Allendale County, South Carolina on the Savannah River, Welcome!

I have listed these by the family surname in which they are found.  If anyone can suggest alternative ways of indexing these, please do so.  Please send additional records with references.  Oral tradition is perfectly acceptable, just state the source, date, and to whom given.

  1. Banner
  2. Bassett
  3. Brooker
  4. Bryan
  5. Creech
  6. Gill
  7. Jackson
  8. Millhouse (to Canty held by Inabinet)
  9. Morris
  10. Primus
  11. Ward
  12. Youmans
  13. Native American slave records

I will add to these as fast as I can.  They are contained in the records already on the server.  Please send records, with references, for this page.

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