" Adaline Clark, ch. Willard and Lydia, Apr. 19, 1839.

" Alfred O.S. Clark, son Rev. [dup. omits Rev.] William C. and Hester A., Aug. 26, 1847.

" Barnabas Clark, ch. Elias, June 15, 1806.

" Elbridge Gerry Clark, ch. Elias, Oct. 19, 1811. [Capt. Elbridge G. [h. Eleaner] GR3.]

" Emma G. Clark, dau. Willard, trader, and Lydia, June 29, 1849.

" James Llyod Clark [Lloyd?] ch. Elias, Oct. 19, 1799.

" John Simmons Clark, ch. Elias, Mar. 23, 1815.

" Louisa Ann Clark, ch. Willard and Lydia, Oct. 3, 1837.

" Lydia Clark [? m.], ____, 1813. GR3.

" Mary Clark, ch. Elias, Nov. 21, 1802.

" Mary Clark, dau. Willard, trader, and Lydia, Oct. 2, 1846.

" Melinda Clark, ch. Elias, Oct. 15, 1794.

" Silvia Clark, ch. Elias, June 19, 1797.

" Stephen Clark Jr., ch. Stephen and Cynthia, Mar. 5, 1834, in Plymouth. RR.

" Sylvia Clark (see Silvia.)

" Willard Clark, ____, 1805. GR3.

" Willard Clark, ch. Willard and Lydia, Feb. 14, 1843.



" Abigail Clark and Eleazar Harlow, Sept. 11, 1745. [Abigal of Plymouth, and Eleazer Harlow, CR1.]

" Alden Clark and Lucy Fance, Feb. 7, 1788.

" Elias Clark and Sylvester Simmons [female], Dec. 5, 1793, in Kingston.

" Melinda Clark and John Gullifer, Sept. 8, 1814.

" Sarah Clark and John Southworth of Marshfield, Nov. 9, 1748.

" Sarah C. Clark and William Southworth, Mar. 6, 1811.

" Williard Clark and Lydia Goodwin of Plymouth, Dec. 23, 1836.

Early MA Marriages


Eleazer Harlow of D. & Abigail Clarke of Plymouth, Sept. 11, 1745 p63

Joseph Taylor of P. & Thankful Clark of Tiverton, April 15, 1761 p70



" Elias Clark [h. Silvester], May 29, 1833, a. 59. GR3.

" James Clark, Capt., Sept. 19, 1831, a 32, at sea. GR3.

" John S. Clark, lost at sea, Dec. 12, 1833, a. 19. GR3.

" Mary Clark, d. Willard and Lydia, bowel complaint, May 9, 1847, a. 7 m. 7 d. [Mary C., GR3.]

" Silvester Clark, w. Elias, Mar. 4, 1838, a. 70. GR3.


1665. June 5. Vol. a. Page 205.

We whose names are below written, were empaneled upon a Jury for the laying forth of a sufficient footway through the land of Moses Simons and Samuel Chandler, the which we have done according to our best diseretion, and bounded it as follows, that is to say, from the east side of the land of Samuel Chandler, unto the west side of the land of Moses Simons, marked out as follows, with six small saplings in the land of Samuel Chandler, and so unto four dry stakes in the land of Moses Simons, and so unto five green stakes, which reach the other way. GEORGE SOLE, SEN. PHILLIP DELLANO, SEN. EXPERIENCE MICHILL. EDMAN WESTON. FRANCIS WEST. ABRAHAM SAMSON. WILLIAM CLARKE. HENRY SAMSON. ROGEN GLASS. JOSEPH PRIOR. SAMUEL HUNT. JOHN SPRAGUE.

1666. June 26. Vol. a. Page 210

Whereas, the towns of Duxbury and Marshfield have granted unto William Clarke of Duxbury, sixty acres of land within that tract granted them by the Court, and ordered Anthony Snow and William Pabodie to lay it forth, have accordingly laid it forth on the east side the great pond above Mamasakesit, beginning the measurement on the north side the Indian fence, from a red oak tree marked on four sides, and along the pond side, to another white oak tree marked on four sides standing on the northeast corner of the pond, and from that tree to the nearest part of the pond, and from that tree to another white oak tree marked on four sides, northerly, or there about, about seventy rods distant, more or less, for the breadth, and so to another red oak tree marked on four sides, standing about Northeast from the first red oak tree marked, and so unto the pond, which trees and pond are to be the bounds of the above said sixty acres of land. JUNE 26, 1666.

1670. April 19. Vol. a. Page 223.

Laid forth unto Abraham Peirce, about 30 acres of land joining unto that land he bought of Thurston Clarke, lying on the Westwardly side of Namassakeesit brook, bounded from the said land by the brook Southwardly, about 60 rods, and to a maple tree marked, and from that tree Westwardly to a white oak tree marked in the woods at the upper corner, and so with a cross line to his above said land bought of Thurston Clark April 19th, 1670. CONSTANT SOUTfIWORTH. WILLIAM PABODIE

1682. Aug. 26. Vol. a. Page 231.

The town of Duxborrow have granted unto William Clarke of Duxborrow, about fifty or sixty acres of land lying a little to the westward of the South river, and Goodman Wadsworths land in Duxborrow, always provided there shall be a highway allowed through the said land, either where it now goeth, or as convenient, upon consideration that the said William Clarke shall surrender his grant of land about Matakeesit to the town, quantity for quantity. Whereas the town of Duxborrow Aug. 26th, 1682, granted unto William Clark by way of exchange, a parcel of land lying on the westward of South river and Goodman Wadsworths land, situated in Duxborrow.

1682. Aug. 26. Volk. a. Page 231.

We, whose names are under written, being ordered by the town to bound and range lands as occasion shall require, have bounded out the above said parcel of land unto William Clark, viz: We began at a red oak tree marked on four skies, standing to the eastward of William Clark's house, and a little to the southward of the highway, or path, and a little brook; where the brook and path cross each other, and from that red oak marked tree with a straight line, west south westwardly half a mile or 160 rods, to another little red oak tree marked on four sides with stones about it, and from that last said red oak marked tree, with a straight line north north westwardly to another small red oak tree marked on four sides with stones about it, about sixty rods, for the breadth of the said parcel of land, and then with a straight line from the last said red oak tree, to a stake with stones about it, standing upon the plain about 160 Rods distant, and about east north east from the last said tree, and about GO rods, and about north north westward from the first said red oak tree marked, standing on the south side the above said brook and path. This parcel of land was bounded and laid out the 14th day of November, 1682-by JOHN TRACY. Wim. PABODIE. and voted by the town of Duxborrow to be recorded. Mch 26, 1682-3.

1685. Feb. 18. Vol. 249.

We whose names are under written being chosen by the town of Duxborrough to lay out land, we have laid out unto William Clark, fifty acres of land formerly granted unto Stephen Briant, and since granted to Clark, and is bounded on the north east side by the line between Marshfield and Duxburrow, and is bounded at the foot of a small red oak tree, marked, by Abraham Holmes land for the north east corner bounds, so running along said line to a pine tree marked, being in length 160 Rods, and from said tree, running south west nearest, in breadth 50 rods to a red oak tree marked, for the south west corner bound, and by a red oak tree marked, for the south east corner bound. JOHN SOULE, JOHN TRACY. This above written was approved by the town, and Recorded by me, RHODOLPHUS THACHER, Clerk.

1688. May 14. Vol. a. P. 255-6.

Where as in the year forty the Bounds of Duxborrough was set by the Court of New Plymouth, and it was ordered by the said Court that the meadow at the Gurnet should belong to said Duxborrow, and about the year Sixty, the said meadow was disposed of by the town of Duxborrough, as followeth. To Francis West, Edward Weston, William Clarke, Zacariah Soule, Joseph Alden, John Soule, and ordered Lieutenant Samuel Nash, and Phillip Delano to lay it forth the said meadow unto the above said men; which was accordingly done, and bounds made, and was recorded in the town books; But since that time, the said books being burnt, these records were lost. But the fourteenth day of this instant, the new proprietors met together whose names are as followeth, Samuel Seabury, in the right of Francis West, Edward Southworth in the right of Edmond Weston, Samuel West in the right of William Clarke, Jonathan Alden in the right of Joseph Alden, John Soule in the right of Zachariah Soule, Josiah Howland in the right of John Soule; And on the said fourteenth day renewed the bounds of the meadow, which said bounds are as followeth: The first lot, Edward Southworth's, on the South of the Gimlet creek, and said creek to a rock and a heap of stones, being the bounds thereof, and from said rock and stones, to a white oak and cedar marked, and stake and stones by the creek, ranging with the high land of Saquaquash. To Joseph Howland, being the second lot, and from said oak and cedar, to a cedar stump and stones, and by a stake and stones to the creek. To Jonathan Alden being the third lot, and from said stump, and stake and stones, to a cedar tree marked, and by a stake and stones to the creek. To Samuel West, being the fourth lot, and from said tree and stake along the beach to a place where the salt pan stood, and by a stake and stone, and range of stakes to the creek that makes the Gurnet Island. To Samuel Seabury, being the fifth lot, and from said range of stakes, up the beach as far as the meadow doeth go. To John Soule, being the Sixth lot, leaving the Island to said proprietors undivided. Dated May 14th, 1688. The above written was transcribed and recorded by me, RHODOLPIHIS THACHER, Town Clerk.

1706. Nov. 27. Vol. a. Page 36.

November 27th, 1706. We whose names are under written did renew the bounds of the land that is commonly called Clarks field. We did begin at a red oak tree upon the South east corner, and run Northerly about 28 rods, to a pine tree upon the. brow of a hill, marked on four sides, and from said tree, Westerly, to a red oak tree marked on four sides, and from thence near South west, across an arm of swamp to a white oak on the side of a hill, marked on four sides, and from thence southerly to a poplar stump with a stake stuck in it, and from thence Easterly, to the tree where we did begin & acres more or less, and but a very little. THOMAS DELANOE. ABRAHAM SAMSON. The above written was ordered by the town of Duxborrough to be here recorded Dec. 11th Anno Dom 1706. pr JOHN WADSWORTH, Town Clerk.

1714. April 30. Vol. a. Page 144.

Where as we, John Bradford, James Warren and Nathaniel Thomas, appointed Agents by the select men of the town of Plymouth, and we, John Wadsworth, John Alden and Thomas Loring, select men for, the town of Duxborrough, being met together to settle the bounds and division line between the said towns of Plymouth and Duxborrough, have mutually agreed and determined that the said bounds or dividing line shall forever here after, be as followeth, viz Begining at a stake and stones on the beach, or high lands near the sea, thirty rods distant, and Northerly from the middle of the fence that stands on the most Northerly part of the land now fenced in, on the Gurnet so called, and thence due East to the sea, and westerly to run on a straight line to the rock that stands in the water, on the Northerly end or part of Clark's Island, and thence into Clark's Island channel, which comes from Powder Point, and thence down until it comes or meets with the channel that comes down from Jones' river, and thence up that channel to said river, and so up said River to the mouth of Stoney brook, and so up said brook until it comes to a creek that leads to the place called the Tussocks, and thence up said brook to the head of it, or the head of the Westerly branch thereof, and thence Northerly to a marked tree with stones about it, standing on the West side of the old bay path where the mill brook crosseth said path, which said brook runs into black water, and from that tree, Northerly, to another marked tree with stones about it, standing on the West side of said old path, standing about thirty rods distant from the other tree, and then West so far Northerly as on a straight line will extend, to the mouth of Jones's river pond where the brook issueth out of said pond, which last mentioned line divides between Plymouth and Duxbury so far up as Duxborrough town extends. In witness that this is our mutual agreement and settlement of said dividing line, we have here unto set our hands this thirtieth day of April in the thirteenth year of Her Majesty's reign Anno Domini 1714. In presence of JOHN BARKER. STEPHEN CLAPP. JOHN BRADFORD. JAMES WARREN. NATHANIEL THOMAS. JOHN WADSWORTH. JOHN ALDEN. THOMAS LORING. April 30, Anno 1714. Recorded by me, JOHN WADSWORTH, T.


The Twenty Sixth lot was drawn by Mr. John Partridge, and fell to Lieut. Samuel Bradford, Mr. John Partridge, Lieut. Sam1 Sprague, Jonathan Brewster, and the proprietor of the farm of Henry Clark, dec. 1712

The hundred and ninth, and hundred and twenty fourth lots fell to the proprietors of the farm of Henry Clark, dec, and John Glass. 1713. Dec. 11. B. Page 9.

" Proprietors of the farm of Henry Clark dec. (A List of names of those that have a right in the last division of the town's Commons, upland and meadow, in Duxborrough, taken by us whose names are here unto subscribed, being chosen there unto at a town meeting in Duxborrough June 5th 1710.)

The seventeenth lot fell to John Partridge, Jonathan Brewster, Benjamin Prior, John Alden, The Proprietors of the farm of Henry Clark, dec, Samuel Sprague, Jr, Nehemiah Randal, The Proprietors of, the farm of Samuel Hunt, dec, John Delanoe, Sen, and Miles Standish. (1714. Nov. 20. B. Page 19.)


Oct. 29. Pamphlet. Page 30.

At a town meeting the town have agreed with Wrestling Brewster for the feeding of Thurston Clark, a quarter of a year, for fifty shillings, and what clothing he is at charge for him, the town does engage to be responsible for it. Also at the same town meeting, the town have appointed the select men to enquire into Thurston Clark's estate, and the. town to defray the charges. The town have appointed the town treasurer to provide 20 cords of wood for Mr. Wiswald for the ensuing year.

1698. June. Vol. a. Page 274.

This Court have settled the Easterly bounds of the town of Duxburrow to the sea near Greens harbor where the lines cut between Marshfield and Duxburrow to the Gurnet house, excepting the Gurnet, Clarks Island and Saquaquash, which are not to be within the jurisdiction of Duxburrow, saving also every man's propriety and right to him that is now in possession of any Lands or meadows within the bounds, whether by grant, or purchase, without disturbance as touching propriety by virtue of this grant, yet to be within the jurisdiction of Duxburrow township. Extracted from, and compared with the Court Records by SAMUEL SPRAGUE, Clark. Recorded by me, ALEXANDER STANDISH, Town Clark.

" Farm of Henry Clark (1748. May 10. Pamphlet. Page 28, "RIGHTS")

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