Are these three associated with the South Carolina Loyalists, brothers of Days Gill?

Are the James and Robert Gill here the same two who show up in Effingham Co., GA in 1790-5?

These three Gills would be consistent with sons of John Gill who died in 1822 in Allendale -Barnwell records, by virtue of elimination, that is, they were not sons of Richard Gill or Valentine Gill.  However, all three appear to have remained in Mississippi, as they are still there in 1820, while Thomas Gill probated his father's estate in 1822.  Therefore, they would appear not to be sons of John Gill who died in Allendale, SC in 1822.

28 Jan. 1811, passports through the Creek Nation were requested for among others: Mr. Robert Gill with his wife (no children, presumed young, 21 or so?), one for Messrs James Gill with his wife & 7 children (age >21+7), & Thomas Gill with wife & 5 children (age >21+5) all from Bulloch County GA (adjacent to Screvin and Effingham Co., near the Savannah River, just across the Savannah River from the Allendale, SC. area where "our" Gills resided). Others of our clan resided here later. Given the above information, these three likely were brothers, with an inferred age sequence of James, Thomas, Robert. Estimated upper limits on birth years are 1782, 1785, and 1789, all comfortably after the Revolutionary War (not much begetting in this area from 1777-80).

1. James Gill b<c1782, 7 children in 1811, I believe is a son of Thomas Gill, son of James Gill of Richland County.

2. Thomas Gill b<c1785, 5 children in 1811.  I wonder if this Thomas Gill is the son of Days Gill and Sarah Blakely, and if James Gill and Robert Gill are the two Loyalists who show up with Days Gill, and whom I suspect are brothers of Days Gill??

3. Robert Gill b<c 1789, married, no children in 1811, I believe is a son of Thomas Gill, son of James Gill of Richland County.. Land Grant for Robert Gill, Jr. 330 acres in Barnwell Co. 4 Oct. 1819 (Andrea record #15).  (This is probably Alice Weber's line, listed under Mississippi Gills)

James, Thomas, and Robert are consistent with sons of John Gill of Barnwell, 1759-1822.  They are not sons of Richard Gill born <c1767. This Thomas certainly matches the age of mine (married Mary Wilson), and the census ages of his children are consistent with census age. Oh woe, thunder, and damnation! We know that our Thomas was in Barnwell in the summer of 1810 for the census, and again in October of 1813 when he bought land from Isaac Bourdeaux, so he either returned, decided not to go, or these three belong to another branch of the family!  I vote for the latter.

These three show up in Marion Co., MS in 1816, and they appear to still be in Mississippi in the 1820 census, so they must not be sons of John who died in 1822 in Barnwell Co., SC! I think all of these are associated with Days Gill, but are still clearly related to the Allendale Gills, as I show here.

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