Jackson M. Gill born c1816, possible son of Days Gill (suggested by Mrs. Ellen Gill, and Ken Gill), married Mary Ann born c1820.  In 1860 census in Marion Co., GA (from "A History of Marion Co., GA." p584) states J.M. Gill 44 years of age, farming 3465 acres.  Children of Jackson M. Gill:

  1. Joel L. Gill
  2. Noah Gill
  3. William T. Gill
  4. John G. Gill born c1838, 1860 census as 22 living with Jackson M. Gill.  ("A History of Marion Co., GA." p513-514) Company H. 46 Regiemnt, Georgia Volunteer Infantry, Army of Tennsee, C.S.A., Marion Co. Volunteers, Marion Co., GA.  John G. Gill, Private, 4 Mar. 1862 captured at Jonesboro, GA, 31 Aug. 1864, released at Camp Douglas, IL, 17 June 1865.
  5. Tabitha Gill c1842-Feb. 1928, married a Horne or Horn.
  6. James M. Gill c1842
  7. Laura A. Gill c1845-52
  8. Mary America Gill c1828 (Awinca?), married 7 Jan. 1874 Tilman French.  Marion Co. will book A (1846-1915) p287.
    1. Jack French
    2. Florida French
  9. Georgia A. Gill c1850
  10. Jeptha Gill c1852
  11. Gasaway O. Gill Sept. 1857 (born & died Marion Co., GA)
  12. Solomon Gill c1854
  13. Jos. A. Gill c1860 (probably Joseph)

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All information on Jackson M. Gill is from Ken M. Gill's book: "The Gills," final working draft August 1998.

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