Alabama Census Index
m m m m f f f s Possible Connections
1840 county pge <5 5-10 50-60 70-80 5-10 15-20 40-50
Bales Gill Dale 016 Thos. Gill/Marian Bailes na
C.G. Gill Tuscaloosa 209 na
Chamberlain Gill Madison 167 S. Half
Christiana Gill Lowndes 231 no
Claiborn Gill Lowndes 252 Claiborn/Gill Lunenburg Co,VA na
Cyrus Gill Conecuh 230 no
E.S.L. Gill Sumt 150 na
Gardner Gill Limestone 156 na
Hy Gill Coos 312 Wetumpka
J.W. Gill Greene 124 no
James Gill Fran 272 Russelvi
James Gill Clarke 241 no
James Gill Perry 265 no
James Gill Jackson 047 no
James N. Gill Tallapoosa 256 no
Jerard Gill Laur 202 no
Jesse Gill Blount 101 E. Divisi
John Gill Fran 238 na
John Gill Monroe 238 na
John L. Gill Jefferson 199 na
John M. Gill Monroe 238 na
Joseph M. Gill Jefferson 197 from Columbia Co.,GA? na
Lyman Gill Madison 166 S. Half
Leonard Gill Benton 041 1 1 1 1 2 1 - no
Nathan J. Gill Greene 100 na
Neriah Gill Lowndes 217 na
P.R. Gill Laud 118 na
Richard Gill Clarke 245 1 3 na
Thomas W. Gill Dallas 084 na
U. Gill Lowndes 217 na
Washington Gill Lowndes 217 na
William Gill Jefferson 181 na
William Gill Perry 261 no
Wm. K. Gill Jefferson 189 no
Wm. M. Gill Mras (Monroe) 059 no

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