Chronological Order (If I attributed one of these to the wrong person, please give me a shout and I will fix it.):

1815: Miss. Territory U.S. Land Grant, 5 Dec. 1815, Richard Gill "Clark" Co. amount $17 (p7)(courtesy C. Griffin)

1816: George Wallwork to Kelly Gill (might be Helly) 16 Feb. 1816, marriage license.  married 6 March 1816 (Clarke Co. Marriage Book A p19)(courtesy C. Griffin)

1817: James Gill married to Carthrena Till, bond 21 Oct. 1817, married 23 Nov. 1817 (Clarke Co. Marriage Records Book A p48)(courtesy C. Griffin)

1817: Joab Antiley, married Mary Gill, 19 August 1817 (bond and security date) Clark Co. Marriages Book A, 1814-1834.(courtesy C. Griffin)

1822.  Walter Beall married Abby Gill, bond and security 12 Sept. 1822, recorded 27 March 1823 (Clarke Co. Marriage Book A, 1814-1834).(courtesy C. Griffin)

1833: Clarke Co., AL Deed Book D p364: Richard Gill to Rebecca Gill, deed of gift.  Richard Gill do grant give and bestow on my daughter Rebecca Gill two young cows and calfs, for her only and proper use.  However reserving to myself during my natural lifetime the sole and enter? control over cattle, that is saying daughter Rebecca to have the full and extensive use of said cattle.  But not to sell lease or in otherwise destroy herself nor any husband she may have after witnessing shall have the right to sell or dispose of said cattle.  But I shall remain under my special anything contained for during my lifetime then it be come the rightful property of my said daughter Rebecca Gill and her heirs of her body and hers her children only is it or shall have any right mi? of the said? of measured tice?  Cows & Calves  .. Richard X Gill, 10 Feb. 1833.  Rebecca Gill was an adult, therefore born before 1833-21, or before 1812.  Witnessed 8 Feb. 1865 by Wm. Pickett, Acting J.P., recorded 15 Feb. 1865, Book B.  Interesting that 32 years expired before it was recorded!  (courtesy C. Griffin)

1835.  Richard Gill married Elizabeth Lewis 27 day of July 1835 in Clarke Co AL (Clarke Co. Marriages, Book B, p11) (courtesy C. Griffin)

1841: Minutes of Orphan's Court, Book C. 1841-1844, Page 63 (courtesy C. Griffin):

1842: Clarke Co., AL Deed Records, Book D p36, estate of Richard Gill, senr. to Jas. Savage. (Courtesy our cousin, D.A. Murphy)

1856: John Gill married Julia A. Singleton, married 4 Nov. 1856, W.A. Myrick certified that Julie A. Singleton was above the age of 18.  (Clarke Co. Marriage Records, Book B page 250. (Courtesy C. Griffin)

1858: James J. Gill married Helen Joiner application 27 Dec. 1858, ceremony 28 Dec. 1858.  Marr. Book B p284. (Courtesy C. Griffin)

1863. Richard Gill Senr. marriage license to marry Susannah Lewis, license issued 24 Jan. 1863 (Clarke Co., AL Marriage Book B p78)(Courtesy C. Griffin)

1864.  James W. Bouler to Miss Laura M. Gill, married 6 Oct. 1864 (Clarke Co. Marriage Book B p340, courtesty C. Griffin)

1872. C.D. Syphritt respectfully represents to your Honor that James Gill departed this life intestate on the 25th day of Oct. 1872. ------- He states the value of the estate to be $300. The names or distributees of the estate of the decedent as the petitioner is advised and believed to be as follows: Jas Gill, Euriah Gill, Martha Gill, Mrs. R.H. Gill, widow of Walter Gill and Mrs. Polly Livingston wife of Henry Livingston. Appraisers for the estate are Jash Gwin, Alex Myrick, and Jash Wilson Securities by Charles D. Syphritt, R H Gill, and E.L. Syphritt. (courtesy C. Griffin)

1875: Clarke County Deed Book D page 225 & 226. (This is Elizabeth Till Gill, wife of Uriah Gill)  Elizabeth Gill sells to Rebecca Walworth, a tract of land, the north west quarter of the south east fourth, and the north east fourth of the south west fourth and the south east fourth of the north west fourth, and the south west  fourth of the north east forth, (got that??)  all in section nineteen of range three east in Township ten in Clarke County, containing 160 acres more or less, is jointly owned by the undersigned Elizabeth Gill and others.  Now this in transend? witnesseth that for and in consideration of the sum of one dollar in hand paid to me by Rebecca A. Walworth (wife of Wm. J. Walworth), Caroline Martin, Mary J. Chamberlain wife of Cornelius Chamberlain, and Melissa Bowler wife of James Bowler, I do hereby sell bargain transfer and convey unto each of said parts and their heirs and assigns one equal undivided share with myself and to said lands in fee simple to have and to hold the same to them and there heirs forever.  Elizabeth Gill signed her name.  Dated  30? November 1874.  Test 1 Dec. 1874. Rec. 20 Jan. 1875. (courtesy C. Griffin)

1882.  Probate Record 1883-1892, Q, Clarke Co., Page 48.  Wash Gill.  Peittion of C.D. Syphrett (states he is a male) that Wash Gill died intestate on 9 March 1882 leaving property worth about $250.  No heirs or distributees.  Appraisers suggested: J.J. Wilson, Alex Myrick, Jack Girriu?.  Judge John M. Wilson.  ibid p49, Chas. D. Syphrett (seems to be spelled Syphritt in places) is appointed administrator 17 April 1883.  Witnessed: C.D Syphritt, R.H. Gill, E.L Syphritt. ibid page 50 petition to sell personal property.  Appraisers and securities were the same for Washington and James and the letters of administration for both were issued on the same day.(courtesy C. Griffin)

1883.   Probate Record 1883-1892, Q, Clarke Co., Page 50.  James Gill probate records 1883-1892 Clarke Co AL page 50 & 51.   Peittioner is Chas. D. Syphritt, James Gill died 26 Oct. 1872  leaving property valued at $300. Intestate record of James Gill.  This should be the James Gill born about 1790 in S.C. He died in Oct.1872 but the estate is not probated until Jan. 31, 1883??  The names or distributees of the estate of the decedent as the petitioner is advised and believed to be as follows: Jas Gill, Euriah Gill, Martha Gill, Mrs. R.H. Gill, widow of Walter Gill and Mrs. Polly Livingston wife of Henry Livingston. Appraisers for the estate are Jash (Jack?) Gwin, Alex Myrick, and Jash (Jack?) Wilson Securities by Charles D. Syphritt, R H Gill, and E.L. Syphritt."(courtesy C. Griffin)

1891. Clarke Co. Probate Record Book Q, 1883-1892, Page 694 & 695.  Estate of James H. Gill deceased.  Petition of Eliza Gill.  James H. Gill died intestate on 29 January 1891, leaving property (no value stated).  Petitioner is teh widow of James H. Gill.  The heirs and distributees are only Eliza Gill, his widow.  Eliza herXmark Gill, 16 March 1891.

1895-8.  Intestate record for a W.J. Gill, Probate Records 1895-1898 Clarke Co Al. page 77, states: "The petitioners of E.J. Baleu and John A. Baleu (Balen) respectfully request unto your honor that W.J. Gill departed this life on the day of 18 more than 40 days since. Leaving property in this state to the best of petitioners knowledge, information, and belief of the value of $500 and not probably more. Your petitioner, one of the longest creditors of said deceased. That the names of distributors of the estate of said deceased---------- W.J. Gill was unmarried and left only a sister Sarah Bell, wife of W.H. Bell, and his mother Rebecca Gill.--------- Request letters of administration be granted to W.W. Waite, Sheriff of Clarke Co. "  This W.J. Gill probably a son of Walter and Rebecca Gill.(courtesy C. Griffin)

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