___  Gill,  born <c1721 (assume Days was born in 1750 and his father was 21 at that time), father of Days Gill, perhaps these children were born in North Carolina.  Presumably this family is related to all of the Gills who show up in Laurens Co., SC.  This family looks like it is descended from the Chesterfield Co., VA Gills.  However, there are a lot of parallels to my family.   There are also very strong Northumberland Co., VA links.  Sigh, far too many hints to conclude anything.  These could all be children of my Thomas Gill.

Thomas Gill has documented links to a location just to the north of the Laurens Co. Gills:  5 Aug. 1772 Plat Hughes Ck. Vol. 16 p99. 26 Sept. 1772 grant 100a on Huses (Hughes) Ck. a branch of Broad River Vol. 26, p540. Thomas Gill 100 acres situate on Huse Creek on the West of Broad River, bounding SW on Henry Longs Land and to the SW, NE, and SE on vacant land. Granted 26 Sept. 1772. Certified by John Mils, Pro.C.C. There is no Fishing Ck. Thomas Gill born early enough to associate with this record. Thomas Gill married to Rebekah Curry was 10, Thomas Franklin Gill was 15, and Thomas Gill son of Robert David Gill was 17. One had to be 21 to appear in a legal record. Hughes Creek flowing into the Broad River is shown on Mill's Atlas in Union County just south of Lockhart's canal, or about 9 miles NW of Unionville center. This is about 15 miles north of the location of Francis Gill in Laurens Co. resided.

Mrs. Hicks states that Thomas sold land in Laurens Co. (I have missed this deed somehow):  1767 plat & grant, Register of Conveyances 310:396. (Mrs. Hicks April 1986 p6) Thomas Gill 150a on a branch of Little River, Craven Co. 17 Feb. 1767 Royal Grants Vol 14 p208 (Little R. Fairfield Co., north of Richland Co., or Newberry District). Both a Mudlick Creek and a Rocky Creek flow into "Little River", which in turn flows into the Saluda River. This location is approximately 11 miles west and 2 miles south of "Newberry Village". This is the only indexed Mudlick Creek in Mill's Atlas. (Mrs. Hicks says see Thomas Gill deed Laurens Co., selling grant of 1769).

These deeds link Thomas to a trek directly from 15 miles north, to just to the south, of these Laurens Co. Gills! Plus, Mrs. Hicks says Thomas has a deed in Laurens Co. selling land he was granted in 1769!  Possible Children:

Source for the Loyalist records: Loyalists in the Southern Campaign, by Murtie June Clark (none of us Clarks are related, amazing!), 1981, Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore, and page numbers are for that reference.  If these men were at least 16, then Days and Robert were at least born before 1779-16, or 1763, and James could have been born c1766.  If they were 21 or older, then these become 1758 and 1761.  Since all three served from 96, which was a distinct location, a fort, during this war, they may have been related, either brothers or a father and children.  Probably these three were brothers.  Days would likely have to be born before say 1763-21 or 1742 to be the father of one of these, and I think that is just too far back in time for him.

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