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Sketch of Smyrna Baptist Church

Smyrna Baptist Church is situated in a grove of lovely pines about six miles southwest of Allendale, South Carolina, on the public road leading from Allendale to the Savannah River, in a rolling, picturesque country, the lands of this territory being fertile and nearly all under cultivation. This church was organized in 1815 by a people in a community of well-to-do, generally educated and aristocratic planters, and the congregation today is made up largely by the descendants of these good people, who are today apparently a happy, independent, home-loving people, still making their living by agriculture, and living in the greatest peace and harmony. No one could wish a better people to love among. We are told they are of Scotch-Irish descent.

The old records of this Church were destroyed during the War between the States, and we have been unable to get a complete record of all names and early data; but we are sure about what we have, as it was handed down through the same families who still live there and still constitute a large part of the church membership, a good deal of it being given by Mrs. Thursa Ann Brunson Smart to her grandson E.W. Brunson, who is a present member of the church, and to him the writer of this sketch is indebted for much of the information contained herein.

The same church building is being used today that was erected in 1827, and is in splendid state of preservation, due to the fact that is was built from the best of timber, and largely hand worked.

The Church has never had any endorsements, but has always been supported entirely by its members, and now owes nothing, with the minister’s salary paid up to date.

The Missionary Society of the Church was organized in 1904 by Rev. S.P. Hair, with Mrs. J.J. Walker (nee Mattie Flowers) President.

From the best information obtainable, the Church was organized by the Smarts, Reeveses, LaFittes, Coldings, Willinghams, Mixons, and others, the building being erected on seven acres of land given by Thomas H. Willingham, the prime mover in the organization being Amos Smart, and the Church was known as the Kirkland Baptist Church in the beginning; but the name was changed to Smyrna Baptist Church in 1927. The pastors serving the Church who are buried in the churchyard are Joseph J. Lawton, Joseph A. Lawton, Calder A. Baynard, B.W. Whilden and C.B. Reeves. While we cannot give the names of other pastors of this Church than those above before the year 1870, we have a complete record of the pastors since that date, which is as follows: A.B. Estes, 1870-72; W.B. Wells, 1874-75; J.M. Bostick, 1876-77; W.B. Carson, 1878-1883; B.W. Whilden, 1884; B.A. Baynard, 1885-87; Joseph A. Lawton, 1888-91; John G. Williams, 1892; Rev. Mr. Bishop, 1893-94; John F. Morrall, 1895-1903; S.P. Hair, 1904-1905; J.D. Huggins, 1906-07; J.A. Beale, 1908; E.N. Nungezer, 1909-10; J.R. Cullom, 1911-12; A.E. Bemier, 1913-15; J.R. Cullom, 1916-21; Wendell White, 1922; H.E. Hitt, 1923-24; P.H. Hooks, 1925-27; A.C. McGee, 1928-29; No pastor 1930-31, and J.W. Middleton from 1932 to present date.

The present Clerk of the Church is Mr. E.W. Brunson, who has served in that capacity for thirty-one years, and as a deacon for twenty years.


Total Membership = 42
Revivals Held During the Year = 1
Observations of the Lord's Supper = 4
Number of Sunday Schools = 1
Pastors Salary = 100.00
Value of Church Houses and Grounds = 2,000

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