3. Robert David Gill 1720-1804, born 1720 in Ireland?, died Chester Co., SC 30 June 1804. married c1745 in Ireland to Elinor (tombstone spells "Ellenor") Cooper of Scotland 1721- 13 Dec. 1801. Removed to PA c1748, to SC in 1770. Does the middle name David indicate a kinship back in Scotland to David Gill of Virginia whom I have suggested was an undocumented son of Stephen Gill of Virginia? Robert Gill whose will 29 June 1804 was proved 4 Aug. 1804 names son Thomas. Provisions were made for the children of son Robert who died in a Revolutionary War prison camp (ibid p175). Wife Elinor may have been a Cooper.(ibid) Mrs. Crowder states that Mrs. Ellet says there were seven sons and three daughters, plus a possible fourth daughter who married in PA a Caldwell.

Revolutionary War Pension Applications reveal that Robert David Gill was residing in Lancaster, PA at least from 1754 through 1758. He apparently removed to SC c1767.

1768 Dec. 12 (Andrea #6) Robert Gill Land Grant Index I 300a in Berkeley Co.

1769: Robert Gill 22 Aug. 1769, Yeoman, of Berkeley Co., SC Release to Benjamin Duborrow of 96 and of Penna. £30 currency ... 300a North side of Saluda River. Book TTT 124-128 (Mrs. Hicks Apr. 1986 p36)

30 & 31 May 1770. Robert Glover and his (mother?) Susannah Glover to Robert Gill, all of St. Mark's Parish (all born before 1749 in order to be 21) £100 currency ... 200a in St. Marks. Witnesses include George Gill (can only be his brother 1740-1795). Book SSS pp42-26. (Mrs. Hicks Apr. 1986 p36).

8 & 9 June 1770 Lease & Release. James McCluer & wife Mary to Robert Gill, planter of St. Mark's Parish, £300 currency, 150 acres on So. fork of Fishing Ck. where Saluda Road crosses it. St. Marks. bounding NW on James Gill. One of witnesses is George Gill. Book SSS pp46-51 (Mrs. Hicks Apr. 1986 p36). In order to be of legal age, 21, all of these were born before 1749, which implies that there was an early James Gill born before 1749 who does not appear in the Fishing Ck. Gill family records.

(Mr. Andrea record #6) Robert Gill S. Fork of Fishing Ck. Borders: Robert Gill, James Gill, etc. Plat 2 Apr. 1771.

Robert Gill Land Grant Index I 200a on Fishing Ck. in Craven Co. 28 Nov. 1771.

1772 Feb. 6 & 7 Richard Carrell planter to Robert Gill, both of St. Marks, £240 currency, 150 acres on Saluda Rd. on the SW side of the South Fork of Fishing Ck. Book XXX pp174-178 (Mrs. Hicks Apr. 1986 p36).

1772 Feb. 24 Robert Gill witness to Release of land in Tryon Co. on waters of the South Fork of Fishing Ck. on Crab Tree Branch Bk CCCC pp129-131 (Mrs. Hicks p36).

1772 Robert Gill Saluda River, Berkeley Co. Plat 2 Mar. 1772 (Mrs. Hicks p6).

1774. John Gill Memorial 13-231, 150a Craven Co., Saluda River, Fishing Ck. Granted 1763 to Richard Carroll who conveyed to Robert Gill & he on 7 Feb. 1774 conveyed the lands to his son, John Gill. Return made by Robert Gill 9 June 1775 (Mrs. Hicks p7).

Robert Gill 600a on Broad River, Craven Co. 3 Feb. 1775 Grant. Tract granted to Wm. Love in 1753 and confirmed to Robert Gill by SC Grant. Robert Gill sold 1/2 to his son James and 1/2 to his son John Gill and son-in-law John Mills. See York SC deeds (Mrs. Hicks Apr. 1986 p7). Robert Gill Land Grant Index I.

1791 April, Robert Gill served on Grand Jury (Min.Ches.Ct. p213).

1791 Robert Gill deed to Samuel Kelsey (his son in law married Elinor Gill) (Mrs. Hicks Apr. 1986 p10).

(Mrs. Crowder p70) Robert Gill will sg. 29 June 1804 pr. 4 Aug. 1804, File 21-337, Chester Co., SC; Robert Gill names in his will" Wife, none mentioned (see her tombstone record below). children: Thomas Gill son negro Jack& $50, Mary daughter and no surname, Eleanor daughter and no surname, John Mills son-in-law and evidently deceased -"his children by my daughter", John Gill son and deceased portion to his children, Robert Gill son and deceased portion to his children, Samuel Kelsey Ex., John Thompson Ex. Mentions: "money owed me by Abram Gill, no relationship stated to Abram. Wit: John Downing, Alexander Pagan, John Kelsey. "In proving this will the witnesses say that Robert Gill was blind and the will was read to him before he signed with his mark. Andrea #144: appraisers named 14 Aug. 1804 as Christopher Strait, Andrew Downing, & Alexander Pagan.

Tombstones from Fishing Ck. Presbyterian Churchyard: Robert Gill died 30 -- 1804 age 84 (born 1720), Elinor Gill died 13 Dec. 1801 age 80 years (born 1721)." "Mrs. Ellett puts the arrival of Robert and family in SC at 1767. She says that he refused to travel on the Sabbath, but outdistanced his fellow travelers who did continue journeying on the Sabbath, and arrived in SC before they did."

(Mrs. Crowder still) "The Reid Mss. gives Robert and Elinor the following children, not all of whom are named in the above will: James Gill m. Mary Gaston, Eleanor Gill m. 1757 Samuel Kelsey, Mary Gill married 1782 John Mills, Robert Gill 1753-1786 m. Elizabeth, Thomas Gill 1745-1808 m. Agness, George Gill died 1795 m. Mary, Archibald Gill 1757-1803 m.1st Catherine m.2nd Agnes Denton, John Gill d1791 m.Agnes, William no trace, Margaret. Note the Reid Mss. gives Thomas of Ill. to Robert as son, an error, which I have corrected here. Thomas died in Chester Co. and see his estate file."

Children of Robert David Gill, "7 sons and 3 or 4 daughters":

1. Jannett or Jane or Janet Gill born c1749 probably Ireland, died Lancaster Co., PA or KY., m. 23 June 1767 Lancaster, PA to John Caldwell at St. James Episcopal Church, Lancaster, PA (Hendleman, ibid, and Mrs. Crowder)

2. John Gill born before c1753 will 2 Nov. 1790, pr. 1791) married 1770 Agness born 1756 - died 15 Nov. 1803 in Chester Co. (Hendleman asserts he was married to Agnes Dick, but Agnes Dick Gill, not this Agnes Gill, left a will in Richland Co. in 1810. This is not Agnes Dick!). Mrs. Roberts states he was a Revolutionary soldier who died in 1791.

1775 June 9 Memorial Return made by John Gill in person: John Gill Vol. 13 p231; a Memorial for 150a land situated on the Saluda River and on Fishing Ck. in Craven Co. and originally granted 1763 to Richard Carroll who conveyed the same 150a to Robert Gill who on 7 Feb. 1774 conveyed the lands to his son John Gill. John Gill, an adult in 1774, was therefore born before c1753. Mr. Andrea, #12,states that the return was made by Robert Gill on 9 June 1775.

(Although one of the Fishing Creek documents claimed that the following record refer to this John Gill: a John Gill 21 years of age (born c1754) enlisted 9 Sept. 1775 in the Rangers under Capt. John L. Peyer im Hoff this is not a Fishing Creek Gill record. He did not claim it in his indents.). He did enlist in the Third Regiment on 20 January 1777, and claim it on his indents. On 1 April 1778, he became a corporal. During March 1779, he served under Capt. Whitesides as a foot soldier and in July 1780 he was under Capts. Pagan and John Mills as a horseman. In July 1781, he was under Capt. Cooper a rifleman and a footman in March 1782. John Gill, Junior, in the revolutionary war records, signed his name resides at Fishing Creek in Chester in Camden District. He furnished supplies and has receipts from James McGaughey 24 June 1781, from Philip Walker 13 Aug. 1782, from Joseph Joy and no date and all of them state they received supplies from John Gill, Jr. Philip Walker is definitely a Fishing Creek Gill neighbor, as Thomas Franklin Gill assigned his revolutionary war indent to him, and he appears in other Fishing Creek records with the Gills. Moss assigned these records to John Gill, MS on the basis of DAR records, but those DAR records are simply wrong based on the facts stated in the records! However, since Pagan, Mills, and Cooper are all Fishing Creek names, these records probably refer to this son of Robert David Gill. Robert Harvey Gill also served under Capt. Whitesides, and I believe this clinches the association. I believe this John Gill was Mr. Andrea's John Gill, Jr. who signed his name, and the association of these records is a mess (FOC). Mr. Andrea can be forgiven a few mistakes!

1787 John Gill, "junior," grand juror in Chester Co. in October 1787 (Min.Ches.Ct. p97).

1788 John Gill, "junior", grand juror in Chester Co. in April 1788 (Min.Ches.Ct. p176).

Will Chester Co. 2 Nov. 1790 proved 21 (or12?) April 1791 (WPA p48 apt. 24-352). Executors were Archibald Gill, John Mills, and George Gill. Agnes, his wife. Children: Samual Gill (went to GA) married Mary McClure dau. born c1811 at Fishing Ck. Presbyterian Ch., Eleanor (Elinor) Gill, Elizabeth Gill, Robert Gill (1783-1856) buried with wife Eleanor (1787-1856) at Fishing Ck., Alexander Gill, George Gill, and "the child my wife now goes with" who was named John as stated in a York Co. deed (H-22 1815)(went to TN)(ibid) (Mrs. Hicks says Miranda!)(Mrs. Crowder p52). "My wife and children are to live together in this home till my son Robert reaches the age of 20 years." Archibald Gill (brother - Mrs. Hicks says nephew, son of John Gill!) & George Gill son of John Gill (Mrs. Crowder says prob. John m. Sarah), and John Mills, Esq. (bro. in law) Ex.s Witnesses: Robert Gill, John Walker, James Gill. A copy of this will should be obtained, as the various transcripts are not self consistent.

1791 April 5: The Last Will & Testament of John Gill, Deceased, proved by oaths of Robert Gill, John Walker, & James Gill. Archibald Gill, George Gill (son of John), & John Mills, executors. Appraisers any three of: John Walker, John Downey, Josiah Porter, Christopher Streight, & James Gill. (Min.Ches.Ct. p215). 1791 April 7 Archibald Gill, John Mills, and George Gill, Ex. of John Gill, Deceased,on behalf of John Gill, request that they removed as securities in the estate of Wm. Wilson, Deceased (Min.Ches. Ct. p216-7).

Chester Co. Deed Bk. J p57 sg. 21 May 1803: Col. Archibald Gill & Col. George Gill Extrs. of John Gill, dec'd, a land deed to Samuel Gill of Chester Co. $557.23 103a on the So. Fork of Fishing Ck. part of tract originally granted to Richard Carrell adjacent: Widow Ferguson's old tract, now Samuel Wherry; Josiah Porter, Wm. Walker. (Mrs. Crowder:) "The above deed gains significance when it is remembered that John Gill (wife Agnes) who died in 1791, named as his Ex: Archibald Gill, George Gill (son of John Gill) and John Mills. By this time, 1803, John Mills is dead, so (Col.) George Gill & Col. Archibald Gill make the above deed to Samuel Gill, son of John and Agnes."

His wife, Agnes, died in 1803 in Chester Co. File 22-313, also Andrea #143. Agnes Gill, who also perhaps appears as Widow Nancey Gill, died intestate in Chester Co., SC, Citation read at Fishing Ck. Church 15 Nov. 1803, no bond in file. Andrea states that Administrators were Samuel Gill and Robert Gill. Appraisers appointed 9 Dec. 1803: Josiah Porter, Christopher Straight, John Boyd. There are some receipts in file: Receipt of James Gill for his share of the estate in right of his wife, Elizabeth sg. 24 Nov. 1804; receipt of Eleanor Gill for her share of the estate of Agnes Gill; John Gill; Nancy Gill a widow power of attorney to Josiah Porter, Christopher Strait; John Boyd (Mrs. Hicks Apr. 1986 p11, she also says see will of Mrs. Mary Gill, York Co., SC 1825). Comment by Mrs. Crowder: "This is no doubt the widow of John Gill who died in 1791. It will be seen from the York Co. deed that Elizabeth Gill married James Gill but what James Gill is not clear. Eleanor Gill was married to Alexander Barr by 1815. There are other receipts which do not belong to this file. The Gill records at some time or another have evidently been terribly mixed up, either by the staff of the office or people doing research on the family. There are mistakes made which have been perpetuated due to this confusion in the files. I could not find the tombstone of this Agnes Gill at Fishing Ck. though I believe both she and her husband John Gill are buried there." Andrea also states "there are some papers in this file which I do not think belong there as note #142." Andrea lists receipts as: "Eleanor Gill, James Gill for his wife Elizabeth Gill, John Gill, Nancy Gill a widow on 9 Nov. 1803 P.Att. to Josiah Porter, Christopher Strat, & John Boyd. Nancy does not sign for a share but may have been a widow of a dead son and gave power of attorney to collect a dower. Buyers at the sale of the Estate of Mrs. Agnes Gill were: Eleanor Gill, Samuel Gill, Robert Gill, James Gill, Mary Mills, Charles Boyd, Samuel Wherry (I note now that this Agnes must be the widow of John Gill in #117 -Andrea)"

Chester Co. Deed Bk. L p36 sg. 4 Aug. 1804: Col. George Gill, surviving Ex. of John Gill, dec'd: a land deed to Eleanor Gill, Chester Co. $370 88a originally belonging to John Gill dec'd sit. on the waters of Fishing Ck. and adjacent the lands of: Charles Boyd, John Knox, Samuel Gill, & Robert Gill. Wit: John Thompson, Alexdr. Pagan, James Pagan. (Mrs. Crowder:) "Remember that Archibald, son of Robert Gill I, had died in 1803, and that George is still living, and we have no record of his decease which throws the George who d1795 to have been either brother or son of Robert I and I am increasingly inclined to believe him to have been a brother of Robert I, and John Gill wife Sarah to have been another brother of Robert Gill I, wife Elinor.

Children of John Gill married Agnes listed in will:

  1. 1. Samuel Gill (married Mary according to Mrs. Hicks)
  2. 2. Elinor Gill married Alexander Barr by 1815?
  3. 3. Elizabeth Gill York Co. married James Gill
  4. 4. Robert Gill <20 in 1791 married Nelly according to Mrs. Hicks.
  5. 5. Alexander Gill
  6. 6. George Gill married Elizabeth according to Mrs. Hicks.
  7. 7. John Gill born 1791 stated in will as "the child my wife now goes with"

3. George Gill, Sr. born 15 Feb. 1753, died 2 Dec. 1833 Hardin Co.,TN (or Wayne Co.), married 1st Mary, 2nd married c1780 in Chester Co., SC, Jeanette Hamilton (Jennet?) b11 May 1763 or 1764 in Ireland or PA & died 2 July 1840 in Wayne Co., TN, daughter of Patrick Hamilton & Eleanor Coburn Hamilton. (ibid) (p183, rephrased:) Sometime after the defeat of Cornwallis, they emigrated to NC and had one child Mary b. 12 or 22 Jan. 1781 or 89.

c1785 (Mr. Andrea #68) " George Gill, Jr. File #2827 gives an order to John Mills of Chester to collect what is due him for his service in Revolution according to stub indent of file (Indent is in file but I did not abstract) Capt. John Mills signed. Many of the men rather than take a trip to Charleston or to Columbia to collect the indent pay (Indent was a sort of script money and drew interest and payable 2 to 5 years after 1785) either sold the indent or wrote an order to a neighbor to collect the indent and the interest and often at separate times."

1791 April (this could be one of the other George Gills, but I assume this one as his father was also on this Grand Jury) George Gill, Junior, served on the Grand Jury (Min.Ches.Ct. p213).

1817 George Gill as Adm. estate of Col. Archibald Gill and on behalf of two heirs, Robert and Mary Gill vs. Catawba Land Co. (Mrs. Hicks Apr. 1986 p13).

Soon after daughter Mary Gill was born (apparently after 1817), they emigrated on pack animals to the Daniel Boone settlement in the wilds of KY. There they lived and fought alongside Daniel Boone in what is now Baron Co., KY.

1823 George Gill appeared in Court in Wayne Co., TN 25 March 1823, and stated that he first enlisted under Capt. Wm. Beavan in SC, now Chester Dist., in Dec. 1775 and marched to Charleston in Apr. 1776 for about 18 months. This unit was under Col. Thomas Sumter of the 1st Regt. of Riflemen of the South Carolina Line. George Gill was in the Battle of Middletown in the Cherokee Nation when Gen. Williamson fought the Indians. He was living in Wayne Co., TN in 1823, mentions two daughters: Matty under 18 and Mary under 16 and unhealthy, plus a wife, Jennet (born c1764), aged 60 years on 11 May 1823 and healthy. The girls must be Patsy b1804 and Nancy b1806. George could not write and signed by "X" mark.

(Mrs. Crowder) "George Gill, Revolutionary War Pension application No. 38726, in revolution from Chester, gave his birth year as 1753. He removed from Chester and was living in Wayne Co., TN age 70 in 1823 when he applied for a pension. His wife Jennet was born 11 May 1764. The pension was allowed. The pensioner was born 15 Feb.1753 and died in Hardin Co., TN 2 Dec. 1833. Only two children are mentioned, in 1823 the veteran said he had Mattie Gill a daughter aged 18 and Nancy Gill aged 16. In 1855 the daughter Mrs. Nancy Gill Lynch stated that she was the only daughter or child of George Gill then alive. Jennett Gill the widow died 2 July 1840. The veteran enlisted 1775 under Capt. Wm. Brown in Gen.Sumter's regiment. Note LKC: I cannot place this George Gill, wife Jennet and wonder if he were not a kinsman of the Thomas Gill wife Rebecca Curry whom we cannot place either. The names indicate definite kinship with the Robert, Eleanor group, and also the John, Sarah group."

Andrea #178: George Gill #S38726 applied for a pension & stated he would be aged 70 on the 15th day of Feb. 1823. He enlisted in Dec. 1775 under Capt. Wm. Brown in Col. Thomas Sumpter's Regt. Pension was allowed. He came as a child to Camden Dist., SC, in what is now Chester and was living there when he enlisted. In 1823 he resided in Wayne Co., TN. He died 2 Dec. 1833 in Hardin Co., TN. His wife was Jennet Gill and in 1823 he stated she will be aged 60 on the 11th day of May next. Jennet Gill died 2 July 1840. Two children were named by the veteran in 1823 as Mattie Gill aged 18, Nancy Gill aged 16. In 1855 Mrs. Nancy Lynch stated that she was the only child of George Gill then alive.

Known children: (not complete)

  1. Mattie Gill born 1805, died between 1823 and 1855.
  2. Nancy Gill born 1807 married a Lynch, alive in 1855.
  3. Mary Gill born ca1816 NC died by 1855. (b. 12 or 22 Jan. 1781 or 89 dau. of second wife)(inconsistent dates as given in records)

4. Robert Harvey Gill, Jr. born 1754 Lancaster, PA, died 9 or 24 Sept. 1786 Chester Co., SC, married Elizabeth Kelsey in 1771, who was alive in 1828.(ibid) He was a blacksmith. In Fishing Ck. Presbyterian Ch. Graveyard: Robert H. Gill died 24 Sept. 1786 in his 33rd year (b.1754). Mrs. Ellett states that this Robert was captured with his brother Thomas & taken to Camden, SC where Robert Gill died in 1780 (FOC, but see Accounts Audited records below). Records indicate that he married Elizabeth Kelsey in 1771. Hendleman states (p174) that he believes Robert Gill 1753-1787 buried at Fishing Ck. is a cousin.

(Andrea record #13) Robert Gill 1775 land memorial brother to John Gill son of Robert.

During 1779, Robert Harvey Gill served as a Sergeant under Capt. Whitesides and from 12 July 1780 served under Capt.s Alexander Pagan, John Mills, & Gen. Sumter. On 18 Aug. 1780 he lost a horse in action. He made swords for Sumpter's brigade & was taken prisoner at Black River while attempting to deliver the weapons (AA2832). (Mrs. Crowder) His wife states in her claim for compensation for swords made for Revolutionary forces that he left 5 children. Mrs. Crowder states: "Mrs. Ellett, Vol. III, p278, says that Robert was taken prisoner during the Revolution and died in Camden Gaol, but this is an error as see below." Robert Gill AA2632 SC Archives:

In 1784 this Robert Gill gave his order to Capt. John Mills authorizing him to collect his indent pay. This file has records of two different Robert Gills.

(Andrea record #75) Robert Gill Accounts Audited (SCDAH) #2632 and in 1784 Robert Gill gives an order to Capt. John Mills to collect his indent pay (FOC: not clear which Robert Gill should be assigned this record).

(Mrs. Hicks p11) Chester Co. Deed L-108 lists sons Thomas & John.

Mrs. Hicks p11 without listing source: Robert H. Gill died 24 Sept. 1786 in his 33rd year (reads like a tombstone inscription).

1787 Estate of Robert Gill (in Kershaw Co., SC) adm. by John Gill, Jr., and John Mills. Mr. Robert Gill, blacksmith. See 1828. Those owing the estate include: John Gill, Sr., John Gill, John Gill, Jr., Thomas Gill, George Gill, Sr., George Gill, Jr., Archibald Gill, Hugh Gill (and I thought the name Hugh never appeared among Chester Gills! -FOC)

1799 August 5 Elizabeth Gill received a State Land Grant in Pinckney Dist. for 31 acres, State Land Grant Index, Volume 45 page 383.

1828 Accounts Audited (SCDAH) #2632: 28 Nov. 1828 Mrs. Elizabeth Gill states that she is a widow of the late Robert Gill who was a blacksmith who died after the war leaving her a widow with five small and fatherless orphan children, and that while he was in the service he lost a horse at Sumter's Defeat. He was captured by the British at Camden Town and languished for a time in the Gaol there and this hurt his health. He and several of his brothers and cousins shed their blood for the cause of liberty (Andrea: there are more than 20 papers in this file for Robert Gill and I have condensed them much). Mrs. Margaret Morrow, his sister, (Andrea #8) has a statement on file stating she knew Robert Gill and that he was a blacksmith and that General Sumter asked him to make swords for use of the men in his Army. Mrs. Mary Mills (his sister) makes a statement that the good blacksmith was commissioned by Gen. Sumter to make swords and that he had completed a load of swords and while taking them to Sumter was captured and the swords were seized by the British and that he never was paid for the swords and that his widow, Elizabeth should now be paid by the state. Thomas Gill, Robert Gill, and James Gill also make statements in similar vein. Peter Wylie, Wm. McMurthy or McGurthey, & George Gill also make statements about the load of swords captured and that the late Robert Gill received no pay for them. Robert and James Gill make statements about the horse lost at the battle of Camden and ask that the pay for the horse be given to Thomas Gill, son of the late Robert Gill, for his father had promised the horse to his son Thomas.

"One widow, Elizabeth Gill (Mrs. Crowder: "and see her records in Chester -there seems little doubt that she is the widow of the Robert whose estate file is above {Chester Co. File 31-337} and whose deeds are on the succeeding page") makes a statement in this file to the effect that her husband the late Robert Gill was a blacksmith - that he died after the War leaving her a widow with five fatherless children ... small and dependent. That while he was in the service he lost a horse at Sumter's defeat and that he was captured at the defeat of Camden Town and was imprisoned by the British at the gaol there. That his long imprisonment injured his health. Mrs. Margaret Morrow makes statement that she knew Robert Gill. He was a blacksmith, that he was commissioned by Gen. Sumter to make swords for his men. Mrs. Mary Mills states that Robert Gill made a load of swords for Sumter's men, that he was carrying the swords to Camden when he and the swords were seized by the British and that Gill never received payment for the swords. Thomas Gill, Robert Gill, James Gill all made similar statements.

Robert Gill & James Gill state that the dec'd Robert Gill lost a horse at the Battle of Camden and ask that pay for the horse be given to Thomas Gill, son of dec'd, who had been promised the horse by his father. The widow asks payment for the swords.

"There are many many papers in this file, and all seem to point to the Robert Gill with widow Elizabeth as being the son of Robert Gill, Sr. His estate file is probably in the early Camden, SC records 1780-1788, where one finds the estate files and wills of Chester at that era."

SC Land Grant Index II: Elizabeth Gill 31a on Fishing Ck. in Chester Dist. 5 Aug. 1799 (Andrea #7). (Andrea #14) Elizabeth Gill land plat in Camden Dist.

Chester Co., SC Deed Bk. L p108 sg. 7 Mar. 1805, John X Gill of Chester Co. and Elizabeth X Gill, widow of Robert Gill, dec'd, of Chester Co. a joint deed to John Millen, 150a of land on which said John Gill and Elizabeth Gill his mother now live and adj. lands of John Millen and Elizabeth Elliott. Wit: Geo. Gill, Robt. Neeley, Robert Millen.

Andrea #132: Elizabeth Gill widow makes deed 28 Jan. 1807 to the Rev. John B. Davies, said lands org. grtd. Elizabeth Gill (see #7) Wit: Nan Boyd, Anne.

Chester Co. Deed Book N p117 sg. 5 Feb. 1807, David Morrow of Chester Co., John X Gill, no dower, and Elizabeth X Gill of same, a joint deed to John Millen $475 150a on both sides of Fishing Ck., being made up of parts of the following tracts: 1 grant to David Lewis made by NC 17--, 1 grant to Archibald Elliott 2 Mar. 1764, also part of a grant to James McCullock by NC 31 Aug. 1753, which by sundry conveyances were all possessed by Archibald Elliott and conveyed by him to Robert Gill, dec'd, husband of Elizabeth and father of John Gill. Wit: John B. Davies, Robert Brown, John Millen.

(Mrs. Crowder) "Evidence points very strongly to the maiden name of the Elizabeth, above, being Morrow, and note that David Morrow who was Ex. of her husband's estate (adm. I mean) and also that Margaret Morrow made a statement about the swords which were made by Robert Gill for Sumter's men."

"It is odd to me that in the sale of the land only John Gill figures with his mother. It seems that the other children should also have signed this deed for it to have been a binding legal document."   5 Known Children:

  1. Thomas Gill
  2. John Gill (possibly John Gill died 16 Sept. 1826 aged 43 years - b1783, in Fishing Ck. Graveyard)
  3. unknown
  4. unknown
  5. unknown

5. William Gill b1754 d>1800, married a Hamilton born c1755 (ibid) Mrs. Crowder states: Wm. Gill in 1800 census as >45 also wife >45. Not in father's will.

6. Thomas Gill, "Sr.", born 27 Aug. 1755 Lancaster, PA died York Co., SC 29 Sept. 1808, widow Agness (perhaps also married earlier to Nancy Barr?). Mrs. Hicks p12 lists 1745-1808 as a tombstone date for Thomas Gill married to "Agness". at Fishing Ck. Presbyterian Church. Mrs. Hicks, p12, also lists a tombstone date for a Thomas Gill as 20 Sept. 1808 in his 64th year (born 1744). The 64th year may be an after the fact error, or one of these may refer to another Thomas Gill. The 27 Aug. 1755 birth date must be a Bible record. I have no documented reference to Nancy Barr.

The Thomas Gill who married Rebekah Currey is not this Thomas Gill (FOC). FOC: there are clearly records of three early Thomas Gills.

Thomas Gill served in the 3rd Regiment from 1 July 1777 to 1 Mar. 1779 as a private and from 1 Mar. 1779 to 1 July 1781 as a Corporal. He was taken prisoner along with his brother Robert H. Gill at Black River, SC, but was later exchanged. Thomas & bro. Robert taken prisoners by British and carried to Camden, SC. Thos. released after 7 mos., Robert is reported by Mrs. Lesbia Ward Roberts to have died there.(p179 ibid).

The last three signatures in the indent file (above) look the same. The top signature does not look the same to me. This signature is on a separate paper in the file and requests that his indent be delivered to Capt. John Mills, so this is a Fishing Creek Thomas Gill, and I think the same one.

(Mr. Andrea #71; Thomas Gill was born 1755 (FOC: Thomas Gill "Jr.," born 1757 was the son of John Gill and wife Sarah) "Thomas Gill Sr. File #2833 lost a bay horse at Sumter's Rout and has a claim to have the bay horse paid for. It seems that all these Gills had bad luck with their horses when Sumter had his defeat. I have read with keen interest how they all were lost in that defeat and all lost horses or were placed in Camden Gaol."

1790 census Thomas Gill, adjacent to Robert Gill, 1 m >16, 1 m <16, 1 f, 1 slave.

(Mrs. Crowder): "Thomas Gill Estate File 21-318, Chester Co., SC, Thomas Gill died intestate in Chester Co., SC, Adm. bond sg. 1 Nov. 1808, Agness Gill, Admx. (Mrs. Hicks without reference, states that his estate was administered by Leonard Strait, Apr. 1986 p12) Bondsmen: Leonard Straight, Alexander Pagan, Robert Robinson. Appraisers: Josiah Porter, Andrew Downing, Robert Gill. Leonard Straight was guardian for Archibald Gill, a minor son of the deceased. A receipt "in full for my legacy in the estate of my deceased father" was signed 4 January 1819 by Archibald Gill (Mrs. Hicks states "that he was now of legal age"). There are no other receipts in the file. There is no list of heirs or division of the estate in the file. It may be that there is further evidence about this estate in the deeds, but I did not search there. Buyers at the sale: Agnes Gill & evidently the widow, Joseph Boyd, Francis Boyd, Peter Boyd, David Boyd, Samuel Gill, Philip Fox. From the Old Fishing Creek Churchyard: Thomas Gill died 20 Sept. 1808 in his 64th year (born 1745). This Thomas Gill is buried near Robert & Eleanor Gill & it is my opinion that he is the son of Robert and Eleanor. Certainly the Thomas Gill of the pension who married Hannah Cresswell is not the son of Thomas and Eleanor, for the families do not tally with Thomas' description in his pension."

(Andrea #129) Thomas Gill Estate Admst. 1 Nov. 1808 by Leonard Strait. Bond was signed by Alexander Pagan & Robert Robinson. Leonard Strait was named as guardian for the minor heir, Archibald Gill who on 27 Nov. 1819 stated he was now of legal age and Leonard Strait was released as guardian.

One Known Son of Thomas Gill

One male child in 1790 census.

  1. Archibald Gill born on or just before 27 Nov. 1798.  Archibald Gill had one child, Sara, by Mary Ann Mills, dau. of John Mills, Sr. [both buried at Fishingi Creek] and sister of Col. John Mills. Mary Ann later married William Wilson. The Will and a deed of Archibald Gill, Book J, page 188, gives his daughter a slave named Simon and she is referred to as SMills otherwise called Sally Gill. She married James Lilley . Her tombstone reads "Sarah Lilly, wife of James, died June 4, 1843 in her 59th year". Hence she was born in 1784 when Mary Ann Mills was 21 years old. There are other references to Mary Ann as the wife of Archibald Gill, but I suspect that they were not married but she had this child by him, which he acknowledged.. Her brother, Colonel John Mills, married Mary Gill, Archibald's sister. Mary Ann Mills married William Wilson (Mary Ann Wilson was born in 1763/4, and died 3 February 1799., buried at Fishing Creek.) and had John M. K.[Mills Kelso] Wilson, a daughter who married James McCullough, Elizabeth who married iJohn P. Clarke and moved to Alabama and Mississippi and and, Jane, who married John Millen. William Wilson was the executor of his father-ini-law, John Mills, Sr.'s estate. John Mills Sr., in his Will 1806 also left $50.00 to Sarah Gill, d/o Mary Wilson. Alice Algood  9 March 2009

7. Capt. James Gill born c1755 died 25 July 1809, married c1780 Mary Louise Gaston d23 Jan. 1829. Mrs. Roberts states that he died intestate, and that Mary Louise Gaston (died 1829 York Co.) was a daughter of Capt. Wm. Gaston, Capt. in the Revolution. Mrs. Crowder asks were two Capt. James Gills in the Revolution? (FOC: definitely two, James Gill married Mary Gaston, and Samuel James Gill wife Mary; and Mr. Andrea thinks possibly three).

1785 James Gill from Robert Owen. Wit. Mary Gill, John Thompson, John Porter (Mrs. Hicks Apr. 1986 p9).

Mrs. Crowder states that James Gill witness to Deed in Deed Book A p182 sg. 3 Apr. 1787 Robert Gill & no dower of Chester Co. to John Gill & John Mills of same 300a sit. in Craven now York Co. on N. side of Broad R. on Love's Ck. a branch of Moore's Ck. being or granted to Wm. Love 3 Sept. 1753 & now in poss. of Robert Gill having been confirmed to Robt. Gill by SC grant 3 Feb 1775. Wit: James Gill, Richard Miles, Wm. Miles. Mrs. Crowder: The above James Gill was the Capt. James Gill buried in Bullock's Ck. Churchyard d25 July 1809 age 54 years (born 1755). According to the Reid Mss. he was son of Robert Gill 1720-1804 married Mary Gaston.

(Mr. Andrea #69) c1785 "Capt. James Gill of Chester Dist. & states he was in service under Capt. Robert Cooper under General Roebuck and dated in Camden Dist. He assigns his pay indent to either Wm. Milhous or Abraham Barron for collection. This may be the James Gill, II (James Gill, II, has a pay indent and he assigns it to Capt. Robert Cooper for collection, David Leech JP). I (Andrea) was confused by the same James Gill set of papers in the same file."

The James Gill in the 1790 census is Samuel James Gill, who had not yet married his wife Mary whom he married in Alabama. Therefore Capt. James Gill does not appear in the 1790 census. Either he was dead by 1790, or missed.

I do not seem to have a will or intestate record on James Gill married Mary Gaston. James Gill is buried at Bullocks Ck. Presbyterian Church in York Co., SC. (Mrs. Hicks says again see will of Mrs. Mary Gill, York Co., SC 1825)

(not positive to which James Gill this record applies) SC Land Grant Index II: James Gill 272 acres on Turkey Ck. in York Co., SC 6 Feb. 1809. (Mr. Andrea #14) James Gill a land plat in York)(children p174 ibid)

(Andrea record #79) Mrs. Mary Gill will sg. 20 Aug. 1825 pr. 14 Feb. 1829 in York Co., SC. She styles herself as Widow. Legatees: Dtr. Elizabeth w. of Thomas C. Taylor my lands at Fishing Ck. in Chester. Son. Wm. C. Gill in AL, son Thomas W. Gill in AL, "All my property I left in AL except my young mare and her mule colt to my sons: Wm. and Thomas in AL". My son James Gill in IL has had his share and I leave his portion from me to the children he had by his first wife: Washington Gill, Elvira Gill, & Mary Gill. "My home place to my grandson, James Gill son of John Gill", My grand daughters: Mary Gill and Eliza Gill dau.s of my son John Gill by his wife Nancy Gill and son James Gill by (my son John Gill and his) wife Nancy. Son John Gill the plantation where he now lives and he to be Ex. of my will with Wm. Jamison. Wit: Helena Jamison, Jane Purdy, & Robt. Wilson. (Andrea: "It seems that this Mary Gill may have been a widow of a John Gill, no proof." FOC: Andrea was incorrect on that guess)

1. James Gill, b<1804, adult by 1825. Probably James in Mr. Andrea record #123, "James Gill (Chester Co., SC) will sg. 17 Apr. 1848 pr. 1 Nov. 1853. No wife named. (somebody has written in pencil 'James Gill was born 1778') Ch: Lewis H. Gill, Sarah Gill wife of John Johnson, George W. Gill Ex., Amanda Gill wife of Hugh T. Johnson, Thomas Gill, John I.A. Gill a minor (when will was probated, John I.A. Gill signed as of legal age) Wit: David T. Gaston, Robert B. Gaston, Juliet G. Gaston.  Children of James Gill

  1. 1. Lewis H. Gill born <1827
  2. 2. Sarah Gill married John Johnson
  3. 3. George W. Gill born <1827
  4. 4. Amanda Gill married Hugh T. Johnson
  5. 5. Thomas Gill born <1827
  6. 6. John I.A. Gill born 1827 to 1832
  7. 2. Mary Gill born by 1825
  8. 3. Eliza Gill born by 1825

8. Margaret Gill born c1756 (may have???) married first David Morrow (who also may have married Margaret Kelsay born c1759 dau. of Samual Kelsey bc1720 & Susannah Mills (bc1821 in Ireland died 12 Sept. 1804 Chester Co., SC), 2nd Hugh Kelsey 1754-1817. Mrs. Roberts reports that according to some of her relatives in TX Margaret m. a David Morrow. A point of possible confusion is that Margaret Kelsey, sister of Samuel Kelsey, brother in law of Margaret Gill married a David Morrow. (p175 ibid) Mrs. Crowder states that there is no record in Chester Co., SC of Margaret.

9. Col. Archibald Gill (aka Mad Archie) born 16 Jan. 1757 Lancaster, PA, died 12 Oct. 1803, Fishing Ck., SC., married 1st Catherine Denton, married 2nd perhaps c1803 Mary Agnes Denton born 1765 died 1 Oct. 1815. (p174) Most prominent of Gill children, amassed quite a fortune, including several slaves, more than one sawmill, a plantation, a "cotton machine", and a celebrated fishery at the Falls of the Catawba.

1776: Archibald Gill achieved the rank of Colonel in the Revolution, in which he served throughout. He got the nickname "Mad Archie" after the massacre of Bufords Battle. He served in the sixth Regiment (SC?) during April 1776. He served throughout the revolution under a number of different commanders, losing a horse at Sumter's defeat (AA 2876, M332, Z83, NA246). Mrs. Roberts records that two wives are buried with him at Fishing Ck.: Catherine and Agnes Denton. His will states that he had Sarah by Mary Mills, apparently illegitimate. His will also refers to sons James, Robert, and daughters Sarah, Mary (Polly), Thomas, and Elinor (Gill) Kelsey) (p174, ibid)

1786 April 20 State against Archibald Gill: Came Daniel Brown, Gentleman, County Attorney in Behalf of the State and the Defendant in his proper person and thereupon came also a Jury (including John Gill) ... a Bill against the Deft. for a Trespass assault & Battery committed on the body of Robert Martin a Grand Juror and the Jury having retired & found him guilty of the Assault it is considered by the Court that the said Defendant make his fine by paying the sum of £8 and all Costs accruing from the Indictment that he the said Defendant in Mercy. (Min. Chester Ct. p36) 1786 Oct. 6 Archibald Gill served on the jury of court held at the House of John Walker, (Min Ches. Co. Ct. p69).

1788 Oct. 4 "Archibald Gill having committed a Trespass Assault and Battery on the Body of Daniel Brown, County Attorney came into Open Court with John Gill and George Gill, Junior, his securities entered into & Recognized themselves in the sums following that is to say the said Archibald Gill in the sum of £100 sterling and the said John Gill, junior, his security each the sum of £50 to be Recovered of the Goods and chattels Lands and Tenements with condition that the said Archibald Gill shall be of Good behavior to the Good People of the Commonwealth for the space of twelve months ensuing the Date hereof and much more so to the said Daniel Brown then this Recognizance to be Void otherwise to remain in full force power and Virtue and the same was Acknowledged in open Court & Ordered to be Recorded" (Mins. Ches.Ct. p110)

Archibald Gill deed to John McNeel, et al. (Mrs. Hicks p10). Archibald Gill & Mary Gill deed to David Williams.

(Andrea #139) Archibald Gill 2 Jan. 1799 receives a Deed from Charles & William Wall for a tract of land grtd. to Wm. Wall 29 Sept. 1769. Wit: John McCravey, John Steel, John Fetherstone.

1799 (Mr. Andrea's records #7) Archibald Gill three grants listed in SC Land Grants Index II on Little & Catawba Rivers 6 May & 6 June 1799. 6 May 1799 Archibald Gill 87 acres in Pickney Dist. State Land Grants Vol. 45 page 219.

(Mr. Andrea #66) (1784-1785) "Col.Archibald Gill File #2826 and his record is given always as Lt. but never as Capt. or Col. His title of Col. was in SC Militia after the Rev. or he may have secured it as a member of the Continental Line for data on Continental Lines are in Washington, DC files and not in Columbia. Archibald Gill lost a horse at defeat of Sumter and puts in claim for said horse and this was sworn to by Thomas and George Gill in Chester. (1784 or 1785). Mrs. Hicks states see 1817.

1800 Jan. 6. Archibald Gill received a state land grant for 153 acres and 253 acres, State Land Grants Vol. 46 (can't read my page no.) and Vol. 46 p179.

1803 (Andrea record #136) Col. Archibald Gill & Col. George Gill as executors of the estate of John Gill (Andrea: likely #117) 14 April 1803 Execute Deed to Samuel Gill of a tract of land originally granted to Richard Carrel (see #12) and conveyed by Carrell to Robert Gill who in turn conveyed it to the late John Gill. Wit: John Porter, John Thompson, Mary Gill. A duplicate of this same deed was executed to Robert Gill.

Andrea #130: Archibald Gill and no dower 31 April 1803 makes a deed to his daughter Sally Gill. Wit: Josiah Porter & Alexander Moore.

Andrea #135: Archibald Gill 21 Nov. 1803 Deed of Gift to my daughter Sally Mills. wit: Joseph Porter & Alexander Moore.

(Mr. Andrea's records #14) Archibald Gill 3 land plats in Camden Dist.

Archibald Gill, Will, Chester Co., SC sg. 4 Oct. 1803, Pr. 16 Nov. 1803, File 25-362. Archibald Gill names in his will: wife none mentioned and see their tombstones below; children: Robert Gill son "to have compleat Collegit education"; Sarah "My daughter which I had by Mary Mills .. negro boy Simeon which I have already give her by deed of gift (Mrs. Hicks lists her as Sarah Gill); James son negro girl Janey; Polly daughter negro childe George (she also appears as Mary); Thomas Gill brother and Ex. "to have care of my son James"; Eleanor Kelsey sister "to have care of my daughter Mary"; Col. George Gill Ex. and no relationship stated; Major John McKeown Ex. and no relationship stated; John McCreary Esq. Ex. and no relationship stated. (Mrs. Hicks lists executors as: Brother Thomas Gill, with George Gill, Maj. John McKoan, & John McCreavey). Wit: Mary Mills, Arthur Hicklin,Thomas Gill, Jno. McCreary."

"From Fishing Ck.Churchyard: Col. Archibald Gill, Col. 11th Regt. State Militia, died 12 Oct. 1803, age 46 years (born 1757). (Beside him?) Also near this spot the bodies of his two wives: Catherine and Agnes (no dates given on stones of his wives)(Mrs. Hicks p13 states "Agnes Gill born 1765 died aged 50 years (1815). Mrs. Crowder still: "This is the "Mad Archy" who was so called because of his anger when he saw the massacre of Buford's Battleground. A Rev. soldier and according to Mrs. Ellet, son of Robert and Elinor Gill."

Chester Dist. 19 Nov. 1817 George Gill as Admst. Estate of Col. Archibald Gill and on behalf of two heirs, Robert and Mary Gill VS. Catawba Land Co. concerning lands lent to the said Col. There were two Archibald Gills. DAR membership on Col. Archibald Gill by Mrs. SC Crawford Lowerville, SC states: Archibald Gill (Col.) 1757-1803 m. 2 in 1803 to Agnes Denton and by her had one child, Mary Gill 1803-94 m. 1824 to James Crawford. Mrs. Crawford of DAR descends thru Mary Gill Crawford. No other data in DAR file."


10. Elinor (Ellen, Eleanor) Gill b1757 died Wayne Co., TN 2 May 1812 at home of her dau. Sussannah (sic) Elinor Kelsey Gill, wife of cousin George Gill. Elinor Gill m. 2 May c1784 Samuel Kelsey, Jr. (born?? 2 May 1819 Wayne Co., TN) brother of wife of Robert Gill. Mrs. Ellet describes her adventures in the Revolution. SAP Kelsey lists her as his grandmother, the wife of Samuel Kelsey, Jr. (p175 ibid).

11. Mary Gill born Oct. 1758 PA died 29 Jan.1841 Chester Co., SC, married 21 May 1782 Col. John Mills (23 Mar. 1757-19 Mar. 1795, Rev. Sol.).

(Hist. Col. of Jos. Hab. Cp. of DAR -GA- Vol. II, Byrd, Atlanta 1910): Hook's Defeat.- When the Whigs approached at Hauk's defeat, they supposed they would find him about White's Mills, on Big Fishing Ck.: two of them got separated from the company (of Whigs) at that point, & wandered off to old John Gill's, where lived Mary Gill, his daughter, who afterwards became the wife of Capt. John Mills. Mary undertook to pilot them through the forest to the main road; the night was dark and the way intricate - she tied a white handkerchief around her neck and walked before them two miles to the road, & then bidding them God speed, returned alone. The men mistook the water in the pond for the camp of Hauk. Mary Gill was then interested for Mills. (Logan Manuscript)

She and her husband are buried in a vault at Fishing Ck. adjoining graves of his father and that of Samual Kelso, Sr. (1720-1796) and wife Susannah Mills Kelso who was John Mills Aunt, q.v. Mrs. Ellet describes Mary Gill's exploits in the Revolution and her romance with Capt. John Mills. Mary received a Revolutionary pension. She was with her sister Elinor and Elinor's husband Samual Kelsey in TN in 1812 (the year they moved from Chester Co. to TN) which also was the year of the earthquake. Apparently she later returned to SC.

Mary Gill Mill's children were:

  1. Thomas Sumpter Mills (8 Mar. 1783-Sept. 1832), a physician in Pendleton Dist.
  2. Robert Mills (31 Oct. 1784-5 Oct. 1785) and buried at Fishing Ck.
  3. Maj. Robt. Gill Mills (27 Dec. 1786-8 Feb. 1842) an attorney and member of the State Legislature who married Prudence Salina Neely (21 Sept. 1809-21 Aug. 1841) both of whom are buried at Fishing Ck. Church
  4. Mary Mills (20 Apr. 1789-10 Mar. 1852) married 1st Alexander Pagan, Jr. (bc1779), 2nd John (21 Dec. 1791-31 Jan. 1826) who was an attorney and is buried at Fishing Ck. Church, and Alexander Pagan Gill (9 Nov. 1794-19 July 1797) (p175 ibid). Alexander Pagan was the son of James Pagan, widow Mary, whose estate is listed on the Judgement Roll #149 31 March 1807.

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