Thomas Gill (1762 PA - 1843 SC) and Rebekah Curry (c1769 VA-c1851 NC).  Thomas Gill, US National Archives Revolutionary War Pension Application #W3-978, was born in 1762 in Pennsylvania. He served as a private in the Revolution under Capt. James Gill and also under Capt. John Mills. He died 16 Dec. 1839 in York Co., SC. His revolutionary war pension was allowed. He wed 27 June 1793 to Rebekah (Rebecca) Curry who in 1843 gave her age as 73 years (born c1770, FOC).  She was a resident of Buncombe Co., NC in 1856 and stated that she had removed there in 1846. Names of children not given. Andrea record #177  Was Rebekah Curry originally from Buncombe Co., NC, and does this provide a clue to the origin of this Thomas Gill? This Thomas Gill served in the Revolution under Capt. James Gill and Capt. John Mills. He is the only Thomas Gill who claims service under Capt. James Gill. He would have been 28 in 1790, but according to the revolutionary pension application, did not marry until 1793. There really is no documentation as to whom this Thomas Gill belongs. My surmise is that he is an undocumented son of old William Gill 1714->1788, about whom we know little. Probably he is not present in the 1790 census as he was as yet unmarried.  The image below is his undated signature in a revolutionary war indent in the SCDAH, c1785.

The following was found and submitted by Sheila Evans, and copyright to her.  Beware the Ides of March and data that is not primary data!  We are here merely making available all that we can find.

Re: Thomas GILL ma. Rebecca CURRY 27 Jun 1793 : Using Virgil White's Abstractsof Rev War 1351.

3 children named: Jinsey Ca....n b. 19 Nov 1794; George GILL b. 23 Jun 1798, Melinda b. 1 July 1804 and ...illegible ...b 1806...evidently all born in Chester or York District.  (Note by FOC, this list of children does not, I repeat does not, contain the "Samuel Curry Gill" born 1797 in SC listed below.  We need to get an original copy of this application.)  Samual Curry Gill may have been named for Rebekah Curry and not her child.  This was common in this area in this time frame -FOC.

US National Archives Revolutionary War Pension Application of Thomas Gill:

Thomas, Rebecca, W3978, SC Line, sol appl 18 Oct 1832 York Dist SC aged 69 yr 10 m, sol b in 1762 PA, sol lived in Chester Dist SC at enl, sol d 16 Dec 1839, wid appl 31 Dec 1843 York Dist SC aged 74 yr, sol m Rebekah CURRY 27 Jun 1793, children shown were; Jinsey Ca???n b. 19 Nov 1794, George b 23 Jun 1798, Melinda b 1 Jul 1804 & illegible name b. 1806....

This application states that Thomas Gill was born in 1762 in Pennsylvania, and that Rebekah Curry Gill was born c1769.

______note by FOC, in the records below that Sheila found, probably are contained all records of several Thomas Gills. Again, we include them all for completeness.  Please use caution!  

South Carolina Roster - Soldiers pg 357

GILL, THOMAS W3978 b. 1762 PA d. 16 Dec. 1839 ma. Rebecca Curry, 27 June 1793. He entered service under Capt. JAMES GILL and Maj. ADAIR during June 1779 or 1780 and was sent out against CUNNINGHAM. Next, he was under Capt. John MILLS as a ranger.


Just another note re: the name THOMAS GILL

Thomas GILL Pvt. 3rd SC, died 12-2-1776 ** I don't have the ref. here. But he is the same Thomas GILL also noted in the South Carolina Roster pg 357. reads as:

GILL, THOMAS d. 2 December 1776. He enlisted in the Second Regiment on 4 November 1775. N.A. 853.

another THOMAS GILL under Capt James GILL during 1782: South Carolina Roster, pg. 357 reads as:

GILL, THOMAS Jr. - He served 28 days in the militia under Capt. James GILL during 1782. A.A. 2834; I263.

I did not (Yet) copy the above references, I used the pg. 357 SC to cross reference w/Virgil White's List and the DAR Centennial lists.

Buncombe Co., NC will of Rebekah Curry Gill

Posted by  B. K. HALL <> on Wed, 27 Sep 2000, in response to George Gill, posted by Frank O. Clark on Tue, 12 Sep 2000


Frank, we lucked onto an abstract of the will of Rebecca Gill, who might be our George Gill's mother. Does Rebecca Gill, who was 78 in the 1850 census (and living with A.J. Gill, 36 in the 1850 cen., in Buncombe Co, NC) and A.J. Gill come up in any of your Chester Co., Gills?

Here is what we found: alob, vol. X #4, p. 89-37: "p. 151. 13 oct. 1851. I, Rebecca Gill, being weak in body but of sound mind and memory, do make this my last will & testament. I have seen cause to dispose of my property in the following manner, viz: four of my grandchildren Mary E. N. Gill, Lorena Olevia Gill, Rebecca Emoretta Gill & Viloet Erminta Gill to have one bay mare and one year old colt. (No executor named). Wit: G.E.D. Garrison & A. J. Gill signed Rebecca x Gill. Proved in open court by A. J. Gill this Dec. Term 1851 and ordered to be recorded. Certified by R. B. Vance, clk."

Needless to say, we were thrilled to come across this-to confirm our rebecca emoretta's (& her sisters) names, and to tell us George Gill's mothers name. Again, thank you for your time and for checking your gill records for us.

I have never been able to document this Thomas Gill as kin to the other Gills who lived in Fishing Creek, Chester Co., SC.

Documented Children of Thomas Gill married to Rebekah Curry

  1. Jinsey Gill born 19 Nov. 1793
  2. George Gill born 23 June 1798
  3. Melinda Gill born 1 July 1804
  4. illegible Gill born 1806

Possible child, not documented

    5?. Samuel Curry Gill born c1797 SC died 1857 married Susan Ewing.  He apparently is not mentioned in the revolutionary war pension application above - W3978.  He would apparently be child number two, if he is a son.

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