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Subject: Robert Gill in Wilkes Co., GA

Dr. Clark, I have a problem you may be able to help me with.  I am searching for parents of Rebecca Gill who married William Weldon in Columbia Co., GA in Nov of 1801.   I found a source that places a Robert Gill, and William Weldon in a petition to the governor that fines be refunded due to proof by Abraham Mills and Elijah Clark that prosecutor's witness was unreliable. Signed by dozens of wilkes co, Ga finest citizens.   Was this Robert, Rebecca's brother or father?  

Thanks for your time, Lewie Dunn

Lewie, I believe the Robert Gill in Columbia Co. in this time frame was a Loyalist out of SC in my family, fifth born child of James Gill. There is no PROOF of any of this, and there may be several Robert Gills here. My present conjecture is the following:

V. Thomas Gill of the Congarees, SC, a documented son of James Gill, born c1732 (range 1731-1744)- died (1784-6) m. Hannah.  Born in Virginia., first born son of James Gill (his brother, John Gill, may have been his twin).

Here is what I think I know about him:

(5) Robert Gill born before 1763, probably born before 1758. Robert Gill was a Loyalist in the Revolutionary War. Robert Gill is listed on page 521, rank refugee from 96, Savannah & recommended by Col. Campbell & Col. Pearson, and on page 11, Murphy Co., Savannah, 1 Dec. 1779, enlisted 3 Nov. 1779; on page 316, Col. Thos. Pearson's Regt., Little River Militia, 96 Brigade, Aug.-Oct. 1782; and on page 318,  Charleston, Aug.-Dec. 1782. Page numbers are in: Loyalists in the Southern Campaign, by Murtie June Clark, 1981, Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore. I think this might be the Robert Gill with a land grant in Effingham Co., GA c1790-5. Robert Gill shows up on a Columbia County, Georgia, 1806 tax list with three Gills all immediately adjacent to each other: David Gill, Robert Gill, and Days Gill. Robert Gill paid poll tax, implying he resided in Columbia County in 1806, for 31 1/4 cents. Presumably these people were all 21 years of age, or born before c1785. Probably the Robert Gill in in Effingham Co. 1790-5, as the implied ages match, and I cannot place that Robert anyplace else, Columbia County, Georgia in an 1806 tax list with three Gills all immediately adjacent to each other: David Gill, Robert Gill, and Days Gill, (Robert Gill paid poll tax, implying he resided in Columbia County, for 31 1/4 cents.  Presumably these people were all 21 years of age, or born before c1785.), and he shows up in Bulloch Co., GA in 1811. He removed to Marion Co., MS in 1811.

If this is correct, Rebecca could have been his sister, or his daughter, if any kin at all. Assuming she was 21 when she married in 1801, she was born c1780, when Robert was about 21, so she could have been his daughter, and born during the revolution. Robert's supposed father, James Gill was at most in his early 50s when she was born, so she could easily have been Robert's sister. What do you know about William Weldon? If Rebecca Gill was Robert's daughter, she was the daughter of a Loyalist. If she was his sister, she was just an ordinary "American," with Loyalist brothers, and also patriot brothers, not unusual. However, I get the distinct impression that Columbia County was heavily populated with South Carolina Loyalists c1800, which favors her being his daughter, although her father was dead, which renders that ambiguous. It sounds like the fines to which the petition refers might be fines for being Loyalists, as I know Elijah Clark was a Patriot (don't know about Mills).

You have piqued my curiosity. Can you send me precisely what you know about this petition, and this marriage record? I would like to see what the Georgia Archives has on this. I would say odds are that Rebecca Gill is part of my family either way, sister or daughter.  Regards, Frank O. Clark

Dr. Clark, I try to answer you questions in order that you gave them.

1. 1850 Henry Co., GA. census shows household 226

Here is the fun part List of their Children:

William Weldon was son of Isaac Weldon who served two tours with Capt. James Cartledge's Company of Richmond County Militia in 1779 and Aug 15, 1781-July 15, 1782. This was command of Col. James Jackson. So this was patriot militia. Isaac's father was Jacob Weldon who died at Augusta in Jan of 1779. Polital leaning unknown at this time.

The petition I referred to is in Wilkes Co., GA loose papers in Robert Scott Davis, Jr. Book The Wilkes County Papers 1773-1833. p.291-292.

After the Rev. War. Isaac Weldon was a Indian Trader and traveled as far west as Tom Bigby River. He had two passports both issued in 1801 September 28, November 24.

Here is a list of grand children of Rebecca Gill Weldon:

The Surname Slaughter shows up in next generation.

Bailey continues. as well as Martin and Fleming.

Of Interest: My grandfather and grandmother werecourting when Almedia died. They got married and moved into her room in Mary and Emanuel's house across from County Line Christain Church where Almedia is buried.

My grandfather told me that Weldons were Jewish. That Almedia's brothers had sit shevia on her in 1836 when she married Hartsfield. Weldons may have been because in Mississippi there are some Chotaw Indians who are named Weldon and are still Jewish today. Live here in Atlanta now.I have met them and they tell story of Indian trader father who gave them their religion.

William Weldon was personal friend of Chief William McInTosh. His home on McInTosh trail in present Spalding Co., GA. Of Note. William gave land for Ringgold Masonic Lodge No. 90 in 1849. This was some of the land that he had from McInTosh from before Treaty of Indian Springs in 1821. Lodge still owns three Acres of this property.They have deeds to show that it came from McInTosh to William Weldon to Lodge.

He and Rebecca are supposed to be buried at Midway Methodist Church (old church site) not far from his home. Rebecca died in Spalding co., GA in 1853.  William died on January 6, 1867 in Spalding Co,GA.

William is listed as William Walden and William Waldin a private in 2nd Regt. Jenkins GA. Vols. and Militia. along with his brothers James, John. These Gills are shown in same outfit: Bailey= Pvt, David=CPL., Jesse=Pvt, Robert=Pvt.

So if Rebecca was not of this family she had to be a kissing cousin.

Hope this helps you and me both.

Lewie Dunn.

Dr. Clark,

I spent the day at the Federal Archives in East Point, GA and found this information. Thought it might help you as well.

All from Tax Digests Lists:

1806- Clarke Co., Ga (Athens)

1810- Baldwin Co., GA (Milledgeville)

1815 Baldwin Co., GA

Earlier dates:

So I guess that Rebecca must be Robert or Days' daughter. The move from Clarke to Baldwin. Any mention of Jasper or Randolph Co., Ga in any records?

Lewie Dunn

Come to think of it several of the Weldons show up in Meriwether and Harris co, GA. Some went to Union Parish, LA by 1855. Maybe the Gills hid out with Weldons on Creek Land to avoid trouble?? Maybe we need to check Clarke Co, Deeds for more infomation on property. Also do you have estate record for Days. I feel that Robert may have been her brother since she was born 1782 in S.C. William Weldon would have to have signed for her part of childs share of estate under GA law at that time.Her name may not even be mentioned. If she was Robert Gill brother of Days daughter any more info on him other than what you have posted? Lewie

Isaac's father and Andrew Weldon uncle of William were both Patriots in Richmond Co., GA Militia.1779-82.  Have rosters and other records. However, no record of their father Jacob other than he died in Jan of 1779 in Augusta.


Maybe they did know, Weldons seem to be in Indian trade business before Revolution and up to the Indian removal c. 1836.Maybe it paided to have friends on both sides and that in early 1810's that haveing people that had been friendly to Creeks before and friends of British, since British had sent agents into Creek Nation during War of 1812 that having old Tories around keep their trade goods and scalps in place. And if the fact that they were Jews, they may have played both sides against each other for the Weldons and Gills own profit. Maybe the answer lies in the court cases.To find the intact cases is not a hard matter at the GDAH they have several counties old cases files going back to the 1790's. If the cases could be found including the one that petition resulted from then maybe more answers would come forth.

Lewie Dunn

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