(1) Nehemiah Clark bp Apr. 1742, son of Icabod Clark Bp. P.R.I. Baptismal date. Nehemiah Clark married Judith(y) Payson in Sharon, 9 Aug. 1764 (P.R.I. int. not recorded)(VR Sharon p83). Judith Payson was born c1739.

Nehemiah Clark died 12 July 1775 (VR Sharon p158).

Judith Clark, widow, died 21 Aug. 1786 in her 47th year (VR Sharon p158).  The ministers records published by the Sharon Historical Society record: Deaths 1786 Aug*. 23. Widow Clark died at 46 year of her Age of Jaundice & Scurvy.  Perhaps the former is the death date and the latter the burial date?

Richard Clark Pierce reports that Nehemiah Clark was killed in the Revolution at the Battle of Squantum.


  1. Child Clark of Nehemiah Clark buried 11 June 1765, P.R.I. (VR Sharon p158)
  2. Olive Clark bp 2 June 1765, dau. Nehemiah, Baptismal, P.R.I. (VR Sharon p18)
  3. Asa Clark born 20 Oct. 1766 son of Nehemiah and Judith (VR Sharon p17)
  4. Elkanah Clark born 1 Sept. 1768 son of Nehemiah and Judith (VR Sharon p18). Elkanah Clark married Cyntha White (int. Syntha White) int. 13 Dec. 1794 in Foxborough (VR Foxborough p126). This is the line of Richard Clark Pierce.
  5. Catee Clark born 10 May 1770 daughter of Nehemiah and Judith (VR Sharon p18)
  6. Luther Clark born 6 May 1773, son of Nehemiah and Judith (VR Sharon p18), died 17 Jan. 1774 (VR Sharon p158)

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