A STATEMENT of the names of all the pensioners for services during the revolutionary war, pensioned under the act of Congress of the 18th March, 1818, whose names were struck off by virtue of the act of 1st May, 1820, specifying those restored to pensions by the act of 1st March, 1823, or since again pensioned under the act of 15th May, 1828, the act of June 7, 1832, or any other act of Congress subsequent to that of the 1st May, 1820, prepared in conformity with a resolution of the House of Representatives of the United States of the 17th December, 1835.

Name State Roll Act(s) Under Which Restored Remarks

Gill, Obadiah Vermont March 1, 1823 [none]

Gill, William Vermont March 1, 1823 [none]

Source: Letter from the Secretary of War, transmitting a list of the names of pensioners, under the act of 18th of March, 1818, whose names were struck off the list by act of 1st May, 1820, and subsequently restored, &c., &c. February 25, 1836.

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