Richard Gill, Senior of Richland County, SC,  (Barnwell) Allendale County, SC and Clarke County, AL

Richard hisXmark Gill, "Senior" (Clarke Co., AL records), a documented son of James Gill, probable fifth born, and definitely the youngest,son , born <c1767-70 died 19 May 1845 in Clarke County, Alabama (X is his mark). {born <c1767 (if 21 when had first of 2 children in 1790 census, 1790-21- 2=1767.  This age estimate is also consistent with his census ages.)}. A Barnwell deed states that Richard was a brother to Valentine, and therefore Richard Gill is a son of James Gill, since Valentine is documented as a son in a deed (see Valentine).  Richard Gill was in Lancaster County, SC (just above Columbia) in 1790 with wife and 2 sons under 16 (born 1774-1790), no slaves.  The adjoining census families were: Shadrick Sims, Frances Nelson, John Nixon, Peter Thompson, John Peach, Joseph Collins, Wm. McGill, John Gregory, widow Miller, Isaac Dubos, and David Ballard. Sims and Miller are names associated with our Gills in Allendale.

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Richard Gill was in Barnwell Co., SC (the area in which he resided is in what is now Allendale Co., SC) in the 1800 census, 16-26 years of age (born 1774-1784) ( with 2 sons under 10 (born 1790-1800, note these would not appear to be the same two sons as in the 1790 census, but I am not sure I believe that! I conjecture that these two sons were born in 1790 +/- one year.), 3 daughters under 10 (born 1790-1800),  unknown wife 16-26 years of age (born 1774-1784)(according to Annette O'Brien , this wife was Elizabeth Myrick), and one slave, who was not present in the 1790 census. As usual, the census records are not consistent. Immediate neighbors in the 1800 census are: Henry Harrison, Sarah Bast, Parker Savage, Stephen Phillips, Thomas Riley, Thomas Edenfield, James Henderson, Arthur Genkins (his daughter was "associated," shall we say, with John Gill), Valentine Gill (Richard's brother), and Jesse Hall. Richard Gill does not appear in the SC census thereafter. Richard removed to Clarke County, Alabama.  9 January 1809 Richard Gill & Daniel Jackson, (Richard is a common Jackson name) along with James Myrick and Henry Myrick, sent a letter signed by, among others, Tarleton Brown, Col., O.D.A. Allen, Clerk of Barnwell District, and James Duncan Park, Master of Barnwell Court House, for a passport through the Creek Nation (i.e. they migrated west, Richard Gill to Clarke County, Alabama. See record below.). 11 March 1983 in The Low Country Courier, Mrs. Virginia W. Gill, 41 Ridgeview Dr., Chickasaw, AL 36611, ran a query for information on Richard Gill bc1770 SC, left Jan. 1809 for Mississippi Territory, AL, now Clarke Co., AL. Sold his land to Valentine Gill. Died in Alabama 19 May 1845.

1805 Barnwell Deed Book B page 79: I Valentine Gill for $200 paid by Richard Gill sell 334 acres originally granted to George Weekly, on Jackson's branch NW by Joseph Brooker, NE by Wm. Edenfield, SE by John Cradock, SW by Stephen Roberts. Signed Valentine hisXmark Gill.

1805 Barnwell Deed Book B page 80: For Love and Affection for my brother Valentine Gill's children: Mary, John, Sarah, Louisy, Valentine, James, Elizabeth, and Anna, children of Elizabeth Johnson (Valentine's youngest children Mary and Richard were not yet born), I give to said children all land where Valentine Gill now lives plus a negro boy named Tom. Land is on Jackson's Branch adjacent to Stephen Roberts, Joseph Brooker, Parker Savage, and John Cradock, 3?4 acres, plus two mares Venus and Poppet, 2 horses pirate and obscurity, and all my stock of cattle marked with a swallow fork in one ear and a bolt in the other and branded thus: adjacent VG, (note Mrs. Hicks may have taken this mark as an indication that Richard Gill had stock of a Valentine Gill, presumably his father, but this is an odd set of deeds) also my hogs marked with a swaller fork in one ear and a bolt in the other, also 3 feather beads (sic) with all my house furniture and plantation tools, and eutentials (sic) of every kind found on the above plantation. Property is to remain in the possession of Valentine Gill until his death at which time if Elizabeth Johnson, the mother of his children Mary excepted, then be alive, the Elizabeth is to have use of 1/9 of the property during her life or widowhood. Elizabeth is to be dispossessed should she get married after Valentine's death or if she live with any man tho they should not be married. Signed Richard hisXmark Gill, wit. Wm. Edenfield & Wm. Nickels.

Robt. Hutchson vs Owen Riley and Valentine Gill decree for pltff $55 w/int from 25 Dec. 1807 20 March 1809 (Barnwell Common Pleas Journal 1800-1811 page 255)

1816 (Barnwell deeds page 53? book? my photocopy missed this) The mark for cattle and hogs of Richard Gill and Mary Gill plus an under Keal in one year and a boult in the other -16th October 1816. Valentine hisXmark Gill. Recorded 16th October 1816.

Richard Gill was in Clarke Co., AL for the 1816 census when it was part of Mississippi Territory.  Most of the Clarke County records of Richard Gill and his family have been located by, and thanks to, Jack Buckalew.

1835.  Richard Gill married Elizabeth Lewis 27 day of July 1835 in Clarke Co AL (Clarke Co. Marriages, Book B, p11) (courtesy C. Griffin).  Was this Richard Gill, Senior, or a son?

Richard Gill is present in Clarke County, AL in the 1840 census at age 70-80 (born 1760-1770) with only three slaves: male 24-35, female 10-24, female 36-55. Nearby are the families of Price, Myrick, and Riley, all found in  the Allendale Co., SC area.

1842: Clarke Co., AL Deed Records, Book D p36, estate of Richard Gill, senr. to Jas. Savage. (Courtesy our cousin, D.A. Murphy)

In other words, Richard Gill lost a court case to Savage, perhaps a debt or mortgage, and had his land sold and public auction on the court house steps.

We have a statement that Richard Gill died in Clarke County, AL on 19 May 1845, but I am unaware of proof of this yet.  Does anyone have a Bible record that contains this date?  There appears to be nothing left to probate, so there may be no court record of his death.

Children of Richard Gill (son born before 1774 in the 1790 census, son born before 1774 in the 1790 census, son born 1774-1784 in the 1800 census, son born 1774-1784 in the 1800 census) I interpret the 1790 and 1800 census records to imply that Richard had two sons born in 1774.  Note that to the best of my knowledge only one of these children is documented as a son or daughter of Richard Gill, Rebecca.  Does anyone have a family Bible, or other record, showing that they were children?  All documentation on these children is welcomed, as well as oral tradition, or other family tradition.

Clarke County Records Page (information that is ambiguous, or we are not sure how to assign to this family, and those that I have just been sent, and have not yet integrated with the proper person below.)

Children: unknown Gill (conjectured below to be a Richard), James J. Gill, Mary Gill, Abby Gill, Kelly Gill, Uriah Gill, Catherine Gill, Rebecca Gill.

(1) Richard? Gill born 1774-1790.  Two sons are shown in the 1790 census, but there is no evidence that more than one survived.  Did this child die young, after the 1790 census, or did he remain in SC??  Does anyone have clues?  Was this another Richard Gill?  Please send them.  I have placed this child solely on the basis of two records: census and the 1863 marriage record that seems to fit no place else.  Is this record of Richard Gill, Senior, son of James Gill, or was this a son: 1835.  Richard Gill married Elizabeth Lewis 27 day of July 1835 in Clarke Co AL (Clarke Co. Marriages, Book B, p11) (courtesy C. Griffin)  Is this record of this man, his son, or somebody else: 1863. Richard Gill Senr. marriage license to marry Susannah Lewis, license issued 24 Jan. 1863 (Clarke Co., AL Marriage Book B p78)(Courtesy C. Griffin)  Since both wives are of the Lewis family, I assume this Richard Gill married a sister of his first wife.  It is unlikely that he had a son who married someone of the same maiden name as his mother, although it is possible.

(2) James J. Gill born 1790-2 (in 1790 census) died 1839 married 1 March 1817 Cathrena Till (Clarke Co. Marriage Records Book A page 48). This information provided by, thanks to, and is the line of E. Whitten.

  1. Washington Gill (1818-1882)
  2. Uriah Gill (1819-1900)married Mary Etheridge
    1. Sylus (Silas) Gill
    2. Martha A. Gill
    3. Benjamin James Gill
    4. Jane Gill
    5. Summer Gill
  3. Walter W. Gill (1822)married Rebecca Hazeltine Syphert (probably German Seifert -FOC).  Rebecca alive 1895-8.
    1. Charley W. Gill
    2. Walter John Gill (Probate Records 1895-1898, p77) died 1895-8 unmarried
    3. Sarah Jane Gill married W.H. Baur?
  4. John Franklin Gill Sr. (1824-1900) married Julia A. Singleton.  1856: John Gill married Julia A. Singleton, married 4 Nov. 1856, W.A. Myrick certified that Julie A. Singleton was above the age of 18.  (Clarke Co. Marriage Records, Book B page 250. (Courtesy C. Griffin)  John Gill as Private Co. C. 38th Alabama Infantry CSA. He was captured at Missionary Ridge and held prisoner at Rock Island, Illinois but survived the war. He was shown as 41 years old when released in 1865 (born 1824)(CSA info courtesy of Art Green)
    1. Caroline Rebeca Gill
    2. John Franklin Gill JR.
    3. Mary Gill
    4. Julia E. Gill
    5. James Richard Gill.  The 1863 marriage record cannot be of this man, since his parents did not marry until 1856!
    6. Walter Ellis Gill
  5. Elizabeth Ann Gill (1826-1884) married 1845 Andrew Daffin.  This is the line of J. Winslow
  6. Mary E. Gill (1829-1872)married Joseph Henry Livingston (1827-1914)
    1. Lawrence L Livingston (1855-1920)married Mary Allie McCullough(1861-1940)
      1. Lemuel Hardaway Livingston (1881-1882)
      2. Willis Henry Livingston (1884-1950) married Bernhar Newman (1889-1946)
        1. Willis Edward Livingston (1910-1973) married Mildred Watson (1911)
      3. Lawrence Lee Livingston 1887-1888)
      4. Bertha Louise Livingston(1888-1941) sp-Tes (Tscharner) DeGraffenried( -1915)
      5. Loreta Fay Livingston 1898-1985) sp-Carroll Dean Williams-20 (1899-1967)
    2. L's James Livingston (1857-1931) married Anna Rose Brusenhan (1862-1886)
    3. Laura Arvy Livingston (1860-1949) married Patrick Brussenham (1859-1886)
  7. Martha Jane Gill (1831)
  8. James J. Gill JR. (1833) married Helen Ellen Joiner(-1867).  1858: James J. Gill married Helen Joiner application 27 Dec. 1858, ceremony 28 Dec. 1858.  Marr. Book B p284. (Courtesy C. Griffin)  I assume this is James Gill 38th Alabama Infantry

(3) Mary Gill born c1800 married Joab (Jacob) Antley (Antiley) in 1817. She died about 1837 and Joab  (Jacob) Antley married 2nd Mariah White.  Jacob Antley died in Clarke Co AL in July of 1854 . Jacob's second wife, Mariah White Antley then followed James Antley to Union Parish, Louisiana after 1850. There is no concrete record of the youngest daughters of Jacob and Mary Gill Antley, Martha and Melissa, in LA. The 1860 Union Parish census has many errors and omissions. The Antley households have children of all ages listed who don't show up before or after this census. Some families are even listed twice with different info in each entry. (1860, 1870 & 1880 Union Parish, La census/1880 Lincoln Parish, LA census courtesy of D. Antley Murphy, via Brenda Nichols).  Mariah White Antley's pension application for Jacob Antley's service in the War of 1812 states that he died in 1854 in Clarke Co AL.  James Augustus Antley stated on his pension for the Civil War that he came to LA in the autumn of 1850. Everything previously found, including land in Clarke Co and Union Parish, La, census records for the places of birth of children, the death date of Jacob and James being in the 1850 Clarke Co census, pointed to them migrating about 1856 (as opposed to the 1850 statement in the pension application).  This is the line of D. Antley Murphy.  Antley Records.

  1. Elizabeth Antley b. 1818, married William White 1833 in Clarke Co., AL
  2. James Antley b. 1823, married 1st Mary Ann Buckaloo in 1843 in Clarke Co., AL, married 2nd Susan Buckaloo in 1846 in Clarke Co., AL, moved to Union Parish, Louisiana after 1850. . His father, Jacob Antley, died in Clarke Co., AL, in July of 1854 . His stepmother, Mariah White Antley then followed him to Louisiana. There is no concrete record of the youngest daughters of Jacob and Mary Gill Antley, Martha and Melissa, in LA. The 1860 Union Parish census has many errors and omissions. The Antley households have children of all ages listed who don't show up before or after this census. Some families are even listed twice with different info in each entry. (1860, 1870 & 1880 Union Parish, La census/1880 Lincoln Parish, LA census courtesy of D. Antley Murphy, via Brenda Nichols).  James Augustus Antley stated on his pension for the Civil War that he came to LA in the autumn of 1850. I (D.A.M.) now know from the info in the pension affidavits that James Augustus did migrate in 1850 as he stated. The papers mentions reports of Jacob's death in letters written to them in LA. So it's apparent some of them were already here in LA when he died in 1854 in Alabama.
  3. Martha Antley b. 1833
  4. Melissa Antley b. 1837

(4) Abby Gill born 1790-1800, married Walter Beall, bond and security 12 Sept. 1822, recorded 27 March 1823 (Clarke Co. Marriage Book A, 1814-1834).(courtesy C. Griffin).  Apparently both were dead by 1841: Minutes of Orphan's Court, Book C. 1841-1844, Page 63 (courtesy C. Griffin):  It is Ordered by the Court that James Gill (this is Abby Gill Beall's brother, #2 above) be appointed Guardian of the persons and property of Sarah Beall and Mary Beall, minor children of Walter Beall, deceased.  It is Ordered by the Court that James Gill Guardian of Sarah Beall and Mary Beall, minor heirs of Walter Beall, decased, give bond and security in the sum of two hundred dollars.  It is Ordered by the Court that the bond this day given by James Gill, Guardian of the minor heirs of Walter Beall, deceased, viz. Sarah Beall and Mary Beall, with Richard Gill senr. and James H. Saint? as securities by? and the same is hearby approved and accepted by the Court and it is further Ordered that the letters of Guardianship issue? to the said James Gill accordingly.

  1. Sarah Beall minor in 1841, born  1820-41
  2. Mary Beall minor in 1841, born  1820-41

(5) Kelly Gill born 1790-1800 "Kelly" (I've seen it "Holly", "Helly", and "Hellen") Gill, died before 1850, married 1816 George Walwork b. 1785 England (1850 Clarke Co., AL Census and Clarke Co., AL Marriage Records Volume A) (courtesy B. Nichols)

  1. Mary Walwork b. 1819 still at home in 1850 Clarke Co., AL Census; deaf and dumb. married George Wallwork
  2. Richard Walwork m. Susannah Buckaloo in 1843 in Clarke CO., AL
  3. Martha Walwork m. Thomas A. Coleman in 1841
  4. Robert Walwork b. 1829
  5. William Walwork m. Rebecca Ann Gill 1848 in Clarke Co., AL
  6. Ellen Walwork b. 1834; still at home in 1850

Randy Walworth writes: In my family history, we have listed an Abby Gill (Helly) who married my great great grandfather, George Walworth in Clark County Alabama in 1816. I noticed in your records you record Abby and Helly as two different persons. Also, there is an oral tradition in our family that Abby or Helly was of the Choctaw tribe somehow. Some years ago, I called the library in Clark County, Alabama, and ended up speaking with a Mr Gill at the newspaper. He was of the same Gill family as my ancestor (Abby or Helly) and his family line also had the same oral legend that one of those Gills was Choctaw. The Choctaw link cannot be verified or explained and may have to remain an interesting question. Any thoughts?

FOC comment: We have an "Indian grandmother" legend in our line also, supposedly a grandmother of Allen Jerry Gill.  This could be the mother of all three documented sons of James Gill: John, Thomas, and Valentine Gill.    Indian ancestors are usually associated with whatever tribe is known locally.  She would definitely not have been Choctaw.   I suspect our Indian ancestor was the mother of James Gill of Richland County, SC (born in Virginia), consort of "old David Gill."  Her tribe is anyone's guess at the moment, if this is correct.

(6) Uriah Gill born 1805 in South Carolina was alive in Clarke Co., AL in 1880 (census, from  B. Nichols).  Uriah was the son of a Richard Gill, fits this one perfectly, and cannot be the son of Valentine's son, Richard (the ages are inconsistent).  His children were born in Lowndes Co., Alabama according to the 1860 Clarke Co., AL Census. He was married to Elizabeth Till b. 1806 SC (marriage info from Barbara Till Prestridge )  (Is he "buried in Branton Cemetery on Childton Road"?).  1850 census, Clarke Co., AL, page 207 roll 3, family #42, 45 farmer, born SC, cannot read or write. Wife, Elizabeth, 44, born 1806 in SC. (from Coley Scott &   B. Nichols).

  1. Rebecca Ann Gill born 12 March 1834 in Lowndes County, GA died 7 June 1897 in Clarke County, AL, buried in Midway Cemetery, Clarke County, AL. Rebecca married William J. Walwork (also stated as Walworth).
    1. George Walworth, son of Rebecca
    2. Ann Gill Walworth.
  2. Caroline Gill born 1835 in AL married a Martin, perhaps deceased by 1875.
  3. Martha Gill born 1837 in AL, not mentioned by her mother in the 1875 deed.
  4. Mary Gill born born 1838 in AL, married Cornelius Chamberlain
  5. Thomas  F. Gill born 1839 in Lowndes Co.,  AL.  Not mentioned by his mother in the 1875 deed.
  6. Laura Melissa Gill (Laura Malissa)(Lama Missella) (Demamisella) (f) b. 1845 in AL married 1864 James W. Bouler in Clarke Co., AL.  This is the line of C. Griffin.  1864.  James W. Bouler to Miss Laura M. Gill, married 6 Oct. 1864 (Clarke Co. Marriage Book B p340, courtesty C. Griffin)

(7) Catherine Gill nfi.  This Catherine Gill did not marry John Myrick.  John Myrick born 1792, SC married March 17, 1825 in Clarke Co., AL to Catharine Gillis, b. 1805 in Scotland. This is not only from the 1850, 1860, 1870, and 1880 Clarke Co., AL census, but also from our family Bible dated 1887. She came to America when she was 18 years and married at 20. [ I don't know who Catherine Gill married.](from 1B. Nichols)

(8) Rebecca Gill born before 1812.  Perhaps the only documented child.  (1833: Clarke Co., AL Deed Book D p364).  Could this be a daughter of Richard Gill, Junior?

Does anyone have further information, and especially documentation, on the children of Richard Gill? Please forward it if so.


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