter

SOUTHWELL I am descended from J.L. Southwell and wife Mary Roberts Hylton. Do you have any information on their marriage? I am related through their son Wilson C Southwell. Do you have any information on him?  10 Oct. 2003 Cindy Jones
SOUTHWELL SOUTHWELL, John marr. HYLTON, Mary 09/10/1812 in Bulloch County Georgia. This is his second marriage. His first marriage was to Eleanor Connelly. They were married in South Carolina around 1806 in Orangeburg or Barnwell County. I believe this is the same John Southwell that was the illegitimate son of Elizabeth Myrick and Edward Southwell. Do you have any information on John Southwell?  If Edward Southwell died 1778. Winton Co. then how could he father John Southwell b<1787, illegitimate child of Elizabeth Merrick? Is it possible that John is the son of Edward Jr. instead of Old Edward? Found in the bible of a descendent of John L. Southwell was the following : John L. Southwell born June 26, 1782, died November 8, 1843. This date corresponds with the date of Elizabeth's son but not with the recorded date of birth of Old Edward's son John Southwell. This would make more sense, especially since Edward Jr's brother William also fathered an illegitimate child with Elizabeth. On additional question: concerning the middle name of John Southwell, where is there documentation of his middle name being Lafayette? I have only found records of John Southwell, John L. Southwell and J.L. Southwell. 10 Oct. 2003 Cindy Jones
STEVENSON Seek info on Billie Stevenson, wife Susan Ferguson (dau. James & Sarah Ferguson), son George Washington Stevenson, b 1Apr1858, Allendale SC d17Feb1943. Mary Rebecca Black, Allendale SC b8Apr1878, d15Feb1948, dau. Wash Black & Mary Allen. 8Mar1999 A. Inglett
STEWART Are there any Tinkers with the surname Stewart in the area ?  3 Jan. 01 E. Glozier
STRANGE Seek info on James Timothy Strange, b. 1781, married Jane Raffield b. 1775. His gr gr grandson, David Emory Strange, b. 1879 and d. 1948 in Allendale, SC, married to Emma (Emmie) Ruth Daniel. Had no children. Have been told they are burried in Allendale, SC. B. Spivey
STRANGE I am trying to find information on James Mitchell Strange b. 9/23/1901 d. 12/1/1925, married to Louise Connelly. They lived in the Appleton area of Allendale County. They are buried in the Mount Arnon Cemetery in Allendale County.18 Feb. 2001 K. Fields
STRANGE Any instances of STRANGE in Allendale County?  1880 Census shows them around Bull Pond and Sycamore.  Where is the Bull Pond area?  17 Nov. 2004 Kelly Newton
Stringfellow We are researching a family member (Henry Stringfellow) who bought land around Boggy Gut, Lower Three Runs, from 1807-1835, and we are trying to locate some more land records, that might say anything about his children, as we know very little about them. We just felt that the records you looked at might help us also, if we can find them. 27 Sept. 2003 John Stringfellow

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