William Goodwyn b<1733 married Mary Howell Hart (undocumented, from Mrs. Hicks). Although Mrs. Hicks states Wm. Goodwyn as father of Hannah, Mr. Andrea states Uriah Goodwyn was the father of Hannah Goodwyn, wife of James Gill! I have as yet seen no documentation to support either. Mr. Andrea states that (Andrea #166) her father was Uriah Gill: I am to begin some work on Goodwin & Goodwyn ... I find early a Uriah Goodwin who was father in law of James Gill #16. ... Note the name of Uriah Gill comes down in the Richland Co. set of Gill. .. I will make a report of this when I do the Goodwin data. Andrea #169 states that: "Recall that Saxe-Gotha a part of Orangeburgh was just across the Congaree River in Richland Co. Uriah Goodwyn Sr. & Jr. both resided in Saxe-Gotha of Orangeburgh and Saturday I found where Uriah Goodwin was named in 1785 as one of the first Justices of the Quorum in Saxe-Gotha. This was a son of Uriah Goodwyn, Sr. and a brother of Mrs. James Gill & widow. This Mrs. James Gill was named Hannah Gill. I hope when I do the Goodwin data that I may find proof that Hannah Goodwyn wed James Gill #16. I may not be able to do it however since Sherman burned the Orangeburgh data."

(No known Goodwyn researcher has been able to confirm this suggested link.)

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