Daysor (Days) David Gill born c1750? (I get  1750 from the hog stealing record below, <1758-63 from the Loyalist records, born 1770-80 from the 1830 census) born to ___ Gill , or to Thomas Gill (we do not yet know who his father was, these connections are all conjecture at this point),  various unreferenced sources state that he was born 1750-1760, one states he was born in SC, - he is documented to have died in 1834, married:

  1. Sarah Blakely born <c1768-1773, mentioned in an 1815 Laurens Co. Equity record (Gill records of Mr. Leonardo Andrea, record #104)
  2. Mary ___ in Columbia County, GA 1808 deed (Deed Book O, page 409).
  3. Lydia Tansey born 1780-1790 (1830 census), (his 1834 widow, Baldwin Co. Will)

Associated with Laurens Co., SC, Columbia Co., GA, Richmond Co., GA, and died in Baldwin Co., GA.  Illiterate, signed his will by "X".

Weldon Connection

Blakely Connection


     Days Gill has documented connections in Laurens Co., SC, that state that his first wife was Sarah Blakeley, daughter of John Blakeley.  An 1808 Columbia County deed lists his wife's name as Mary.   His last wife and widow in Baldwin Co. was Lydia Tansey.  One person working on the Laurens Co. Gills believes them to have come from Chesterfield Co.,VA, and there are Laurens Co., SC name coincidences with that family. 

(SCDAH on line index) Series Number: S145002 Volume [1st Year]: 1769 Page: 00101 ignore: 40

Date: 1771/01/24



Locations: /                               Type: /


Note this record, found my Martha Holmes, links Days Gill and my ancestor, John Gill, who died in present day Allendale, SC (Barnwell County then).  I had conjectured that the two are brothers.

Although I have not yet found any indication of patriot service, the following records pretty clearly indicate that Days Gill was a Loyalist, and that one Robert Gill and one James Gill were as well, and may have been brothers.

Davies Gill, p521, rank refugee from 96, Savannah & recommended by Col. Campbell & Col. Pearson

Deas Gill, p11, Capt. Murphy, Savannah 1 Dec. 1779 (Adam Sigler also in this group, Siegler, or Seigler, is a Barnwell Co., SC German surname.  There are also Manush Gypsy names, served as "Hessian" mercenaries.)

Other Loyalist Gill records associated with the same location.

Source: Loyalists in the Southern Campaign, by Murtie June Clark (none of us Clarks are related, amazing!), 1981, Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore, and page numbers are for that reference.

If these men were at least 16, then they were all at least born before 1779-16, or 1763.  If they were 21 or older, then these become 1758.  Since all three served from 96, which was a distinct location, a fort, during this war, they may have been related, either brothers or a father and children.  Probably these three were brothers.  Days would likely have to be born before say 1763-21 or 1742 to be the father of one of these, and I think that is just too far back in time for him.

Blakely Records associated with Days Gill.

The Lee County History states that Days was a revolutionary soldier who fought under Col. John Clark. Does anyone have documentation of this? This looks increasingly unlikely since we have found pretty unequivocal records that he was a Loyalist.  South Carolina was split about 50-50 on this issue, so this is no big surprise.  That same history states that  Days was reputedly of Scots-Irish origin, consistent with the Fishing Creek Gills.  His birth range estimated from his one census appearance cannot be correct, or he could not possibly have served in the revolutionary war!  It was over in 1781, and he would have been 11 at best!  The Loyalist records above tell a different tale!

Days Gill Headrights & Bounty Grants, Richmond Co. (included: Jefferson, Warren, &  McDuffie Co.) GA early records1787-1795.  This is the earliest known legal record of Days Gill, and places a birth range on Days Gill of 1766-1774, which overlaps the census range.  Can anyone locate this precise record at the Archives in Atlanta?

Days Gill 2 draws Columbia Co., GA 1805 Land Lottery (land south of Oconee & Altamaha Rivers) (P179 Wrightsborough 1768 Wrightsboro 1799 McDuffie Co., Georgia 1870 compiled by D.J. Jones, McDuffie Progress, Thomson, GA 1982.

The Columbia County, GA, 1805 tax lists show one Gill, Days Gill who paid no poll tax (suggests he did not live there) and is listed with 160 acres of pine land adjacent to Cartledge and Whitney on the Little River in Columbia County.

The Columbia County 1806 tax lists show three Gills all immediately adjacent to each other: David Gill, Robert Gill, and Days Gill.  David Gill and Robert Gill paid poll tax, implying they resided in Columbia County, Days Gill is listed with 160 acres of pine land adjacent to Cartledge and Ramsey on the Little River in Columbia County; and 202 acres of #2 land in the 1st district number 2, adjacent to Ramsey, on Fishing Creek in Baldwin Co. for $9 1/2 (not sure if the amount was dollars or cents) total.  Presumably this Robert Gill is the Loyalist above, born before 1758.  This is too early for him to be a son of Days Gill, and I believe this Robert Gill has to be a brother of Days.

Days Gill deed Bk O p409, Columbia Co., GA18 Apr. 1808.  Days Gill sells to James Cartledge apparently 13 Mar. 1810 payment due 13 Mar. 1810 an indenture made 18 Apr. 1808.  Days Gill and Mary Gill his wife of "Baldwin" & James Cartledge of Columbia for $200 sell 170 acres of land granted to Days Gill on the waters of Little River bounded on the NW by Spaulding to a pine corner of Jeremiah? Blanchard to Thomas Ayer by sd. James Cartledge thence with James Barreys? to Hy. Spaulding.  Days and Mary signed by mark.  Wit: Hy. Spaulding, Mary X Spaulding, John Cartledge.  Grant Book H-N 1785-1790.

Sarah wife of Days Gill named in 1815 as deceased daughter of John Blakeley, and her (Sarah's) son Thomas Gill. (Mrs. Hicks Apr. 1986 p19) Laurens Co., SC. SC Marriages, SC Mag. of Ancestral Research, Vol 3, # 1 (1785-1857):Gill, Days married Blakely, Sarah.  There are several very early Gills in the census in Laurens Co., SC.

I don't show a Days Gill in the 1820 GA census.  Strange if true.  Can anyone find him?  Is he perhaps unindexed?

(Genealogical Abstracts from the Georgia Journal (Milledgeville) Newspaper, 1819-1822, Volume Two, By Fred R. and Emilie K. Hartz p676, courtesy of Kenyon Gill) 2 July 1822, Days Gill mentioned in a lawsuit.

(Genealogical Abstracts from the Georgia Journal (Milledgeville) Newspaper, 1824-1828, Volume Three, By Fred R. and Emilie K. Hartz p166, courtesy of Kenyon Gill) Days Gill, unclaimed letter in Milledgeville Post Office 1 Oct. 1824.

(Genealogical Abstracts from the Georgia Journal (Milledgeville) Newspaper, 1824-1828, Volume Three, By Fred R. and Emilie K. Hartz p35, courtesy of Kenyon Gill) p499 1 Aug. 1826 Milledgeville, Court House sale 30 acres of land of Days Gill, bail for William Gill, to satisfy a fi fa from a justices court.  Ibid p595 2 Jan. 1827 this 30 acres to be sold 1st Tuesday in Feb. next , ditto above, to satisfy a fi fa in favor of William D. Ray.

Ibid p499, to be sold at the Milledgeville Court House, 30 acres of land levied on as the property of Days Gill bail for William Gill, to satisfy as a fi fa issued from a Justices Court.  Ibid p595, 2 Jan. 1827, ditto except fi fa stated as in favor of Wm. D. Ray. (These records make it look like William Gill was a son or brother).

Days Gill 1830 census Baldwin Co., GA p38, 1m 50-60, 1f 40-50 2 slaves 1m 1f GA

There is a Days Gill in the GA 1840 census in McIntosh County page 84 1m50-60,1f5-10,1f>100!  Apparently this is not the Days Gill of Baldwin Co.

Days Gill Will Bk B, 1827-1868, Baldwin Co. p38 (Baldwin formed 1803 from Hancock, Milledgeville Co. Seat, wills exist, deeds burned (by Sherman's crew!) (Hist.Coll.of GA DAR Vol. I, Talmadge, Byrd, Atlanta,1926) will 23 Mar witnessed 14 May 1834, names wife Lydia & "children." (We have copies of his will) James Jolly Wit.

"Georgia, Baldwin Co. I Days Gill of the aforesaid County, being in a bad state of health but of perfect mind and memory do of my own volition on this the 23rd of March 1834 make this my last will and testament.  1st I commit my body to the earth to be buried in a decent manner and my soul go God who gave it.  2nd I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Lydia Gill a certain tract of land lying in the southern corner of Lot Nr. 211 beginning at the branch where the line between Mr. D. Rays land and this Lot, thence northwest nearly 15 rods, then running a straight line to the north corner of the little field adjoining William Jolly's land including all of the said field, thence along said Jolly's line to the corner of this Lot, thence along the original line to the beginning more or less.  3rd I also give to my wife Lydia all my household and kitchen furniture also one negro woman named Gracy?, two cows and calves, one mare and colt, and all my hogs and one? side? saddle?.  4th It is my will that after the first new years after my death, all my land that I have not given to my wife shall be sold to the highest bidder and the money thence coming to be equally divided amongst all my children and the balance of my stock of cattle to be disposed of in like manner.  5th I constitute and appoint my wife Lydia and James Jolly Executor and Executrix of this my last will and testament.  Witness my hand this day and year above.  Days hisXmark Gill.  Wit: Edmund Brantly, Benjamin Talbert.  Recorded in court 14 May 1834. (I have a photocopy of this will and will supply it upon request)

Georgia, Baldwin Co. Administrator Bonds July 1832-May 1852, page 21, Bailes Gill and Thomas Wright bond for $1000 on 3 Sept. 1834, for bond for  Bailes Gill as Administrator of the goods, chattels, and credits of Days Gill.  Signed Bailes hisXmark Gill, Thomas Wright. (from Mrs. Ellen Gill)

(from Mrs. Ellen Gill) Sales Book 13 (or 15)  Account Sales of the perishable property of the Estate of Days Gill, decd, late of Baldwin Co., sold the (not filled in) day of January 1835.  1 Black Cow to Wm. Page for $2; 1 red ox to Wm. Page for $1, 1 speckled cow to Bails Gill for $1.25, one Dun Heifer to Bails Gill for $6, 1 cream heifer to Thomas Turk for $3.50, 1 red speckled Heifer to Wm. Jolly for $4.25, 1 black Heifer to Wm. Jolly for $4.50, 1 red bull to Wm. Jolly for $5.12, 2 steer yearlings to Bailes Gill for  $4.50, 2 yearlings to Wm. Jolly for $3.  Rec. 25 Dec. 1835, James Jolly, Ex.

In the records below, Jones Co. is immediately to the west of Baldwin Co., and Jasper Co. is immediately to the north of Jones, separated form Baldwin by Putnam Co.  Both Jones and Jasper contained parts of early Baldwin Co., judging from the wording of these records.  Possible children, Thomas Gill is documented, Robert G. Gill and Bailey Rhodes Gill are sons by oral tradition, no other documentation:

  1. Thomas Gill, born before 1794, alive and in, or adjacent to, Laurens Co., SC in 1815, when he was served by a warrant, reputedly died in 1823.   Mr. Leonardo Andrea, a professional genealogist who resided in Columbia, SC, found this record.  His reputation in this field was renown. (I have not found nor seen this record.)
  2. Peter Gill born <1801
  3. William Gill  born <1802.
  4. John Gill  born <1802
  5. Robert G. Gill born c<1798 if 21 when Wm. C. GIll was born (Mrs Kellum quotes the Lee Co. History as proof of kin) died in Baldwin Co., GA May 1840 (not documented, or at least I have not seen it.).  Does anyone have proof that he was a son? Why is Robert G. Gill considered a son of Days Gill??
    1. William C. Gill born 30 Jan. 1819 died 10 Mar. 1899 in Lee Co., GA (Ken Gill) state senator from Lee Co., GA Oct. 1890 (from Mrs. M.J. Kellum)
  6. Bailey Rhodes Gill born 1812, Balys (note his name looks like it is spelled Bailes, and Bails in the Baldwin Co. probate records.) Gill married - Sara Ann Wooly 22 May1832, actually probated the estate of Days Gill, and presumed son (Bailes is a Northumberland Co., VA Gill associated name, but Bailey and Rhodes families are also in abundance in Laurens Co., SC.).  1832 Gold Lottery, Baldwin County. Contact Kathy Gill or Zack Gill with information on Bailey Rhodes Gill, and please send an informational copy to Frank O. Clark).  There are two oral traditions that Bailey Rhodes Gill was a son of Days Gill, and Bailey Rhodes Gill probated the estate of Days Gill, and purchased most of the estate at the estate sale.   Zack Davis Gill's father, Clark Gill born 1902 died 1999, son of Zacharias Gill,  told Zack that Days Gill was his great grandfather. He remembers his wife to be Lydia but obviously she is not the mother of Bailey.  Diane Gill Lee also wrote a handwritten note (unknown date) that there is an oral tradition that Days was the father of Bailey R.
  7. Jackson M. Gill born c1816 (suggested by Mrs. Ellen Gill, and Ken Gill), married Mary Ann born c1820
  8. Perry Gill (from Ken Gill)
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