Reddin Wilson c1760-1836

Rebecca (1770-80)->1836 (if 1 wife), his widow

The name "Reddin" or Redding probably comes from the family of that surname (no proof of this). Variants of the surname Redding occasionally appear in this area: Jesse Edenfield (born 1754) married a Mary Redding, and Eugene Wilson found a Lancaster County record of one Sanders Redden (signed by mark) who sold 100a of land for £30 sterling in the year 1800. Barnwell probate records state that Reddin(g) Wilson is the maternal grandfather of Allen Jerry Gill. Reddin lived in what is now Allendale County, South Carolina, in the area of lower three runs creek. He was a farmer ("planter") and possibly also engaged in commerce, as there were two judgements in his favor in the Common Pleas Journal for $100 total. These may have been connected with Reddin's grist mill (mentioned in the land sale proceedings, Barnwell probate office "Day Book", with a piece of tape on the front cover upon which is written "Sales of Land 1826-42", page 67-72). The grist mill was on a 50 acre tract adjoining Juhan's land on all sides.

Reddin was listed as guardian to Sarah Ann Jackson in 1817, perhaps a granddaughter, neighbor, or other close relative. Jacksons, Gills, and Wilsons intermarried. Reddin probably may be judged as successful in his enterprise, as records attest that he paid out $587.50 in cash for land between 1802 and 1820. This was a good bit of money then, most farmers were settling on free land, and had little or no cash. One may guess that this amount should be multiplied by something like 100 to convert to contemporary equivalents. If Reddin may be summarized briefly, based on surviving records, it would be stated that he was versatile (from the variety of things listed in his estate), and he raised livestock. Reddin is a prime example of a prosperous middle class farmer who owned no slaves, exactly the type of person that historians have argued did not exist during the ante-bellum era in this locale! At the time of his death, his estate contained: 42 cattle, 6 horses, 58 pigs, 6 goats, 1 sheep, 15 chickens, 8 geese, and 5 bee hives (note, from inventory and sales, the two do not agree precisely, this list contains whichever was greater). He also possessed about 500 acres of land upon which was situated a grist mill, among other things. A brief chronological summary on Reddin Wilson follows, with spellings of his name.

In 1790 Reddin is listed in the census in Orangeburgh District, South Part (later to become Barnwell Co.) with 1m>16, 1m <16, and 2f (note three Reddin Wilsons in the 1790 census; ours -the third- is identified by his children. This may have been just a triple count of the same household if he lived on the census takers boundary. The others do not later appear!). In 1800 Reddin is listed in the census in Barnwell Dist. with 1m<10, 1m10-16, 2m 16-26, 2f<10, 1f 16-26, 1f 26-45, and no slaves. The older females are his wife, he apparently is listed incorrectly (he was c40), and daughter. On 25 April 1802 Reddin Wilson bought 100 acres for $100 from Dr. Elijah Gillett, recorded 14 July 1802 (land surveyed by John Allen in 1798). Redding Willson served as a juror (Barnwell Common Pleas Journal 1800-1811, page 198) 21 March 1808. On 4 March 1809 Reddin Wilson, "planter", bought 50 acres of land on "lower three runs" (creek) for $300 from John Kersh, recorded 7 Feb. 1820. From the amount of this sale (about 6 times the typical value per acre) it probably may be concluded that this was prime black river bottom land. Lower three runs creek is presently in the north west corner of Allendale county. "Lower" three runs is essentially that part of three runs creek that runs from the Barnwell Allendale county line into the Savannah River. Presumably this is the area where Reddin lived.

The 1810 census lists Redden in Barnwell Co. (Allendale County was not created until1919) with 3m<10, 1m10-16, 1m16-26, 1m>45, 1f<10, 1f10-16, 1f>45, no slaves. In 1813 the Barnwell County Common Pleas Journal (1800-13) lists Redding (sic) Wilson vs William Southwell, a neighbor of both Reddin and Thomas Gill. Decree for plaintiff, $65 with interest from 1 Jan. 1813 (date 5 April 1813). Monday 31 March 1817, court action involving Sarah Ann Jackson and others? by their guardian Reddin Wilson (ref. "B" Wilson vs John Bassett). On 27 Jan. 1820 Reddon (sic) Wilson signed by mark the purchase of land from Isaac Bordeaux of 125 acres on lower three runs for $187.50. Recorded 7 Feb. 1820. Reddin signed by a strange mark which looks a little like a zero with a slash through it (this from the court copy, not an original "mark"). Two of his sons and a son in law (also a Wilson!) also signed by unusual marks (the norm for illiterates was a simple "X"). Bordeaux was adjacent to John Gill (Thomas' father) in the 1790 census. Reddin was illiterate. Publicly accessible schools were rare and poor, and it was common for people of Reddin's economic class to be illiterate. It was also common for non-English speakers who were very literate to sign by mark, especially Germans, as their script was difficult to read. The lack of education in the South did not change until after the civil war, it is embarrassing to admit. Historians state that the lack of public education in the South was effected by the big plantation owners, few in number, in order to better maintain control of the populace. Public schools were forced upon the South during Reconstruction.

The 1820 census is in alphabetical order and I could not find Reddin. On Tuesday 30 Oct. 1821, in the Barnwell Common Pleas Journal (1814-22), is found a suit by Redding Wilson vs Julius M. Robinson. Decree for plaintiff for $35 with interest from 28 Sept. 1819 and costs of court. The census in the summer of 1830 shows Reddin in Barnwell Co. with 1m5-16, 2m15-20, 1m50-60, 1f<5, 1f5-10, 1f15-20, 1f40-50. From an amalgam of the census data, which as usual are mutually inconsistent, Reddin was born about 1760 (from Mary's earlier birth year 1780-21, rounded off to 1760). Thus he was about 70 in 1830.

On Christmas day, 25 December 1830 his son, Joel Seaborn Wilson, bought 125 acres for $150 from Reddin Wilson, situated on Boggy Gut waters of lower Three Runs, located in present day Allendale County. It is shown on Mill's Atlas (1825), and appears to be called Miller Creek on a 1966 Allendale County map. This transaction was witnessed by Jake Miller, Wm. I. Jackson, and Kelin Wilson, recorded 5 April 1831. On 5 April 1831 Kelin Wilson went before George W. Collins, Justice of Barnwell Co. and swore that he was present for the transaction between Reddin Wilson and J.S. Wilson on 25 Dec. 1830, and that he saw the other witnesses.

Reddin died at the age of about 76 (by the above reasoning) in the spring of 1836. On 2 May 1836 William Wilson was given the citation to publish 20 May 1836 and had $2000 bond issued with Geo. Riley and Miles Riley, Jr. as security. Appraisers were Miles Riley, Sr., Wm. Edenfield, Jesse Miller, Abihu Hardin, & Wm. Cave. An inventory of his estate was made on 25 May 1836. His widow, Rebecca, is mentioned in the land sales (op. cit.). Rebecca may have been a second wife, and may not have been Mary's mother (no evidence either way). The land sale record above states that some of his land went to his daughter, Mary Wilson Gill, stated to be the wife of Thomas Gill and out of the state at the time, and this portion of his estate still had not been settled in 1861 when Mary died and Reddin's grandson Allen Jerry Gill filed with Barnwell probate court to distribute the proceeds of this yet unsettled portion of the Reddin Wilson estate inherited by his mother to himself and to two of his brothers. Except for this happenstance, it probably would be impossible to document Mary Wilson Gill and Thomas Gill as Allen Jerry Gill's mother and father! For what it is worth, for those of you researching in Sherman's path, I considered my circumstantial case that these were Mary Wilson Gill's parents to be airtight, before I found this record, but I am quite happy to have found it!  

The land sale record states that Reddin owned about 500 acres of land on the Waters of Boggy Gut. Thomas Gill & Mary Wilson Gill were instructed to appear before the probate court before 3 March 1837, or their consent to sell the land would be "entered of record". {Orasmus D. Allen O.B.D. - Ordinary Barnwell District}. Allen then states that on or before 13 Jan. 1837, the heirs must show cause why the land, in four separate tracts should not be divided and sold. The land was described as follows: one tract containing 250a. adjoining lands of estate of Elijah Gillett & others; one containing 100a. adjoining on all sides lands of the estate of Gillett; one containing 100a. adjoining Gillett's estate on one side & the Juhan Survey on the other; and one tract of 50a., on which is a Grist Mill adjoining Juhan's Survey on all sides & containing in the whole 500a. Rebecca Wilson was to be allotted 1/3 of the proceedings, the rest to be divided equally among the children. Test. Miles Riley. John, George, and "William Wilson, Jr." signed by mark. Their marks were distinctive, not just an "X". The land was sold on the first Monday in April 1837 as follows: 250a tract to Wm. Wilson, Jr. for $100, 100a tract bounded on all sides by Gillett to Kelin Wilson for $85, other 100a adjoining Gillett & Juhan Survey to Kelin Wilson for $87, and 50a tract with grist Mill to William Wilson (Reddin's son) for $302. Wm. Wilson & Wm. W. Pressley entered into bond for $605 to be paid to ODA 3 April 1837, then states that Wm. Wilson (Sr., Reddin's son & admin.) will pay to ODA $302 (full amount - Wm.'s payment for land) on or before 3 April 1837. "Keeland" (sic) Wilson and Abihu Hardin then entered into bond for the remaining $332. Wm. Wilson, "Jr.", James G. Barker, and Miles Riley then entered into bond for $200.

Seven children are mentioned in the land sale proceedings: William, John, George, (Joel) Seaborn, Keelin, Sarah (wife of William P. Wilson, "Jr."), and Mary (wife of Thomas Gill). Note that the "Jr." on Wm. P. Wilson's name simply means that he was younger than William Wilson, Reddin's son. This usage was typical for this area at this time. Junior did not mean son of. The returns for this period seem to be missing.


Seven children are mentioned in the land sale proceedings: William, John, George, (Joel) Seaborn, Keelin, Sarah (wife of William P. Wilson, "Jr."), and Mary (wife of Thomas Gill).

Children of Reddin Wilson:

1. (S.?) Mary Wilson born c1780-1800 married Thomas Gill, born c1787-90. They probably married c1809 or early 1810. See separate write up on them. Mary died in 1861 (not known where, perhaps Florida), and her son, Allen Jerry Gill probated her estate in Barnwell County, SC.  Three documented children of Mary Wilson and Thomas Gill (conjectured children on the Gill web site):

  1. James W. Gill,
  2. William T.  (or W.) Gill,
  3. Allen Jerry Gill.  This is the line of Frank O. Clark

2. William (C.?) Wilson born 1785 married "Gatsy" (?) born 1805. William died in 1868, his estate executed by his son, James W. Wilson. Apparent references to William as found by Gene Wilson follow. In 1810 William C. Wilson purchased 100 acres of land from Elizabeth Wilson on the Spur Branch (Barnwell Deed Book L p22). Elizabeth Wilson, apparently his grandmother, then moved to Mississippi to live with a son. In 1812 William C. Wilson sold this land to Darling Peeples (Deed book L page 34). William C. Wilson may also have been a son of Elizabeth Wilson, and not the William Wilson who was Reddin's son.  I believe there were at least two Wilson families in old Barnwell County.  Darling Peeples lived near Blackville, not Allendale, and the Spur Branch is in that area too.  But the timing here is not bad.  Anyone have evidence on to whom which William Wilson belongs?  In 1820 William purchased 125 acres on Lower Three Runs from Isaac Bordeaux (Deed book L page 499). In 1837 William purchased 50 acres on Boggy Gut from W.W. Braxton (V,302), which he sold in 1848 to William Cave (CC-436). Wm. Wilson vs N. Wallace, note, Patterson atty, 1837 $46 (Barnwell unmarked book, p28). Wm. Wilson served as a juror 1 Apr. 1839 (Sessions Journal Barnwell Dist. Fall 1828-Spring 1841 page 305) and again on 4 Nov 1839 (ibid p317).  In the 1850 census William was listed with $1500 in real estate. In 1852 William sold 100 acres of land on Boggy Gut (note that he only purchased 50 acres on Boggy Gut, where did the other 50 come from?)(GG-363). In 1852 William purchased 320 acres on Luckless Mill Creek, a branch of Lower Three Runs, from A.W. Knopton (HH-371). Two receipts from W.C. Wilson are in book PP page 298 and 299 dated 30 March 1864. William died in 1865, and his son, James was executor of the estate.  Known Children of William Wilson & "Gatsy"

  1. James W. Wilson {perhaps J.W. Wilson 1819-1872 buried in Mt. Arnon Cemetery, Allendale}
  2. LeRoy Wilson, born c1825 listed in the 1870 census as a merchant with $4000 in real estate, $1500 personal, married Mary, born c1837.  They had known children:
    1. Charles Wilson, born c1862.
    2. Ida Wilson, born c1864.
    3. Hattie Wilson, born c1866.
    4. Langden Wilson, born c1868 (male).
  3. Mary Wilson, born c1822, listed alone as "domestic help" adjacent to ODA Wilson in 1870.
  4. Bransford Wilson, born c1829.
  5. Julia Wilson, born c1832.
  6. Sarah Wilson, born c1836.
  7. Ann Wilson, born c1838.
  8. Laura Wilson, born 1 Jan. 1841, died 20 May 1929.  She married Joseph Lawton Edenfield, son of William Edenfield and Nancy Miller. (This is the line of Mrs. W.R. Willis).
    1. Sarah E. Edenfield 30 Jan. 1863-17 Jan. 1930 mar. Sidney Jesse Jarrell
    2. Hattie J. Edenfield  5 July 1868 - 4 July 1885
    3. Mattie Edenfiedl 7 June 1871 - 23 Jan. 1954, marr. Wilkes Boykin
    4. Nancy Edenfield born 1877
    5. William F. Edenfield born 1877
    6. Mamie Edenfield marr. W.A. Mallory
  9. Lawrence Wilson, born c1840.
  10. Orasmus D. Allen Wilson, born c1837, married Feb. 1870 Ella, born c1852. They were listed with $1400 in real estate and $600 in personal in the 1870 census. Clerk of Court in Barnwell seemingly forever ("ODA" Wilson).

3. Sarah "Sally" Wilson, born c1802, married William P. Wilson (Wm. Wilson, "Jr." in Reddin's estate records; "Jr." meant only a younger person of the same name at this period!), born 1802 died 24 June 1883. In 1860 they were listed in Great Cypress with $2000 in real estate and $700 in personal estate. They were listed in the 1870 census holding $1000 in real estate, $325 personal, neither could read or write. Wm.P. Wilson's will was written in 1879. He married second Martha M. by c1870 to 1872.   Children 1-4 are Sarah & Wm. P. Wilson, and 5-7 by Wm. P. and Martha M.:

  1. Reddin Wilson
  2. Jesse C. Wilson
  3. George Wilson
  4. Amanda E. Wilson born c1840, married John Gill born c1830, son of Valentine Gill, Jr. (this link is to the Gill web site, off this server) born c1800,  who was in turn the son of Valentine Gill, Sr. <c1765-1820.  (This is the line of M.W. McIntyre)
  5. William Jetson Wilson, born 17 December 1872 to Wm. P. Wilson and his second wife, Martha M.
  6. Calley Best Wilson.  This is the line of M. McIntyre
  7. Miley Priscilla WIlson.

4. John Wilson, born c1805 died 17 March 1856, married Matilda born c1810. John Wilson served as a juror on Sat. 7 April 1838 (Sessions Journal Barnwell Dist. Fall 1828-Spring 1841 page 283) and again 1 Apr. 1839 (ibid p305). Allen Jerry Gill was living with him in the 1850 census, when John was listed as holding $1,000 in real estate. It is also possible, that Allen Jerry was living with him in 1840. Died intestate in Barnwell Co. Bundle 4-130 Adm by Josiah J. Brabham 4/4/1856. Total estate inventory (my estimate) $938.70. Distributed as follows in 1858: Henry Wilson $37.05, Mathilda Wilson, widow, $46.76, E.W. Cudden $3.72 ($87.53), Henry Wilson $18.75, S.J. Baily & others $182.81, W.H. Connelly $76.50, James A. Bennet $77.32 ($355.68), O.D. Allen $17.83, E.J. Newman $34.47, Geo. Wilson $29.10, Matilda Wilson $190.97 ($272.37); total $715.58.  Known Children of John and Matilda, some added from an undated "Partition With Est. Of John Wilson" from his probate bundle 4-130. It lists all children, some deceased, and husbands of married daughters.

  1. Caroline Wilson born c1829 married Peter Ulmer
  2. Henry W. Wilson born c1833.
  3. Mary Wilson born c1836 married Jeff Boyles
  4. Albert Wilson born c1837-8, married Rebecca born c1837. They are listed in the 1870 census with $200 in real and $175 in personal estate. Their children were:
    1. Alice Wilson, born c1858
    2. Jane Wilson, born c1864
    3. Julia Wilson, born c1866
    4. Nickin (?) Wilson, born c1868 (male).
  5. Elizabeth Wilson (Eliza in 1850 census) born c1840. (twin?)
  6. Rebecca "Becky" Wilson born c1840 (twin?) married Stephen J. Rooks deceased.
  7. Martha Wilson born c1844 wife of C.M. Edenfield
  8. Eugenia Wilson born c1846 married Robert Rozier
  9. William Wilson born c1847
  10. Margaret Wilson married Hamilton Jackson
  11. Jury M. or Jeny Wilson in Georgia
  12. Elizabeth Wilson married a Register, in Georgia.
  13. Alverd? Wilson

5. George Wilson, born c1806, married Ellen, born c1820. George Wilson vs N. Wallace, note Patterson atty, 1837, $31.93 (unmarked Barnwell C.H. book p28). George was listed with $600 in real estate in 1850. In the 1860 census, his wife is listed as Ann U.E. (not sure of "U.E."), he was listed as born in 1803, she 1815. He was listed with $2250 in real estate, $380 in personal estate, and a slightly different set of children. There is a four year break between #11 & #12, so perhaps #12 is the only one of Ann's.   Known Children of George, Ann born c1815, and Ellen born c1820:

  1. Mary Wilson born c1833. (Children of George and Ann, from 1860 census)
  2. Owen Wilson born c1836.
  3. John Wilson born c1838.
  4. Elizabeth Wilson born c1840.
  5. Alphius (?male) Wilson born c1845; not listed in 1850, but is listed in 1860, may not be Ellen's.
  6. Arthur Wilson born c1847 (from here on, children of George and Ellen)
  7. Laura R. Wilson born c1848-50
  8. Kelin Wilson born c1851. (from here on, not clear which are Ellen's.)
  9. Milford Wilson born c1853.
  10. James Wilson born c1854.
  11. Jabetha A.(?) Wilson born c1855 (female).
  12. Medrins (?) Wilson born c1859 (male).

6. Joel Seaborn Wilson was born c1807 and married Rebecca born c1820. Seaborn Wilson served as a juror Mon. 29 Oct. 1838 (Sessions Journal Barnwell Dist. Fall 1828-Spring 1841 page 293) and again 1 Apr. 1839 (ibid p305). They are listed with $400 in real estate in the 1850 census, and children:

  1. John Wilson, born c1844.
  2. Sabina Wilson, born c1845.
  3. Sophronia (?) Wilson, born c1847 (female).
  4. Seaborn Wilson, born c1849.

7. Keelin Wilson was born c1811. K. Wilson vs John Aaron, note, Patterson atty, 1837 $31.93 (unmarked Barnwell CH book, p28. His wife died c1846. A Jeremiah Gill, age 21, was living with Keelin in the 1850 census. He could have been another son of Mary Wilson Gill, but more likely this was Allen Jerry Gill and he split his time amongst his Wilson Uncles, inflicting mimimal misery upon each (grin). Keelin is listed with $00 in real estate in 1850. Keelin (Kolan) is listed in Baldoc in 1870 at 58 with $1008 in real estate, $480 in personal estate, with Martha, born 1806. Either this Martha is a second wife of Keelin, or a sister-in-law, as he had no known sister of this name. This same Martha Wilson may be listed separately in the 1850 census without a husband, with $2500 in real estate, $500 personal estate, and six children ages 6 to 19. None of the assorted six children shown in the 1860 census with this mysterious Martha seem to be with them in 1870, so it is not unequivocal that this is the same person. Three children are present in 1870: Seaborn, born c1843, deaf and dumb; Rebecca, born 1846, Keelin's daughter from the 1850 census; and Jane, born 1850. Neither of the other two were listed with Keelin in the 1850 census.  Known Children of Keelin Wilson:

  1. Seaborn Wilson b born c1842, "deaf and dumb".
  2. William Wilson born c1845
  3. Martha Wilson born c1846 (twin?)
  4. Rebecca Wilson born c1846 (twins?), still with her father in 1870.

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