Jacob Gill born before 1755 died in 1808.  1800 census: 1m<10, 1m>45 (<1755), 1f 16-26, 3f 26-45, 1f>45, 1 slave.  The three females, ages 26-45, listed under Jacob Gill on the 1800 Laurens Co., SC census seem unlikely to be his children, unless one of them is the mother of the male, age under 10.  He is not present in SC in the 1790 census.

A Jacob Gill married Polley Akin in 1801 in Chesterfield Co., VA.  Could this have been this Jacob Gill?  It seems unlikely, but there are two name coincidences, Jacob and Benjamin, although both are off in timing.  Francis occurs in both areas too.

Jacob Gill is an old man in this 1800 census record, and should appear in the 1790 census. The only apparent Jacob Gill is one listed on a Halifax CO., VA 1782 tax list. The only Jacob Gill that I can see that fits is a Northumberland Co., VA Jacob Gill b 13 Mar. 1758 to Ellis (Elles) Gill "Jr." b 22 June 1732, m1 Sarah. The Halifax Co., VA Gills were of the Chesterfield set, but I have no stray Jacob Gills in that set that fit him, only the Northumberland record which is off a few years, but adequate for census accuracy in the absence of a Bible record.

Laurens County Probate Bundle 28-13, Jacob Gill deceased, intestate, Jesse Belton Administrator.  1808 Box 28 #13. James Gordon, Robert hisRmark SKnee? $1400 bond for a true inventory.  Administrative bond 7 Mar. 1808 to Jesse Belton, James Gordon, Robert Kerressee? or SKnee?, James Blakely, Wm. Brown or any 3 or 4 of them to value and appraise the estate of Jacob Gill.  James Gordon, James Blakely, Wm. Brown did inventory and appraise the estate, 12 Mar. 1808, recorded in Book GG p307.  The estate included on negro who was blind at $25 yearly maintainance. total $115.  Mary Gill purchased a skillit and 2 flats of Jasms? for $1.31, and Benajmin Gill purchased 1 lot of logs for $4.41.

Inventory valued at $613, including a negro man Simon valued at $500 and blind negro man named Tom.  Among the purchasers at the estate sale were: Mary Gill, who purchased one skillet and 2 flat? of asms? for a total of $1.66 3/4; James Blakely who purchased one half full measure for $0.50, and Benjamin Gill who purchased a lot of logs for $4.41.

There is no distribution to heirs that I could find, although the list of those paid included: the sheriff  ($6.30), Roger Brown for attendance at court ($4.30), Benjamin Gill for attendance at court ($2.30), John Clark ($54.94), Tst? Flanders ($6.45), Wm. Blakely ($5.31), Thos. Flanders ($6.45), James Blakely ($1), Robt. Matkom?, Esq. ($9), and Supr. B/? Hill ($5) for a total of $90.  There was $14.56 paid out for "sundries."  There should have been about $525 paid to heirs, but perhaps it was paid out earlier.

(The following is from D. Mezaros)

Jacob Gill who died in 1808 in Laurens Co., SC. In 1816, Ede Gill, widow of Jacob, emancipated a slave in Franklin Co., IN (William Palmer and Jane Gill named their oldest daughter Eda.)

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