Early York District, So. Carolina Deeds--GILL Book G, Page 538, No. 877, 11 May 1813

Grantor: John GILL & Hanna GILL, his wife of the one part, both at Chester District and Mary GILL of York District of the other part, whereas the said John GILL by his bond or obligation bearing equal date with these presents stands bounds to the said Mary GILL her heirs.......in the sum of one hundred and forty dollars with a condition thereunder written for the payment of seventy dollars for legal interest for the same on or beforethe first day of October next insuring the date hereof...that for the better securing the said sum of seventy dollars...doth grant or sell unto said Mary GILL all that tract... of land...in York District on the waters of Fishing Creek, Beginning at a maple David Jackson corner thence...on Samuel CURRY'S corner, thence....with S. CURRY and Jane McWHORTER line....containing 102 acres....If the said John GILL & Hanna GILL....shall well and truly pay....Mary GILL...the full sum of seventy dollars....everything herein...shall be void....

In the presence of :

Francis CURRY /s/ John GILL (his mark)

Thomas W. GILL Hannah GILL (her mark)

The Mary Gill mentioned here, I feel, is the widow of my great great grandfather George Gill, Sr. She was still living at the time in Madisonville, KY and had dispatched her son Josephus (Joseph) to transact her business in SC under a power of attorney. Josephus married and left Madisonville in, I believe, 1819 for Howard Co., MO. Mary died in 1825 and is buried in Rose Creek Cem. in Madisonville.

Thomas and John were brothers who married CURRY sisters and Mary would be the brother's step-mother.

I made a typo in my e-mail of 10/10/03; My father died in 1962 instad of 1942. His mother, was Martha Ann Clark, a daughter of Jotham Clark. One of her sisters lived to the ripe old age of 107 years.

George Gill, Sr and his secon wife, Mary ??. George and Mary had the following children

My information comes from my father who died in 1942 at the age of 93; Twyla Gill Wright, author of "Latchstrings", now also deceased; Bud Mueller husband of Paula Gill , a descendent of Samuel Curry Gill, and resides in Trinidad, CA; and Lt-cmdr. Mark Bennett Guevarra.. I may also be distant relative of yours. My Great grand father was Jotham Clark, b. May 27, 1793, in Holliston, Middlesex Co., MA, the son of Bulah Clark, a daughter of Naham and Mary Stearns Clark.  I am 85 years old and have been researching for more than 40 years

Thomas GILL born 1762 was the son of my great-great grandfather, George GILL, Sr., of the Fishing Creek GILLS, AND A HALF BROTHER TO MY GREAT-GRAND-FATHER, William Gill, of Sullivan Co., IN. He was a full brother of Abraham GILL

Ed Gill

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