Cemetery on the Old Greenwood Plantation.

The author of Deep Enough for Ivory Bills - James Kilgo stumbled upuon the Deloach cemetery on the Old Plantation while doing resurch for his book.  Page 115 lists these transcripts of tombstones in the cemetary.

DeLoach, David died July 13, 1815 age 63

DeLoach, Rebeckah died Oct. 10, 1807 age 40 wife of David

Deloach, James died 1824 age 27

Deloach, Sarah died 1825 wife of James

Deloach, David infant died Feb. 1795

Deloach, Joseph infant died March 1805

Deloach, Eleovia died Nov. 27, 1822 age 18, she was the wife of William B. DeLoach

The Greenwood Plantation probably was near Stokes Bluff which is on the Savannah River perhaps here and between Allendale County. I tried to look under plantations to bring up any pictures of it but none I've seen. Hope this helps Yvonne DeLoach

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