The children of John Gill, son of Thomas Gill, are difficult to identify. Only Thomas Gill and John Neilson Gill are documented.  The rest are guesses.  There is not even a male present with John Gill in the census to whom we may assign Thomas Gill, who would be present in the 1790 and 1800 census, and who must disappear in 1810, when Thomas is listed separately. Perhaps the 1800 census missed Thomas while he was single, not uncommon. Perhaps one way to interpret the census data is to assume that Thomas and John, both sons of John Gill of Barnwell (John conjectured), do not appear listed as children of John of Barnwell in the 1800 census. This implies that they were, say, 18 or older in 1800, or that their birth year was close to the lower limit set by the 1790 census (1773). Therefore, we may assume that both sons John and Thomas were born early enough to have left home by 1800, despite their ages listed in the 1810 census. This is also consistent with the 1780 birth year arrived at for Mary Wilson, wife of Thomas Gill. Perhaps Thomas and Mary Gill lied about their ages for some reason. Perhaps Mary was proud of living to a ripe old age, when she reached it, and told her true age! Julia May Gill Peebles was caught in such a trap, lying about her age to get a job, then having to work past her retirement age. In all likelihood, he was older than she.  Written records to clarify the children beyond what is listed here may be difficult to find, but try nonetheless.  Very occasionally, items will be mentioned in a will as "belonging to my father, xxx."

Earlier children are possible.  The three possible sons, James, Thomas, and Robert fit the set listed in the Creek Nation passport. If correct, Thomas Gill and Robert Gill, at least, obviously came back, or never left.  I think these three attach to our family elsewhere, and have so assigned them.  John Neilson Gill, "son to Mary Connell of S.C." is assumed not to be listed in the census with John. I assume he resided with his mother.

I emphasize again that only Thomas Gill and John Nielson Gill are documented.  The John Gill below in Chatham County is documented to have been born in (or perhaps lived in) Allendale in 1780.


1. James Gill born 1765-84, apparently died 1830-1840, conjectured son, not documented.  The census records a son of John Gill born c1773-82.  I conjecture this is James Gill who is listed separately in the 1810 census adjacent to John of Barnwell, with an implied birth range for James of 1765-84 from the census.  Apparently he was not close by in 1822 when his father died, since Thomas Gill probated the estate.  The first child of James Gill son of Richard Gill was born in 1818.   This is probably the James Gill in 1820 Telfair County, GA census (born <1785). I believe this is the James Gill who shows up in the  1830 Lowdes Co., GA (born 1770-1780) census, and is apparently the father of Visey Gill (since Visey Gill shows up in Lowdes Co. when James disappears, and there is a male of the correct age in the census with James.  None of these children are documented.  I am guessing!

  1. Visey Gill born c1800 in GA in Lowdes Co., GA, 1840 then Madison Co., FL in 1850 (these are nearly adjacent to each other.  "Visey" Gill, that Roland found in the 1850 census for Madison county, Fl; Visey Gill age 50, w Elizabeth 35, f Synthia 22, f Wealthy 20, f Martha 8, f Julia 7, m Thomas 6, m Richard 3, m Robert 1.  This may be a son of "Visey" Gill: William Gill born c1836, living with neighbor John Humphrey: William Gill age 14 laborer (1850 census).
    1. Synthia Gill, born c1828
    2. Wealthy Gill (f) born c1830
    3. Martha Gill born c1842
    4. Julia Gill born c1843
    5. Thomas Gill born c1844
    6. Richard Gill born c1847
    7. Robert Gill born c1849.
  2. David Gill born 1810-1820, Talfair Co., GA
  3. Francis Gill born 1810-1820, Telfair Co., GA

2. Thomas Gill born c1773-1782 (census range)(documented) married Mary Wilson, daughter of Reddin Wilson.  Although later census ages place him born 1787 to 1790, the possible identification of Mary Gill in the 1850 census at 70 years of age places his birth at 1780 or before.  Thomas Gill had a SC Land Grant 636 acres in Barnwell Co. granted in 1809 with plat.  Thomas was in Barnwell in the summer of 1810 for the census, and again in Oct. of 1813 when he bought land from Isaac Bordeaux, and again when his father died in 1822.   This may be the Thomas Gill who applied for a passport through the Creek nation in 1811 with 5 children, along with his sons James Gill (#2) and Robert Gill (#5?), but if so, he clearly returned, as did Robert.  I think the Gills mentioned in that passport fit elsewhere in the family and have so assigned them.  The passport suggests the reason for the lack of Gill kin in this area, but Thomas Gill and Robert Gill clearly either came back, at least until 1822, or did not leave. Perhaps he decided not to go at the last minute.  As stated before, I think those three connect elsewhere.

  1. Male Gill child born 1801-04 present in 1810 and 1820 census.  
  2. Elizabeth (Eliza) Gill born c1811 in S.C. (census)
  3. Female Gill born c1811-15
  4. Female Gill born c1811-15.
  5. Male Gill born 1811-15 present in the 1820 and 1830 census.
  6. James W. Gill, born c1818  SC died between 1863 and 1870
  7. Female Gill born 1816-20, Julia? Gill born c1820, identified in the 1820 and 1830 census.
  8. John C. Gill b c1825 "SC."
  9. William F. Gill c1826-(1863-66), in Georgia
  10. Allen Jerry Gill born 24 July 1827 stated as born in SC, GA< and FL in various places.
  11. Carolina Gill born c1829,
  12. Harriett Gill born c1832 in Florida,
  13. Martha Gill was born c1835 in Florida, present in the 1840 census
  14. Edward Gill, born 1838  died 1895

3. Daughter  Gill born c1781-5.

4. John Gill born 1780 to 1794 (census range).  Two John Gills appear separately in the 1810 census (aged 16-26, born (1784-94).  John Gill, Younger appears closest to his father, John Gill.  He has with him one female 16-26, and one son under 10.  I could not locate him in the 1820 census.  In 1830 he appears in Chatham Co. (Savannah) aged 30-40, wife 30-40.  Perhaps his wife died after teh 1830 census.  On 15 June 1831 he obtained a license to marry Mary Ann Staley, spinster.  No marriage is recorded.  On 27 Apr. 1842 he obtained a license to marry Zilla Stokes, spinster, and married her on the same day, V.H. Bivins, J.P. presiding.  The 1840 census shows him in Chatham Co., 50-60, 1 son 10-15, one female 15-20 (was this his wife?) in agriculture.  The 1850 census, page 339, family 1947, shows John Gill, aged 65 (born 1785) in Georgia, farmer, $0 net worth, Zylpha aged 40, born GA, relation not known, living in house (presumably this is his wife, Zilla Stokes), James Gill 8, born GA, belongs to Zylpha Gill, Stephen Gill 4 born GA, belongs to Zylpha Gill, Luke (or John) Gill 2, born GA, belongs to Zylpha Gill.  The 1860 census shows him in Chatham Co., GA age 80, born in Allendale, SC, with Zelphy, 35, born Beaufort, SC, and children: James 14, William 12, John Jr. 10, Ellen 8, Bertha 6, Betsy 4.   This Chatham Co. John Gill could have been the son of Valentine Gill, Sr.  At the moment, I don't see a way to  eliminate that possibility.

  1. unknown son born c1810 (from 1810 census), not at home by 1830 census
  2. James  Gill born 1846
  3. William Gill born 1848
  4. John Gill Jr. born 1850
  5. Ellen Gill born 1852
  6. Bertha Gill born 1854
  7. Betsy Gill born 1856

5. Robert Gill, son born 1784 to 1791 present in the 1810 SC census but gone in 1820.  A "Robert Gill, Jr." received a land grant for 330 acres in Barnwell Co. on 4 Oct. 1819. Neither Valentine nor Richard had a son named Robert, so this must be John's son.

6. Daughter Gill born 1785 to 1790 present in the 1790 and 1800 census, and presumably married after that.

7. John Neilson Gill bc<1784, the bastard, documented illegitimate son to Mary Connell of SC, alive 1821.   John Neilson Gill probably will not appear in the census with John Gill, but with his mother, Mary Connell.  Well, you may not like this notation, but how many families have a certifiable bastard? John Neilson Gill, son to Mary Connell of SC, was born by 1802. If he had to be 21 to serve in the war of 1812, then he was born c<1791. War of 1812 service record Book X, War of 1812 Service Records, National Archives, Washington, D.C., as a private in John Reedy's company 10 Feb. 1815, as a substitute for John Lisle. Apparently John ran afoul of the law for disorderly conduct (Barnwell Sessions Journal) and had his land seized. His 260 acres, consisting of the estate on which his father had resided, was sold by the sheriff to Matthew Moye for $130 on 1 Feb. 1821, recorded 25 April 1823 (Deed Book O p164). This occurred just before the death of old John Gill in 1822. If it is not John N. Gill with John of Barnwell in the census, there is another son here. Could John N. Gill be the John Gill "younger" in the 1810 census, and could the older woman with him in the 1810 census be Mary Connell?   Clearly he then went to Columbia County, GA, where he shows up in 1821: Columbia County, GA 1821 tax lists show three Gills all immediately adjacent to each other: William H. Gill, John N. Gill, and Charles C. Gill.  All paid poll tax, including John N. Gill, implying they resided in Columbia County, for 31 1/4 cents.  He removed to Monroe County, Alabama in 1830.

8. Daughter  Gill born 1791 to 1800 present in the 1800 census only. She could have married before the 1810 census. Could this be Delila Gill born c1796 having children in SC 1818, married James J. Hagood, son of James Hagood and Martha West?

9. Son  Gill born 1795 to 1800 who was still at home in the 1820 census.

10. Daughter Gill born 1805 to 1810.  Could this be Mary Gill who married James Martin?

The Three Gills in Bullock Co., GA in 1811

The three Gills who were in Bulloch Co., GA in 1811 do not appear to be sons of John Gill who died in 1822 in Allendale-Barnwell records, nor are they sons of Richard Gill or Valentine Gill.

28 Jan. 1811, passports through the Creek Nation were requested for among others: Mr. Robert Gill with his wife (no children, presumed young, 21 or so?), one for Messrs James Gill with his wife & 7 children (age estimate >21+7), & Thomas Gill with wife & 5 children (age estimate >21+5) all from Bullock county GA (adjacent to Screvin and Effingham Co., near the Savannah River, just across that river from the Allendale, SC. area where "our" Gills resided). Others of our clan resided here later. Given the above information, these three likely were brothers, with an inferred age sequence of James, Thomas, Robert. Estimated minimum birth years are 1782, 1785, and 1789, all comfortably after the Revolutionary War (not much begetting in this area from 1777-80).

  1. James Gill b<c1782, 7 children in 1811.  
  2. Thomas Gill b<c1785, 5 children in 1811
  3. Robert Gill b<c 1789, married, no children in 1811. Land Grant for Robert Gill, Jr. 330 acres in Barnwell Co. 4 Oct. 1819 (Andrea record #15).  (This is probably Alice Weber's line, listed under Mississippi Gills)

James, Thomas, and Robert appear to be associated with this family but not sons of John Gill of Barnwell, 1759-1822.  They are not sons of Richard Gill born <c1767. This Thomas certainly matches the age of mine (married Mary Wilson), and the census ages of his children are consistent with census age. Oh woe, thunder, and damnation! We know that our Thomas was in Barnwell in the summer of 1810 for the census, and again in October of 1813 when he bought land from Isaac Bourdeaux, and these three clearly removed to Marion Co., MS in 1816, and remain in Mississippi, so these three belong to another branch of the family!  I believe there three may have been connected to the Loyalist branch of the family (there is no evidence for that).

If you have errors, corrections, further information, or for further information ,on this family, contact "Frank O. Clark, Ph.D."

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