Old Stephen Gill

of York County (York River), Virginia (near Williamsburg)

(I) Stephen Gill b<1615 d1653 "of Charles River in Virginia", York County, a "Chirurgeon" (archaic for surgeon), (signed by mark like $), married the widow Ann Toppin before 1636 in Virginia.  Note that a Chirurgeon of this era was simply an uneducated person who whacked off diseased limbs!  This man could not even sign his name!  He was not an educated physician of today, however, Charles McDaniel has pointed out that he did have books in his estate inventory..

Stephen Gill patented in 1636 land in Charles River County (York), VA, and land on Queen's Creek.

He bought land in Charles River County, VA in 1638, and land in Charles River County, VA. upon Queens Cr. and at head of Maide Swamp. In 1640 he signed by both hisSmark and hisXmark in extant records. Stephen Gill was ill in 1645/6 when he paid a bill "FER Diett lodging Phissicke & Attendance in the tyme of his sickness 1000" Lbs. About 1646 he signed by hisGmark.. 1648 Stephen Gill confessed judgement of James Goodwin for 443 Lbs. tobo (tobacco) in York Co.  (Goodwins and Gills intermarried in Richland Co., SC)

He is referred to as Captain Stephen Gill in 1651, and in 1651 May 6 Capt. Stephen Gill was granted 900 acres in Northumberland Co. NWd of Fleets Bay, NNE Gill's Ck., for transportation of 9 persons. Fleet's Bay must adjoin what was subsequently called Fleet's Point, which is the easternmost point of the Great Wicomoco River, which land grant more or less cements the Northumberland Co. Thomas Gill as an undocumented son of Stephen Gill, as this is precisely where Thomas Gill resided! Stephen Gill was a "justice" of York in 1652, and in 1652 a "Commissioner for County Court." 1652 July 3, George Gill, Wm. Cooks, & Robt. Lewis mentioned as occupying land of John Utie, divided by Queen's Ck., York Co. (CP p278). This proximity suggests that George Gill was a son of Stephen Gill. Can anyone prove this with a deed? Stephen Gill was a Burgess in 1653.

From Charles McDaniel:

Inventory proved York Co., Va. 9 Aug 1653, personal estate valued at 33,599 lbs. tobacco in York Co. Records, Deeds, Wills, Etc. v I (1653). Reprinted in William & Mary Quarterly Series 2, v. 18, p. 232. Furniture, linen, woolens, clothing, pewter (including 19 spoons, porrigers, 4 chamberpots, many others), 2 dz. wooden trenchers, 14 dozen gold and silver buttons, all sizes of pots and hooks, dozens of other kitchen furnishings. A parcel of old books.

House of Burgesses Journal (Va. from 1619), H. R. McIlwaine editor, 1915: pp. xxi, 11, 21 & 74. This was accessed on line: http://archive.org/stream/journalsofhousb1619virg One of 3 rep. York Co.

Cavaliers and Pioneers, v. 1, Nugent: pp. 52, 122, 134, 142, 178. Land grants from 25 a. to 2,500 a. He was identified at different times as Lieut., Captain, and Gentleman

Overseers of his will were friends *Capt. William Taylor and Mr. Francis Morgan. Appraisal of estate: 2 Aug 1653: Mr. Henry Lee, Mr. Robert Booth, Capt. Ralph Langley, and *Mr. William ffelgate. Several of these men are listed in the book Virginia Immigrants and Adventurers 1607-1635 by Martha McCartney, 2007. He also had dealings with John Utey of the Society of Southampton. Booths, Langleys and Morgains are mentioned in that reference. Gill’s earliest patent was dated 1636 but there is a reference to a previous patent not found

1653 Stephen Gill will recorded (proved) in York Co., VA: will of Stephen hisXmark Gill: son Stephen to have plantacon (sic) he now lives on, all rest of my visible estate to be equally divided after debts paid between wife & children; Capt. Wm. Taylor and Mr. Francis Morgan overseers, wife to have the governoring & tuition of children till they come of 18 years of age. Dated 15 July 1646. Capt. Stephen Gill's inventory, values 33,559 pd. tob. 2 Aug. 1653.

Possible Children of Stephen Gill: only Stephen Gill is named (the will otherwise states only "children"), Probable sons: George Gill- New Kent, by proximity, Peter Gill of New Kent Co. and Charles City Co. by virtue of proximity, Thomas Gill - Northumberland, almost definitely a son, as he lived on land granted to Stephen Gill!, David Gill - Mattapony Neck, possibly by proximity.

1. (II) Stephen Gill born before 1632 died after 1663, only named son of old Stephen Gill, Chirurgeon.  Register of St. Peter's Parish, pages 41-60, New Kent Co. VA Stephen Gill Departed this Life March ye 14th, 1709. (courtesy of Tina Ellis)(Register of St. Peter's Parish, pages 41-60, New Kent Co. VA)  I do not know for sure if this is the same Stephen Gill.

2. (II) George Gill, Sr., born before 1621 died c1677? York Co., VA, attorney, lived on land adjacent to John Utie, New Kent Co., and therefore immediately adjacent to old Stephen Gill. George Gill appears of record from 1642 through 1682 (40 years) with the last records in Henrico Co. George Gill, will probated in York Co., after 1677 (Mrs. Clark p66). More detail in document on Virginia Gills.  One identified child.

3. (II) Peter Gill born before 1634 died after 1665, of New Kent Co. & Charles City Co. Possible son of old Stephen Gill by virtue of close proximity. Married 1st a ___ Walker, 2nd a ___ Hughs.  Children of Peter Gill.

4. (II) David Gill born before 1648 died after 1717 of "Mattapony Neck," Northumberland Co.  John Scott Davenport says there are place names called Mattapony Neck in Northumberland Co. and Charles City Co.  He writes: "Strangely enough, Mattaponi Neck was not in Pamunkey Neck. but was the land between the Chickahominy and the James River in Charles City County, if I have my facts straight. I encountered it several times in studying Virginia Land Patents. Mattaponi, pronounced Ma-ta-PO-nye, was the ancient name of one of the tribes of the Powhatan Confederation, and at the time of English settlement of Jamestown in 1607 was centered up the James River in the neck of the confluence of the Chickahominy with the James. The Mattaponis were one of the first tribes to be decimated and dislodged by the English. They retreated northward. Their village relocated to Pamunkey Neck, where it became a satellite of the Pamunkey village of Romaquok (now called Romacoke). Today the Pamunkeys have a reservation of 1200 acres on a semi-island in the Pamunkey River, and the Mattaponis have reservation of 120 acres north of the Pamunkeys on the Mattaponi River. Both reservations are in King William County. The Pamunkeys number no more than 90 and the Mattaponis probably do not exceed a dozen. Both tribes have been virtually devoid of more than an infinitesimal amount of Indian blood for more than a 100 years, but that's another story. There was also a Mattaponi River of small moment on the Eastern Shore, and a Mattaponi Creek in Westmoreland County.  Alas, there was also a Mattaponi Neck in Northumberland Co., that emptied into the Potomac, and it appears it was on this one that David Gill resided."

5. (II) Thomas Gill born before or c1651 died 1707/8, of Northumberland Co. resided on land granted to old Stephen Gill (can someone prove this with a deed?).

Land Office Patents & Grants/Northern Neck Grants & Surveys : CATALOG CARD

GRANTEE Gill, Thomas. grantee.

DATE 3 April 1705.

NOTE Location: Northumberland County.

NOTE Description: 138 acres (escheat land 20 acres formerly belonging to Tho. Read, decd &c. as abovestated.) Beg.g &c. to a parcel of land, now in possession of George Downing by the side of the road leading over Turky Cock Hill.

NOTE Source: Northern Neck Grants No. 3, 1703-1710, p. 93 (Reel 288).

NOTE Part of the index to recorded copies of land grants issued by the agents of the Fairfax Proprietary between 1690 and 1781 and by the Commonwealth between 1786 and 1874. Original and recorded surveys are also indexed when available. The collection is housed in the Archives at the Library of Virginia.

OTHER FORMAT Available on microfilm. Northern Neck Grants, reels 288-311.

SUBJECT Land titles -- Registration and transfer -- Virginia -- Northumberland County.

SUBJECT Northumberland County (Va.) -- History -- 18th century.

SUBJECT Land grants -- Virginia -- Northumberland County. aat.


ADDED ENTRY Downing, George.

ADDED ENTRY Northern Neck Land Office. Northern Neck grants, 1690-1874.

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