Even though I just KNEW Mary Gill was Jacob Antley's wife it still bothered me that the marriage was under JOAB.

Jacob's second wife, Mariah, filed for the bounty in 1858 from Union Parish, LA. She stated they were married in Clarke Co, when, where, by whom. And that he had served for SC in the War of 1812. But that wasn't the neatest thing. In there was an affidavit by Robert Hinton stating he knew Mariah and had known Jacob. He said that he knew that Jacob was dead because of letters the relatives got stating the news of his death. Also that they got a report on his death (which I wish he'd described!) from his widow and children when they removed to LA without him. I already knew that Jacob and Mariah remained in AL after most of the other relatives came to LA. Mr. Hinton also said he knew they were married as they had lived in the same neighborhood with Jacob and Mariah. There was also a Mr. R.B.Wallworth that stated the same, saying he had lived near them in Clarke Co, AL. I did find a Robert Waulwork near them in the 1850 Clarke Co census that Brenda sent to me.

BUT that wasn't all. There was a letter inside from Clarke Co AL. Undoubtably they had written from Union Parish requesting info on who Jacob served for. The letter was from James Gill, the brother of my ggg-grandmother I'm sure, dated 1859 stating it was known that Jacob served in the War of 1812 and who he thought he served for. He was wrong as to who that was, Mariah put another name and was rejected then refiled using this letter and was rejected again. You know that in the back of my mind it's always worried me some because the marriage records said Joab instead of Jacob for Mary Gill. Even though Jacob Antley lived by her brother in the 1850 census, this was the proof. They wrote to the brother of Mary who he married not long after the War of 1812 in Clarke Co, 1817!!

What this verified was that Mariah and the small children stayed in AL until after Jacob's death and then joined the rest of the family and friends in LA. Probably after she married and left that Byrd Skinner!

But I reread the deeds of gift from Elizabeth Till Gill (Uriah's wife) to her children. There is information here that I don't believe is in the database so I must not have sent you this stuff. One deeds that really raises my curiosity is to her daughter Margaret A Pearson. It's dated several years before the others. 1850 in Clarke Co AL Deed book F. She states what she's giving then says in the event of her marriage.... It implies she's no married so was Elizabeth Gill married to a Pearon first or was her daughter Margaret a widow lady? There is no info on a daughter Margaret of Uriah and Elizabeth that I see in the database.

It then skips to 1857 Deed Book G. And according to this the daughter Martha was first married to James M Bouler. In her deed it states:

...that I Elizabeth Gill of state and county aforesaid for and in consideration of the natural love and affection which I have and bear towards my daughter Martha E. Bouler wife of James W. Boulder of said county.....

Thomas F. Gill also has a Deed of Gift as does Laura M GILL. There is no mention of Rebecca unless we missed one. Also none of Caroline or Mary so it's possible we did miss some given at another time. All of these previous ones with the exception of Margaret were 1857.

Maybe Martha Gill Bouler died and he then married her sister Laura??

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