Bailey (or Bailes?) Rhodes Gill

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This man's name is spelled Bailey Rhodes Gill by Mrs. Ellen Gill.  She has sent me the probate document with his name, and it  appears to read "Bailes," twice, a name which would not have been familiar to Mrs. Gill.  Thomas Gill of Northumberland Co., VA married Marian Bailes, and the name Bailes was used by their children for many generations.

Bailey Rhodes Gill was born 29 June 1812 (source:CSA papers), by oral tradition, is a son of Days Gill. Bailey Gill is listed in the 1832 Gold Lottery, Baldwin Co., GA.

      Known wives: Frances E. Davis(1818), Sara Ann Wooly (1822).  Wooleys appread in early records of Barnwell Co., SC.

     Thomas Gill, 3rd, of Northumberland Co., VA married Mary Ann (or Marian) Bailes.  Her family name is given in the Northumberland records as Bailey as well as Bailes.  This is a strong Northumberland link.

     James Jolly was the first executor of the estate of Days Gill, joint with Days' wife, Lydia.  Most likely, one of these Jollys married one of Day's daughters.  In the Minutes of the Ordinary 1833-1852, James Jolly asked that he be discharged as administrator. date is not obvious,but clearly before 3 Sept. 1834.  Bailes Gill (along with Thomas Wright)is listed in Administrations and Bonds, July 1832-May 1852, Baldwin Co.,GA, in the estate of Days Gill for the sum of $1000 on 3 Sept. 1834.  In this document, it states that Bailes Gill is the administrator of the estate of Days Gill.   Bails Gill signed by X mark.  This is the basis for assigning Bailes Gill as a son of Days Gill.  The Baldwin Co. Sales Book, 1827-1856, only shows Wm. Page, "Bails" Gill, Thomas Tusk (Turk?), and Wm. Jolly purchasing at the estate. (these documents all supplied by, and thanks to, Mrs. Ellen Gill)

There is oral tradition evidence that Bailey Rhodes Gill was a son of Days Gill! Zack Davis Gill's father, Clark Gill born 1902, son of Zacharias Gill,  told Zack Gill that Days was his great grandfather. He remembers his wife to be Lydia but obviously she is not the mother of Bailey.

     Bailes Gill married Frances E. Davis, born 3 May 1818.

     Balys (Bailey or Bailes) Gill married - Sara Ann Wooly 22 May1832 (Baldwin Co., GA Early Marriages p. 4)

     He is listed in Marion Co., GA in the 1850 and 1860 census.  Marion Co. is SW of Baldwin Co., almost to the AL line.

     Bailey Gill served in Company K, 12th Regiment, Georgia Volunteer Infantry, Army of Northern Virginia, C.S.A., Marion County Guards, as a 2nd Sergeant, enlisted 15 June 1861.  Discharged with disability at Camp Alleghany, VA 3 Aug. 1861, listed as born in Baldwin Co., GA 29 June 1812.  (source: Mrs. Ellen Gill).

     Bailes Gill died 26 July 1901, Frances Gill 10 Aug. 1894,and both are buried in the Tullis Cemetery, Marion Co., GA, approximately 10 mi. south of Buena Vista, GA on GA 41.  (There seems to be an inconsistency with the two marriage dates above).  Children of Bailey Rhodes Gill and Frances E. Davis:

  1. Thomas J. Gill born c1835-6 in Marion Co.,age 14-15 in 1850 GA census.
  2. Andrew J. Gill born c1840, age 10 in 1850 census.
  3. Mary A.F.E. Gill born c1841 in Muscogee Co., GA, age 9 in 1850 census.
  4. Sarah Gill born c1843 in Muscogee Co., GA,age 7 in 1850 census.
  5. Martha Gill born c1845 in Muscogee Co.,GA, age 5 in 1850 census.
  6. James P. K. Gill born  Nov. 1849 in Muscogee Co., GA, age 10 months in 1850 census (census usually taken in summer), married Susie Caroline Davis, born Dec. 12, 1852.  
     This is the line of Kenyon Gill, who passed away on 28 May 2001, a good man.
    1. Anna Corine Gill born 15 June 1888- died 20 July 1980),
  7. Richard  P. Gill born 1852 died 1923.
    1. Amy Desmond Gill, born 23 Mar 1887 in Richland, GA, died 18 Jan 1973 in Butler, GA, married Lumie McDuffie Gill
    2. Jessie Albert Gill born 10 February 1892 in Richland, GA.
  8. Zack Davis Gill  born 16 Oct. 1856, in 1860 census, married Frances Elizabeth Watson, born 17 Oct. 1859.  Zack Gill died 6 Jan. 1918 and is buried in Bloodworth Cemetery, Charing, GA.   Frances Gill died 12 Nov. 1953, and is buried in Bloodworth Cemetery.  This is the line of Zack Gill, and Kathy Gill
  9. George I. V. Gill died at 3 years?

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