James Gill of Richland Co., SC (modern day Columbia)

John Gill <1759-1822 is the only documented son of Thomas Gill born c1732.  None of John Gill born c1733 children are documented. Valentine Gill's children are all documented (there may be unlisted children).  Richard Gill's children are all uncertain to the best of my knowledge.

James Gill b1712 -d1768?, married 1st unknown? 2nd Hannah (Goodwin?)

          |      (Twins?)         | | |(Barnwell Co., SC)      |(Barnwell Co., SC)  
Thomas Gill c1732-c1786 John Gill c1733-<1784?   James Gill? <c1752 Valentine Gill c1765-1820 Richard Gillc1767-1845  
Hannah 1. Mary Jackson dc1773 Abigail 1. unknown unknown  
     | 2. Agatha Murphy       | 2. Elizabeth Johnson to Clarke Co., AL
 Days? Gill 1750?-1834 Children:  James Gill    |       | 
John Gill c1753-1822    |   Mary Gill son Gill b 1774-1790  
Thomas? Gill <1759-d1776 John Gill1754-1810   Robert Gill? James J Gill b c1790  
Robert? Gill <1763-d>1806   (married Agnes Dick)   James Madison Gill Mary Gill b1790-1800  
James? Gill <1763-d>1782  Mary Gill 1758-1820   Sarah Gill Abby Gill b1790-1800  
  Reuben Gill1768-1820 Louisy Gill Kelly Gill (f) b1790-1800
  John Gill c1773-1828 MS   Valentine Gill Uriah Gill 1805-1834  
  James Gill <1780 Elizabeth Gill Catherine Gill
  Hugh Gill d1823   Anna Gill Richard Gill  
  Rebecca Gill    Mary Gill    

   Please send errors, corrections, or comments Dr. Frank O. Clark, Ph.D.  Note that many of the possible children listed here are not documented.  PLEASE retain all caveats!!!!

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