Valentine Gill (of Allendale County, SC)

Valentine hisXmark Gill, a documented son of James Gill, was born before 1765 and died in 1820, married second Elizabeth Johnson.  Valentine Gill was in Richland Co., SC in the 1790 census, and "Barnwell Co." (Modern day Allendale County.  All "Barnwell" references to this family are merely the record location.  These people lived in what is today Allendale County, SC) in the 1800 census and thereafter. Valentine is identified as a son of James Gill in a Richland County, SC deed dated 1791, Book C page 575, (C p569), a Release to Wm. Genley? in which Valentine Gill, Planter, of Richland County in Camden District sells to Wm. Genley? for £80 Sterling 50 acres in Richland Co. "on the dreans (perhaps this means "is drained by"?) of Jackson's Creek or Gill Creek" bounding on all sides by vacant land and originally granted to John Hopkins deceased 12 January 1769, and from John Hopkins by lease and release to James Gill deceased, heir at law to the said Valentine Gill. Wit: John Wood (or Ward), James Gill. (s) Valentine his+mark Gill. Proved by John Wood in 1799. Book C p569 states that the 50 acres was conveyed to James Gill and from him inherited by Valentine Gill. Sworn to John Wood 5 July 1799 before Jim Taylor, JP, clerk of court, Richland Co. Recorded Book D pages 534 & 535, 6 July 1799.

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Note that this record does not outright state that Valentine was a son, conceivably he could have been a grandson. There is documented proof that yet another James Gill entered South Carolina just for confusion. In fact, Mrs. Hicks interprets this as yet an earlier Valentine Gill, whom she thinks was the father of Valentine and Richard of Barnwell. I do not ascribe to this assertion, and have seen no documentable indication of such an earlier Valentine Gill, but she may be a better judge than I. It is certainly true that I have inadvertently proven many of her assertions, and she must be given recognition for that. Draw your own conclusions. In my opinion, this record, plus the age of Valentine Gill, make him a son of old James, but he may have been the son of an undocumented brother to Thomas. Since John Gill of Barnwell is the first born son of the first born son of James, Valentine would likely have to be considerably younger than John to be a grandson also. The records in Barnwell are suggestive that the brothers Valentine and Richard were close kin to John, but not brothers, consistent with the interpretation offered here. Hannah Gill of Barnwell, conjectured here to be James' widow and not Thomas', deeds land to one of Valentine Gill's sons, strengthening the assertion that Valentine is her son. Valentine states that the land originally granted to John Hokins, was sold to James Gill deceased, and that Valentine was now "heir at law." Valentine married second Elizabeth Johnson, as stated in Richard Gill's 1805 deed following. There were at least three Elizabeth's married to Gills in Barnwell: Elizabeth Johnson, Elizabeth Banner, and Elizabeth Myrick! (Benjamin Banner deeded "Elizabeth Gill" a slave and 1/4 of his estate, book Q p79 Barnwell, implying he was her father. Elizabeth Myrick is identified in her father's will.).

Valentine Gill first appears in the 1790 census in Richland County, S.C., with 1m>16, 2f, and no slaves. In the SCDAH is found an "Index to the General Assembly Papers, and on roll 6 is found a petition which includes the signature of Valentine Gill on 3 Dec. 1795 as an inhabitant on the Great Saltcatcher (this is Barnwell Co.), petition is for the appointment of a commission to lay out a new road. Valentine does not appear in the 1800 census index, but does appear in 1810 in Barnwell County with 1m<10, 1m 10-16, 1m>45, 3f<10, 1f 16-26, 1f 26-45.

1805 Barnwell Deed Book B page 79: I Valentine Gill for $200 paid by Richard Gill sell 334 acres originally granted to George Weekly, on Jackson's branch NW by Joseph Brooker, NE by Wm. Edenfield, SE by John Cradock, SW by Stephen Roberts. Signed Valentine hisXmark Gill.

1805 Barnwell Deed Book B page 80: For Love and Affection for my brother Valentine Gill's children: Mary, John, Sarah, Louisy, Valentine, James, Elizabeth, and Anna, children of Elizabeth Johnson (Valentine's youngest children Mary and Richard were not yet born), I give to said children all land where Valentine Gill now lives plus a negro boy named Tom. Land is on Jackson's Branch adjacent to Stephen Roberts, Joseph Brooker, Parker Savage, and John Cradock, 3?4 acres, plus two mares Venus and Poppet, 2 horses pirate and obscurity, and all my stock of cattle marked with a swallow fork in one ear and a bolt in the other and branded thus: adjacent VG, (note Mrs. Hicks may have taken this mark as an indication that Richard Gill had stock of a Valentine Gill, presumably his father, but this is an odd set of deeds) also my hogs marked with a swaller fork in one ear and a bolt in the other, also 3 feather beads (sic) with all my house furniture and plantation tools, and eutentials (sic) of every kind found on the above plantation. Property is to remain in the possession of Valentine Gill until his death at which time if Elizabeth Johnson, the mother of his children Mary excepted, then be alive, the Elizabeth is to have use of 1/9 of the property during her life or widowhood. Elizabeth is to be dispossessed should she get married after Valentine's death or if she live with any man tho they should not be married. Signed Richard hisXmark Gill, wit. Wm. Edenfield & Wm. Nickels.

Robt. Hutchson vs Owen Riley and Valentine Gill decree for pltff $55 w/int from 25 Dec. 1807 20 March 1809 (Barnwell Common Pleas Journal 1800-1811 page 255)

Sessions Journal 1800-1822 Barnwell Co. is an action on 20 Oct. 1809 of State vs Valentine Gill for Hog stealing. A True Bill was found, Stephen Collins foreman of the jury. A jury found evidence sufficient to bring Valentine to trial for hog stealing!  Lord, what a legacy to leave us!  This is my own family!!!!

1816 (Barnwell deeds page 53? book? my photocopy missed this) The mark for cattle and hogs of Richard Gill and Mary Gill plus an under Keal in one year and a boult in the other -16th October 1816. Valentine hisXmark Gill. Recorded 16th October 1816.

(c>1819) Probably superior court record (I have a photograph of the page only -hard to read) The Excrs. of Wm.A. Laper? vs Valentine Gill. Dolon? afs? Martin? Jury No. 2 was charged with the and returned the following imgforse? the find for the plaintiffs $122.87. John Niwman? foreman.

Valentine Gill died in Barnwell Co. before 5 September 1820 and his estate was administered by his wife, Elizabeth Gill who signed by mark. The Barnwell Ordinary Records (Court) Minutes 1819-1838 page 12 list Valentine's widow Elizabeth on 5 Sept. 1820 posting $1500 bond on 6 Oct. 1820 with Thomas Riley and Josiah G. Allen securities. The estate was appraised ($10?) on 28 Feb. 1821, and the letter of administration was revoked on complaint of the securities on 15 April 1825. Valentine Gill's Ordinary records are in package 12 case 34 in the Barnwell Ordinary's office. The estate sale of Valentine brought $1059.87 3/4 plus $425 for the negro man Isaac in 1821.

A Valentine Gill is reputed to be buried in "Swallow Savannah" Cemetery, Allendale, SC. It is not known which Valentine this is, as this Valentine had a son named Valentine Gill, and two appear in the 1830 census.

4 Nov. 1822 Monday, Elizabeth Gill vs Nicholas Priester & John Huggins: Sum Pro., Patterson atty, decree for the plaintiff $26.50 with interest from 22 Dec. 1821 and costs. (Barnwell Common Pleas Journal 1822-32, p11).

Barnwell Court 1837 records an action of John Brunson and Leroy Allen Administrators of Josiah G. Allen versus Richard Gill, Mark Long and Mary his wife, and Elizabeth Gill, an action brought about by Richard and Mark Long against the bondsmen for Elizabeth Gill as administrator of the estate of Valentine. Elizabeth failed to appear before the Ordinary and account for her administration, and did not pay $257.55 to Richard Gill and $266.80 to the wife of Mark Long. Elizabeth was declared insolvent.

Elizabeth counterclaims that the estate was small and that she had support maintenance and education expenses for Richard Gill and Mary, wife of Mark Long. She further states that she would have been able to prove this had she been able to attend the Court, which she was unable to do because of decrepitude and infirmities of old age. At the time of Valentine's death, Mary was 12 and Richard was but 10. Therefore, it was essential that Elizabeth use the estate in their maintenance. The Ordinary agrees with the letter of the law, but states that "the case stands on higher ground." The Ordinary sides with Elizabeth!

Sale of Estate of Valentine Gill To Item Price paid
Eliza.Gill 2beds,furniture,bed steads 25.25 " 1 saddle & border 5.50
CharlesConnelley 1 cupboard 1.31 1/4 John Gill 1 shot gun & shot bag 9
Lewis Stokes 1 razor & hone .62 ½ JosiahG.Allen lot cotton 762wt@2.875per cwt 21.89
James Gill 1 lot powder & shot 1.375 " lot old corn 87bu@36cts/bu 21.8975
CharlesConnelley lot new corn 89bu@51cts/bu 45.39 John Craddock lot Reap Hooks & Augurs .05
Elizabeth Gill lot plough gear 1.06 " 3 pair cotton cards 1.135
John Brunton lot tobacco & box 1.25 Elizabeth Gill 1 table & bracket 2
Bennajah Best lot plantation tools 5 Keturah Corfts 1 Sorrel Mare 55
Wm. Barker lot cowhides & rope 4.50 Elizabeth Gill lot old pails .50
Richard Barker lot leather .77 James Gill 12 head hogs@162p/hd 19.50
David Braddock 1 young mare 40.625 Elizabeth Gill 15 head geese@600 cts/hd 9
Wilson Williams 13 head hogs @90cts/hd 11.70 Wm.Parker 4 head hogs@77 cts/head 3.08
Benajah Best 1 block waggon 2.0625 John Bailey 1 negro man Isaaac
not sufficient security given & sold at risk 520.50 John Brunton 4 head cattle 38.40
Wm. Barker 4 head cattle then taken by T.Riley 46.695 Elizabeth Gill 2 cows & calves 29.60
Nicholas Priester 3 head cattle 26.35 Elizabeth Gill 1 cow 12.5625
Wm. Craddock lot Fother? 63.5 per cwt 5.33 Elizabeth Gill lot corn 59 bu@45 cts/bu 26.55
Thomas Riley lot oats 11 bu @29cts/bu 4.29 Charles Connelly lot potatoes 21 bu@22cts/bu 4.62
Elizabeth Gill lot potatoes 2 bu @ 20 cts/bu 4.20 Wm. Parker lot father & straw 1.62
Thomas Rilley 1 hogshead .75 Jonathon Weaver 1 hogshead 1.00
Elizabeth Gill lot father 11 Thomas Riley lot baskets & sythe blade .93
" lot jugs 1.5625 Elizabeth Gill 1 axe .51
Thomas Riley 1 cow & calf 10 John Brunton 1 lot corn shucks 1
Elizabeth Gill 1 lot pots 1.01 James Gill 1 bucket & awls .375
Elizabeth Gill 1 pr spectacles .0625 " 1 cow 11.61
------ Total 1059.8775

November 30th 1820 sold a negro man Isaac at risk of John Bailey a former purchaser

Josiah G. Allen 1 negro man Isaac 425

Elizabeth herXmark Gill Admix

Recorded the 28th February 1821

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