David Gill  born <1676, died >1717, clearly has documented associations with Northumberland Co.   He could be an undocumented son of Stephen Gill.  David Gill may be an original immigrant, if he is the Maryland David Gill (see next paragraph), or by another entry.  

David Gill "of Mattapony Neck", Va. <1648 - d>1717. no wife mentioned.  The Mattaponi designation was used c1700 for a location in Northumberland Co. that is unknown at the moment  It apparently adjoined the Potomac River.  He could have been the David Gill who was transported to Maryland in 1674 (Book 18 p137 Maryland Land Patent Book, listed in "Early Settlers of Maryland" by G. Skordas, 1968 p182), or he could have been a son of Stephen Gill of York Co., VA <1615-1653, "Chirurgeon" m. widow Ann Topin.  He could also be of unknown origin.

Sent by a fellow Gill researcher: "I have done more research on Mattapony Neck in Northumberland. I am quite confident that Mattaponi Neck is now Pea Neck adjacent to South (off the top of my head)Yeocomico river and Lodge Creek. I further believe that Divid Gill's property was actually on the real neck rather than closer to the Calleo side of what is considered part of the neck. I will forward details and analysis under a separate email."

David Gill was in Northumberland County at least by 1697.  Posted by Sheila Evans <elcain@usa.net> on Sun, 26 Mar 2000, in response to David Gill of "Mattapony Neck", posted by Frank O. Clark on Sun, 19 Mar 2000.  Surname: Linton, Ross, Leasure

From pg. 65 - Duvalls Va. Colonial Abstracts Series 2, Vol 1 Northumberland Co. Va 1678-1713 (So. Hist. Press)....

Court ffeb. 1697/8

Motion of Henry Rosse Exor., Probate of the last will of Jane Linton, dec'd, proved by George Leasure and David GILL and App. of the Estate.  (So he was born before 1698-21=1677)

**If you order the orginal document from the court, it should be on page 800 of the Northumberland Co Orders Book.

The other information I emailed to you re: the later mention of David GILL re: the Linton family.


+pg. 82 Court 15 Jan 1700/1  -  Motion of Isabella Linton, a Probate to her of the Last will of John Linton, dec'd, proved by ffra. Dawson, James Crean, James Crean,Jr., and DAVID GILL.

David Gill of Mattapony, Northumbria buys land from Hugh Dermott 20 March 1702/3 17.119.  Re-records this deed 18 July 1711 17.119 (Fleet v19). David Gill has land adjoining John Claughton in Mattapony Neck, St. Stephens Parish. He is witness to a deed from one Claughton to another Claughton 18 Jan. 1707/8. 17.89.

Dr. John Scott Davenport, offers comments on this location (edited):

This Mattaponi Neck is in Northumberland Co., from my perusal a few moments ago of Bishop Meade's "Old Churches, Ministers and Families of Virginia" (1857) wherein he includes two Gills among the vestrymen for St. Stephen's Parish, Northumberland County. He cites a Mr. Thomas Gill, beginning 1731, and Mr. Ellis Gill, beginning 1742. I had cursory knowledge of that Mattaponi Neck, but had not pursued it in detail because being north of the Rappahannock River and on waters of Potomac, it was in the Northern Neck. After the 1660's those lands were all in Lord Fairfax's manor, and I have had no genealogical interests in the Northern Neck and, therefore, have developed neither historical nor genealogical expertise therein. There were Davenports in Northumberland, but they were in Wicomico Parish, and were of a different genesis that my people. Those Davenports were Tidewater aristocrats. Mine appear to have been of a bar sinister beginning in an Indian Reservation.

The St. Stephen's Parish of my acquaintance was for Northside New Kent, subsequently (Upper) King & Queen County (1691), which was across the Mattaponi River from Davenport Landing and Plantation in 1696. Until St. John's Parish was created for Pamunkey Neck and King William County (1701), my Pamunkey Davenports were apparently in St. Stephen's or its predecessor Stratton Major Parish, ultimately (Lower) King & Queen County. Pamunkey Neck was an Indian Reservation from 1625 until 1701.

Do you have a copy of the Northumberland map available from the Virginia Department of Transportation? They cost 50 cents each and include all the water courses in Northumberland. Whether it shows a Mattaponi Creek, I know not. About half of the water courses today have names different from those of Colonial times, particularly if the names were originally Indian. As I said before, I have done no study in depth relative to Northern Neck counties, but I know, having screened all Virginia patents for those with Mattaponi waters references, that several patents referred to Mattaponi waters of the Potomac, which would have been later Northumberland. These I quickly sorted out of my analysis, but they surely are pertinent to your search. Use the "Creeks" and "Rivers" index in the Virginia Patents abstracts.

Dr Clark

In my quest to learn more about the Mann/Gill relationship I ran across the following that may be the location of the neck of land in question. I have not cross verified this yet, but it does make sense. Especially about there being another Mattaponi river of sorts.

Part of what lead me back here was a significant relationship between the same Mann family, as is listed in the will of David Gill of NC, and the family of Wingfield/Winfield Wright. That family starts in No Umberland Va. A daughter married a Mann in NoUmberland and named her son John Man Wright. He is the father of the Mann's that whitnessed the will of David Gill. I find the two families mixed again in Granville, NC.

My unsubstantiated belief is that these three families have a relationship in NoUmberland. David Gill and the Wright son married sisters of John Mann. This relationship carried to NC in Granville and Wake counties. The location of the Wright and Mann families was at the southern border of Granville adjacent to Wake.

Joe Craig


From: <JSDDOC@aol.com <mailto:JSDDOC@aol.com>>

Subject: [DAVENPORT] Re: Gills of Mattaponi Neck

Date: Sat, 18 Mar 2000 17:06:16 EST

Good Afternoon, Frank:

Strangely enough, Mattaponi Neck was not in Pamunkey Neck. but was the land between the Chickahominy and the James River in Charles City County, if I have my facts straight. I encountered it several times in studying Virginia Land Patents. Mattaponi, pronounced Ma-ta-PO-nye, was the ancient name of one of the tribes of the Powhatan Confederation, and at the time of English settlement of Jamestown in 1607 was centered up the James River in the neck of the confluence of the Chickahominy with the James. The Mattaponis were one of the first tribes to be decimated and dislodged by the English. They retreated northward. Their village relocated to Pamunkey Neck, where it became a satellite of the Pamunkey village of Romaquok (now called Romacoke). Today the Pamunkeys have a reservation of 1200 acres on a semi-island in the Pamunkey River, and the Mattaponis have a reservation of 120 acres north of the Pamunkeys on the Mattaponi River. Both reservations are in King William County. The Pamunkeys number no more than 90 and the Mattaponis probably do not exceed a dozen. Both tribes have been virtually devoid of more than an infinitesimal amount of Indian blood for more than a 100 years, but that's another story.

There was also a Mattaponi River of small moment on the Eastern Shore, and a Mattaponi Creek in Westmoreland County.

Your kind comments are appreciated.

John Scott Davenport, Ph.D.

Holmdel, NJ

James Gill is recorded as baptized 27 April 1712, son of David Gill (record may state James "Gell" son to David Baptized 27 April 1712. The Gell spelling occurs elsewhere, even in the South, and may indicate the way the name was pronounced. This is dead center (1710-13) within the estimated range of birth year for James Gill of Richland Co., SC, and there are absolutely no other known possibilities (i.e. unaccounted for James Gills) at this time. David would have been 56-64 when James was born, an age  actually substantiated with documentation by the following record: David Gill "a poor and Ancient man" exempt from (tax) levy 16 May 1717 6.214. David Gill was sued by Owen Dermott, and Dorothy Wates appears as a witness 16 May 1717. The name David Gill never appears in a documented family of ours in South Carolina, to my knowledge.

For further information on this family, please contact "Dr. Frank O. Clark"

Copyright ©1997, Frank Oliver Clark, Ph.D, all rights reserved. These documents may be freely used for private purposes, and included in your own genealogy. However, this document is copyrighted and may not be sold, nor given to anyone who may attempt to derive profit from same.

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