3. George Gill born 1761 NJ, died 1847 (1844), wife Jane (his widow, possibly his second wife), living in Chester Dist. in 1833, Mrs. Crowder states known as "Col. George" (note 4 George Gills here)(ibid & Mrs. Crowder). Mrs. Crowder: George Gill Revolutionary War Pension Application, National Archives, Washington, DC. #S21229, "George Gill states that he was born 1761 in New Jersey and removed to Chester as a child with his parents. He came very young." "He served one year under Capts. Wm. Jones & John McClure, enlisting in 1780. Was under Cols. Winn, Lacey, Brown, Bratton, & Wade Hampton." "He was in the Battle at Wright's Bluff and at that battle his brother (not named) was wounded." "Was in the Battle of Eutaw Springs." "His pension was allowed." (Andrea #42) George Gill KKK-433 13 Dec. 1798 named as Lt. Col. in SC State Militia and under Gen. Brandon (and others, all had been Captains in the Rev.)(Mrs. Hicks April 1986 p4).

(Andrea #173) George Gill b. 1761 in NJ S21229 and stated in 1833 that when he was very young he removed to Chester in Camden Dist., SC. Applied for pension in 1832 & stated that he enlisted in April 1780 and served one year under Capts. Wm. Jones, John McLure, & Cols. Edward Lacy, & Thos. Taylor, also served a time under Capt. John Mills and Capt. Giles and under Cols. Wade Hampton and Hy. Hampton, and & in Battles at Mobley's Meeting House and at Wright's Bluff where his brother was wounded & was in Battle of Eutaw Springs. Pension allowed. No Reference to family except the brother (not named) wounded at Wright Bluff. Resided in 1833 in Chester Dist., SC.

(Mrs. Hicks, Apr. 1986 p 7) George Gill two Memorials 1773 and 1774.

(Andrea #37) George Gill UU-152 with Philip Walker, David Hopkins, John Adair, Stuart Brown, & Patrick McGriff 1 Jan. 1784 in Chester Dist. make Bond as Commissioners for the High Road from Columbia to Fishing Ck.

(Andrea #44) George Gill et al. indexed in RRR-240 12 Feb. 1802 but I searched that page and the book index and never did find what this entry was. Mrs. Hicks, April 1986 p4 also says did not locate this one. (Mrs. Crowder) "In 1833 this George Gill was residing in Chester Dist." (Andrea #121) "George Gill will sg. 3 Jan. 1844 pr. 22 Jan. 1847 wife Jane Gill (she was clearly a 2nd wife from other data, but beware, 4 George Gills in Chester) Children: C. Strait Gill Ex., James Gill, J. Green B. Gill Ex., George Gill Ex., Thomas P. Gill and his son, George Gill, Mary Robertson, Sarah L. Terry, Grandsons: Wm.M. Gill & George Wilmot Gill. Wit: James Drennan, N.B. Drennan, James A. Lewis.

(Andrea #122) Mrs. Jane Gill widow of George Gill, will sg. 3 May 1845 pr. April Court 1848. Son John G.B. Gill, Sister Peggy Johnston, Martha I.C. Gill dtr. of my stepson Thomas P. Gill, Stepsons: Thomas P. Gill, Christopher Strait Gill. Exs: son J.G.B. Gill with James Drennan.

Children of George Gill and first wife (or wives):


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