Isaac Guille born before c1656 was alive 1685, and his wife Anna Guille were original  Huegenot immigrants from France, via England.  They were naturalized in Virginia in 1705, and therefore were clearly not English.  They were French Huguenots, from the Guilles on the Island of Guernsey on their way out of France.

Joseph, Stephen, Webster, Peter, Daniel, & John - new clues,  plus one more generation back in time!  You folks are now back to the original immigrant!

Sue Gill has found yet one more generation back, and the immigrant record!

Plus, Sue has found the Huguenot record in France!

Ben Toney has assembled a document on this family based on original French records.

In Peter and Robert Gill Their Ascendants and Descendants, by Joseph S. Rowland, Jr. 1986, copy in the Library of Congress, Mr. Rowland offers evidence that at least John Gill, Joseph Gill, and Stephen Gill were original immigrants.  Joseph, Stephen, Webster, Peter, Daniel, and John may have been sons of John Gill married to Mary Webster, but it is conceivable that Joseph and Stephen were brothers.  They may also have been older children..  Mr. Rowland points out the entry record in Cavaliers and Pioneers, Vol. III, Page 89, a Henrico County Patent stating entry of John Gill, Joseph Gill and Stephen Gill (Chesterfield County was cut off of Henrico).  Thanks to Mr. Rowland for this well researched work, and thanks to Martha Holmes for copying this document in the Library of Congress for us!  Three Gills were naturalized in Virginia in 1705 by the names of John, Joseph, and Stephen Guil.  They immigrated via England, from France, and were French Huguenots.

1Isaac Guille born <c1656 (1685-21-5) alive 1685
Anna Guille (wife)
children in 1685: Magdalene, John, Peter, Stephen and Joseph


1Magdalene Gill 1John Gill 1Peter Gill 1Stephen Gill 1Joseph Gill
(aka Mary) <(1673-86)-1723 1674 alive 1686 1676-1753 1677-1732
spouse nfi Mary Webster nfi Martha Elizabeth
Children: Children: Children:
Webster Gill Wm Joseph
Peter Gill Joseph Peter d1755
Daniel Gill Robert Jacob
John Gill James William
Amy Francis
Martha Ann

(1These are original immigrants.) (nfi = no further information)

Map of centers of the original land grants

It is clear that there are three Peter Gills here, and we may have the records on the three confused.

If you can document, or suspect, mistakes in these assignments, please send them so that I may correct these records.

Copyright ©2004, Sue Gill and Frank Oliver Clark, Ph.D.  Sue Gill has made enormous strides to document this family!  Ben Toney has clearly documented them in France.  These documents may be freely used for private purposes, and included in your own genealogy., but please give credit to Sue and Ben, and please retain all caveats!  However, this document is copyrighted and may not be sold, nor given to anyone who may attempt to derive profit from same.

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