1800 Census

Francis Gill  born 1774-1782, 1m 16-26, 1f 16-26, born 1774-1782

Jacob Gill born before 1755 1m<10, 1m>45 (<1755), 1f 16-26, 3f 26-45, 1f>45, 1 slave  (The three females, ages 26-45, listed under Jacob Gill on the 1800 Laurens Co., SC census seem unlikely to be his children, unless one of them is the mother of the male, age under 10.)

Margaret Gill  born before 1755 2m 16-26, 2f<10, 2f 16-26, 1f>45

1810 census SC

Polley Gill Laur 33

Thomas Gill Laur 40

Thomas Gill Laur 32

1820 SC <10,10-16,16-18,16-26,26-45,>45, - <10,10-16,16-26,26-45,>45

Margaret Gill born <1755 Laur 24 000200-00101 (she >45)

Robert Gill born (1794-1804) Laur 27 000100-00100 (he 16-26)

Thomas Gill born <1775 Laur 31 000001-01201 (he >45)

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