John Gill of Allendale (Barnwell records) died in 1822

John Gill, son of Thomas Gill, lived in Allendale County, SC, first part of Orangeburgh Co., then Winton District, subsequently Barnwell County, and now Allendale County, SC. Born c1753 (range: 1750-65) (birth year revised earlier based on the hog stealing record) probably in Richland County, SC, died in 1822 in what is now Allendale County. I believe John Gill appears both in Loyalist and Patriot records. John Gill signed revolutionary war indents by mark, then later signed deeds by individual letters (g and jg), finally signed his name late in life. Identified wives are Ann and Elizabeth. Evidence that connects John Gill to the Richland County Gills is given here. Two extant land plats, 1, 2 are included. More extensive records will be posted in the future.

Details on John Gill

There are two documented sons, (VI) Thomas Gill, (VI) John Neilson Gill, and numerous conjectured children.

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