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BALL BARTHOLOMEW BALL died in Beaufort District around 1780 according to two unpublished, undocumented sources. I am seeking verification of this. BARTHOLOMEW BALL was the father of SAMPSON BALL who died in Beaufort District ing 1815. Any help is appreciated. As Hampton was formed from Beaufort, might there be a record in your county of his death? Any help appreciated. (3/18/97) M. Miller
BALL SAMPSON BALL died in Beaufort District in 1815, the father of 12 children. Their mother was presumably possibly with his third wife, MARGARET SHIELDS LAURENS, a widow of MD whom he married somewhere in SC. I am seeking the identities of the children as well as the place of his marrige to Margaret. SAMPSON BALL married MARGARET SHIELDS LAURENS was said to have been in Beaufort District after their marriage. His property lay in the portion of Beaufort District that was cut off to form Hampton Co. Are there records in your county for this couple? I am seeking the names of his children, other pertinent information re him. Was the EDWARD BALL who died in Beaufort/Hampton/Allendale in 1823 the son of SAMPSON BALL and MARGARET LAURENS? Who were his siblings? Any help will be appreciated. (3/18/97) M. Miller
BARNES Mary Ann BARNES b 1813/14 in Beaufort County ? married James S. HUGHEY b 1809/15 Children were: 1. Holland Elizabeth b 1834/5 married Henry P. BELGER 2. William R. b 1834/39 married Georgia Lane (12/30/98 9:41:03 AM) Jim Strickland
BARNES am looking for information on Edwin Barnes b 1817 in North Carolina. Later moved to Hampton county area. He was married to Susan Tindall. Edwin was listed as a railway section master on the 1880 census in Goethe township.  His son Wade Barnes was a storeowner and blacksmith in Crockettville .  Any information appreciated.  27 Sept. 2003 Patty Starling
Barrs Seeking information on Barrs from 1750's forward. James Barrs arrived in Charles Town, SC 1768 and family ended up in Macon, GA in 1800. Thanks! (9/19/99 10:38:58 AM) Al Barrs
BARTILLER BARTELLAR I'm searching for a Bartiller or Bartcellar Daniel from SC. born around 1818 or 1811 in March. I'm really not sure if he's even from Hampton County but I had come across an interesting site with familiar family names and thought I would give this a shot.  27 Sept. 2003 S. Armand
BEASLEY My new query is for the Beasley line. My paternal great-grandmother was Cecelia (Celia) Beasley. She married George Pinckney "Pink" Ferguson in about 1880?. They had four children that I am aware of. George, James, Jacob (my line) and Dovie who married a Donahue. I am in contact with many of these lines, but cannot find anything on Ceclia - She died in Florida while living with the George Ferguson family in about 1930's.  Jan. 2004 Cindy Jones
BECKETT I am doing a family history search, and the information I have starts with Jeremiah (Jerry) Beckett. On the 1920 cencus report he was 45 years old which means he was born in 1875. His wife Eliza was also born in 1875. They lived in Hampton County, SC. I believe they were both born there also. I do know my Grandmother Inez Beckett Andrews was born in Hampton County. A town called Estill. My Grandfather Mackie Andrews also came from Estill. He was born in 1893. Their are many Becketts still living in Estill today. Also many were on the 1920 cencus report and listed some as Black, White, and many Mulatto. Please list my information. Hopefully this sounds familiar to someone. Also Good Hope Baptist Church seems to be the family Church. (11/5/98 9:43:28 PM) T. Carter
BELGER Susan Anne Belger, b. Oct. 31, 1871, d. Dec. 8, 1967, was married to George Washington Nix. Susan is buried in St. Paul Cemetery in Hampton. Her mother's maiden name was Johnson. I am looking for any information about Susan's ancestors. (11/2/97 12:01:59 PM) Joseph Parker
BENEKIN Looking for information on Cesar Benekin(birthdate and date of death unknown), who served in the 104th Regiment of the United States Colored Infrantry organized in Beaufort April 1865 and stationed all over South Carolina until February 1866. I have sent for further information from the National Archives but I am in need of other pertinent information if possible (4/14/99 11:02:12 AM) Mario Bennekin
BENNETT Seeking information on the family of JACOB BENNETT b. abt 1848 SC and his wife, LAURA KICKLIGHTER b. abt 1858. The family is found in the 1880 Colleton Dist. SC census, but their children were born in HAMPTON District in the mid 1870's where I presume Jacob and his wife were married. Children: (1) Daniel W. Bennett b. 1875; (2) Joseph W. b. abt 1876; (3) Charles P. b. abt 1878; (4) Daisy A. b. abt 1880, and Frank b. abt 1885. Any information about this family would be most appreciated.  Hampton Dist., SC Surnames: BENNETT, KICKLIGHTER, TAYLOR.  27 Sept. 2003 Jan Lowry
BENNETT Searching for information on Lonnie Bennett, born 1891 in Hampton County. Father William M. Bennett, mother Martha E.. Lonnie's Mother may have been Lightsey or Weekly.  Jan. 2004 Joanne Ince

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BENTON Looking for parents of Meshack Benton b 1840 d 1909 Hampton Co, SC. Married Anne O'Quinn ca 1865. Children were: George, Lige, Lizzie, Susan, Josephine, Catherine, Sarah, Alice, Bell, Margaret and one dau who died young. Any help appreciated. Thanks. (8/22/99 6:35:54 PM) Terry G. Britt
BING I am looking for information for Julius Bing born in Robertsville, S.C. 1836. Died in Charleston, S.C. 1892 listed as Quadroon (one white parent & one mulatto parent). City directories of Charleston list him living with Adophus, James, William and Henry. I believe these are relatives. I found adolphus was born in 1840 - could be brother or cousin. (2/14/00 7:20:31 PM) B. Kling
BISHOP information on the bishop family or book: bishop family 1785 - 1985 compiler/editor charles lawrence bishop. his book is supposed to be in the hampton county library. June 2004 marlene muzii
BLACK I am looking for any one who may be interested in a picture of Jim Black of YEMASSEE. Picture was taken in 1918. 3 Sept. 2007 Sam D Houston
BLAKEWOOD Looking for Blakewood and McKenzie names in Luray and Estill, SC 1850 to 1870. Looking for Plantation/Farm/Home "Cubbage Hill" where Sarah Arabelle McKenzie was born: April 17, 1860. Estill, SC a farm with Blakewood or McKenzie family connections 1900 to 1930. Would there be any tax records from 1850 to 1930 listed as Blakewood or McKenzie?

I am researching family history with ties to Beaufort District, SC. St. Peter's Parish appears to be a starting point in the Blakewood family. Blakewood, James B. may be my great,great,great, grandfather. In the 1840 Census the last name is spelled Blackwood a possible eror in recording. Thaddues Porter Blakewood; Joseph Alonza Blakewood; Frederick Augustus Blakewood; Harry Byron Blakewood; down to myself Steven Andrew Blakewood are the descendants in proper order. I have copies of the SC Census of 1840, 1850, 1860, & 1870 with names Blackwood/Blakewood. During 1859 or before some of the Blakewood family moved to Savannah, Ga. My goal is to find when and where my Blakewood ancestors interred North America/US and from what country. I haven't found anything in the Ellis Island search. 16 Feb. 2003

Steven A. Blakewood
BOWER(S) I am searching for any information on Mattie Bower or Bowers. Born in this area around 1867. She is my maternal great grandmother. Her daughter Evelyn Garris was my grandmother. (6/17/98 7:46:22 PM) L. Daniels
BOWERS Looking for information on Bowers.My grandfather was Jacob Presler Bowers AKA Judge, Jake and Pa. I have records back to Giles Bowers but would like to go on back. any information would be helpful will share what I have. Thanks (3/30/99 8:49:58 PM) William M Bowers
BOWERS I am looking for information on Frank Bowers who married Alice Matthews
(mathews) I believe in Hampton County, SC.  I think her father was Ezekiel Matthews and her mother was Rebecca Rivers. Frank and Alice's child Wattie Lee Bowers was, I believe,  born in Hampton County October 9, 1886.  They had two daughters that may have also been born there, Eda Verd Bowers (Verdie) and Ellie Bowers.  Any information would be appreciated.  Frank, Alice, Wattie, Verdie and Ellie all died in Georgia, 1 April 2001
A. Baker
BOWERS I have been able to track down my family from Hampton County. I am the granddaughter of Theodore Kathleenn Peeples who married Ernest Hagwood Bowers. Do you have any info on this Bowers family? 17 Nov. 2006 Robin Bowers Hoffman
BOWERS CEMTERY Bowers -Can anyone give me information and driving directions to the Bowers Cemetery located in Hampton County?? I have noticed on the Family Search website that there are quite a few Bowers buried there and I would like to go "check it out". 12 April 2001 A. Baker
BONYNE John Bonyne is my father and I have not been able to find anything about him. He came to the US from Scotland and married my mother Eula Zezzie Brown. They were married in 1906 and lived for a time in Scotia,S.C. Their first child Marie was born in Scotia. 23 Oct. 2000 M. Richard
BONYNE I'm trying to get some info about my husband's grandmother (Zezzie Eula Brown Bonyne 8-5-1891 to 3-15-1978) who apparently grew up in Hampton County (Peeples?). Her parents were William M. Brown and Aley Ula Brown (5-30-1874 to 11-28-1950). His parents were William F. Brown (12-13-1834? to 1-30-1835? obviously not correct) and Vicey Brown (born about 1840). He was a farmer. I've got names of some of the children of both Williams, if that would help. 5 June 2010 Nan Pinckney Boyne
Breeland DeLoach Searching parentage, birth, death and burial of Hannah Bostick Breeland DeLoach, wife of David DeLoach (1774-1849) and same information on David DeLoach, probably St Peters Parish, Old Beaufort District, S.C. 15 April 2002 Charlie DeLoach
BRUNSON Are there tombstone transcriptions for Yemassee, SC? I am looking for Joseph Brunson who lived inYemassee. b. ca 1857, d. ca 1901. Any help appreciated (10/28/99 10:09:33 PM) E. Nowlin
BRUNSON I am looking for the parentage of my gGrandfather Thomas Jefferson Brunson b. 11/30/1841 d. 8/12/1913. He was married twice, the first to Elsie Riley, the second to Adeline Rebeka Thames. He is buried in the Beech Branch Baptist Church Cemetery. I have a fair amount of info on his children if anyone needs it. Any info on his parents or siblings would be much appreciated. (5/16/99 5:09:19 PM) M. Holcomb
BRUNSON I would like to locate the grave of SAMUEL C. BRUNSON (Mar. 22, 1817 - Mar. 4, 1884). He married CAROLINE JANE DAWSON (Sep. 28, 1823 - ul. 14, 1906) on Dec. 1, 1853. Children: THOMAS J. BRUNSON (Oct. 18, 1854 - Jul. 28, 1882) and AUGUSTA CAROLINE BRUNSON (Feb. 26, 1863 - Dec. 11, 1884). Samuel received mail at Lawtonville near Estill, SC, in April of 1883, the year before his death. 15 April 2002 Richard Byrd
BUNTON I'm looking for members of the Bunton family that resides in the Beaufort and Hampton areas. My grandfather was Herbert Bunton who lived in Beaufort. His wife was Corene Bunton. They had six children.. Herbert Lee Bunton, Ruby Bunton Cook, Albert Hal Bunton, William Ernest Bunton, Mary Bunton Bowdren, Andrew Bunton and deceased child Oliver Bunton. They have been known to be in the Walterboro area as well. My great grandfather was Andrew Bunton who died before I was born. My grandmother's maiden name was Long. Anyone with any information please let me know. (4/15/98 9:26:57 PM) L. Bunton Lowery

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