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Black Swamp Cemetery is located near the small town of Garnett off Highway 119 North.  It is 1.3 miles from the Hampton County line.  There is a dirt road to the left, Black Creek Road.  The cemetery is located on this road on the right. Survey taken July 2001 by Ann Baker (abaker@aol.com).
These two plaques are on the fence at the entrance:
Black Swamp 
and Cemetery
Built in

In Loving Memory of
Benj. Martin
1842 - 1920
His Wife
Catherine M. Maner
1851 - 1881
Erected by their son
Benj. Martin, Jr.

This stone is at the front of the cemetery on the right:
This stone in reverent memory
Marks the Entrance to the 
Black Swamp Methodist Church
Built in 1790 and
Destroyed by Fire in 1968.

WIGGINS - HUNT (headstone)
Frederick Louis
son of
C. M. and J. M. Hunt
Sept. 27, 1918
Sept. 8, 1977

ROEBUCK (headstone)
Frank B.		Wilma B.
Nov. 7, 1904	Oct. 18, 1910
Sept. 14, 1975	Apr. 28, 1974
	June 18, 1936
Footstones:   F. B. R.     W. B. R
On back:
As for man, his days are grass: as a
flower of the field, so he flourisheth.
For the wind passeth over it, and it is 
gone; and the place thereof shall know it
no more.
But the Mercy of the Lord is from ever-
lasting to everlasting upon them that fear
Him, and his righteousness unto children's
children.	Psalms 103-15:16:17

Edwin Eugene Hollenback
Major United States Army
March 5, 1874 - August 14, 1943
He served in France in World War One
and is buried in
Arlington National Cemetery

MALLARD (headstone)
John Boyd Mallard
1899 - 1986
"I hope to see my pilot Face to Face
when I have crossed the Bar."

Ella Hollenback
1898 - 1972
Beloved wife of
John Boyd Mallard

Katie Lederach Moyer  
wife of 
Edwin Eugene Hollenback
March 20, 1876
May 30, 1967

14 April 1954	7 March 1990
Here Beneath
Lie the Ashes of
John Boyd Mallard, III
Beloved, and only, son
John B., Jr. and Anne O. Mallard

Anne Farrington
5 Apr. 1927 - 18 Oct. 1982
Beloved Wife of 
John Boyd Mallard, Jr.

John Ball Tison
Aug. 15, 1920
Sept. 27, 1980

Martha O'Brien Tison
Jan 10, 1923
Jan. 16, 1991

In Memory of
Rufus Wayne
Youngblood, III
Aug. 23, 1979
Aug. 25, 1979

TISON (large cross)
The Greatest of These is Love

Virginia Inglesby Tison
July 21, 1915
July 12, 1983

Southwood Smith Tison, Jr.
July 29, 1915
June 17, 1984

Edna Williamson Tyson
Wife of Henry Lawton
July 30, 1919
Mar. 13, 1982

Henry Lawton Tison
Feb. 17, 1918
Dec. 25, 1969

TISON (double stone)
God Is Love
Southwood S.	Catherine Arabella
Mar. 3, 1886	Smith
Mar. 31, 1961	June 18, 1886
		Oct. 19, 1969

Agnes King Tison
Sept. 26, 1913
Jan. 28, 1990

Joseph Southwood
June 23, 1943
January 27, 1998

Joseph T. Pender
Feb. 13, 1867
Aug. 19, 1926

1878 - 1920
"Woodman of the World" Memorial

RICHARDSON (headstone)
Mary T. Schairer
Mar. 20, 1887
Nov. 25, 1961

James C. Richardson, Jr.
Nov. 18, 1886
Feb. 7, 1943

Rose Schairer
June 13, 1891
Jan. 15, 1984

CAUSEY (headstone)
Blanche Elizabeth
1917 - 1986

Jesse  F. Causey
Nov. 10, 1885
Oct. 11, 1943

Carolyn Richardson
Aug. 14, 1889
Feb. 5, 1971

TISON (headstone)

John A. Tison
Mar. 5, 1861
Nov. 27, 1929

Elizabeth A. Lawton
Wife of
John A. Tison
Sept. 8 1867
Feb. 11, 1937

PATTERSON (double stone)
James O' Brannon, Sr.
March 15, 1915
January 10, 2000
Footstone: J.O.P
Annie Ulmer McKenzie
May 23, 1917
April 16, 1998
Footstone A. U. M. P.

LAWTON (headstone)

Brewton Sams
Lawton, Jr.
May 5, 1911
July 19, 1911

Maner Soule
Apr. 20, 1914
Mar. 10, 1915

Marion S. Lawton
Aug. 10, 1883
Sept. 17, 1973
The Gospel of A Life Like Hers
Is more than Books or Scrolls.

Brewton Sams Lawton
July 3, 1878
Oct. 17, 1929
God's finger touched him
and he slept.

Large Stone: MANER
On back:
Being last thought how sweet to rest
Forever on my Savior's breast.

Adelaide Sams Maner
Daughter of 
James King &
Caroline Lawton Maner
Born June 25, 1903 - Garnett, S.C.
Died Feb. 24, 1978  - Garnett, S.C.

James King Maner
Husband of
Caroline Lawton Maner
Son of
William Francis &
Elizabeth King Maner
Born Oct. 24, 1852 - Garnett, S. C,
Died Apr. 10, 1911 - Garnett, S.C.

Caroline Lawton Maner
Wife of
James King Maner
Daughter of
Maner Soule &
Adelaide Sams Lawton
Born Apr. 13, 1872 - Garnett, S.C.
Died Jan. 13, 1966 - Garnett, S. C.

Catherine Wyman Maner
Wife of
James King Maner
Daughter of 
Edward Holbrook &
Annie Weathersbee Wyman
Born Aug. 25, 1917 - Estill, S.C.
Died May 15, 1971 - Garnett, S. C.

James King Maner
Husband of
Catherine Wyman Maner
Son of
James King &
Caroline Lawton Maner
Born Mar. 24, 1905 - Garnett, S.C.
Died June 7, 1989 - Garnett, S. C.

Evelyn Smith Richardson
August 10, 1881
January 29, 1975
Wife of Henry Warren Richardson

Henry Warren Richardson
June 10, 1874
Feb. 27, 1949
Thy Will Be Done

Dorothy Batchelder Tison
Born February 5, 1892
Beaufort County, S.C.
Died March 11, 1981
The golden evening brightens in the
west, soon, soon to faithful warriors
cometh rest sweet is the calling
Paradise the blest.
Alleluia Alleluia

Edgar Wartmann Tison
Beloved Husband of 
Dorothy Batchelder
Dec. 1, 1890
Mar. 31, 1941
Warm summer sun shine kindly here,
Soft southern breeze blow gently here,
Green sod above light, lie light
Goodnight dear hear goodnight, goodnight

RILEY (headstone)

William Jefferson Riley
Son of
G. M. R. & R. H. R. 
November 26, 1908 
August 26, 2001

Birtie Robbins Riley
Wife of
William Jefferson Riley
August 12, 1905
October 25, 1997

Infant Children
W. J. R .& B. R. R. 
Betty Elise - 1934
Infant Boy - 1936
Infant Boy - 1944

VINCENT (double stone)
Dr. Walter Dupelle
Nov. 8, 1877
July 28, 1956
He giveth his blessed sleep.
Psalms CXXVII:2
Footstone: W.D.V.

Sue Lawton
Nov. 8 1886
Mar. 26, 1956
Be thou faithful unto death
And I will give thee a crown.
Rev. 11:10
Footstone: S.L.V.

Warren Lawton
Son of
W. D. and Sue L. Vincent
May 13, 1912 - May 30, 1913

Marshall Wade
Apr. 21, 1888
Dec. 18, 1918
Footstone: M. W. K.
Footstone: Marshall

Eula Lawton King
March 2, 1892
February 8, 1989
Wife of Marshall Wade King
Footstone: Miss Eula

William Henry Lawton
May 11, 1861 - Aug. 24, 1922
His wife
Mary Elma Wiggins
Jan. 21, 1860 - Feb. 26, 1957

Arrie Maner Lawton
Nov. 24, 1888
July 22, 1967
Footstone: "Sister"

Engraved "R"
George Miles Riley
Jan. 17, 1870 - Jan. 22, 1927
His wife
Rosa Hogarth
July 30, 1875 - Mar. 5, 1949
The Lord Knoweth His Own.

Robert Fuessell
Son of
G. M. & Rosa H. Riley
Feb. 9, 1912
Aug. 30, 1935
Lord we thank thee
For the precious loan
Afforded us this long.

Roseva Hogarth Riley
Daughter of 
George Miles &
Rosa Hogarth Riley
Dec. 20, 1918
Jan. 8, 1991

Fred Collins
Son of
William Claude &
Evelyn Davis Husbands
Feb. 18, 1913

Julian Tison Brown
Nov. 18, 1912
Aug. 14, 1949
When the morning wakens
then may I arise
Pure and Fresh and Sinless
in thy Holy Eyes.

Adelaide Lawton Brown
January 16, 1910
December 19, 1998
I only know that I shall tread
The paths my dead have trod,
And where the hearts I love have gone
There I shall find my God.

Charles Tennent
Oct. 24, 1880 - Sept. 6, 1913
Surely goodness and mercy shall 
follow me all the days of my life
and I shall dwell in the house of
the Lord forever.

Jennie Tison Brown
Beloved wife of
Charles Tennant Brown
May 30, 1880
Dec. 7, 1966

James Chisolm Tison, Jr.
Rear Admiral US NOAA
July 23, 1908 - May 3, 1991
Husband of
Nan Keith Sinkler
Charleston, S. C. 
Nov. 2, 1909 - June 12, 1963
Father of
James Sinkler Tison
John Huger Tison

LAWTON (headstone)
On reverse:
Children of Manny & Peggy
Marion Russell, Jr. - Aug. 27, 1948
Margaret Doris - July 3, 1950
Brewton Wallace - June 23, 1954

Marion R. Lawton
Maj. U.S. Army
World War II
Mar 5 1918   Mar 19 1986
POW Author

Margaret Leech Lawton
Daughter of
Dr. & Mrs. A. Wallace Leech
Born Beaverdale, PA - December 24, 1917
September 15, 2000

Francis Joseph
Son of
M. S. and S. A. Lawton
Aug. 29, 1870
Nov. 5, 1885
Footstone: F. J. L.

Little Annie
Daughter of
M. S. & S. A. Lawton
Feb. 22, 1885
Dec. 27, 1891

Sarah Adelaide Sams
Wife of
Maner Soule Lawton
Mar. 1, 1849
Nov. 6, 1932
"Her children arise up
and call her blessed."

Maner Soule Lawton
Oct. 2, 1848,
Sept. 28, 1907.

Sacred to the memory
Joseph Maner Lawton
Born August 27, 1800
Died December 5, 1862
He was a member of the M.E.
Church thirty nine years.  He
was truly a devoted Christian,
a kind husband and an
affectionate father.

"Calm on the bosom of thy God.
Fair spirit rest thee now:
E're while on earth thy footstep trod,
His seal was on thy brow."

Ben T. Lawton
1832 - 1903

Eliza G. Lawton
Jan. 25, 1835
Apr. 1, 1921

Jane Lawton Bostick 
1870 - 1953

Lalla Vincent Tison
November 10, 1880
April 3, 1971

Julian Henry Tison
Eldest son of
Julian Allen
Agnes King Tison
Dec. 10, 1879
Aug. 12, 1935
"Mark the perfect man
and behold the upright:
for the end of that
man is peace."

(IhS cross)
Leontine Gadsen Mew
Wife of
Henry King Maner
March 26, 1879
May 29, 1976
Back of stone: 
My Jesus Mercy

(IhS cross)
Henry King Maner
Son of
Samuel Perry Maner
And Mary Ann Lawton
March 23, 1859
July 3, 1935
Back of stone:
My Jesus Mercy

Engraved "B"
Mary Asenath Lawton
Wife of
John Springs Baxter
Feb. 9, 1872 - Mar. 28, 1932
Simply To Thy Cross I Cling.

John Springs Baxter
July 2, 1866 - Feb. 21, 1945

Catherine Maner
Wife of 
John K. Garnett
July 16, 1856 - Aug. 27, 1898
"Asleep in Jesus, blessed sleep.
From which none ever wake to weep."

George Gibson Garnett
Son of J. E. & C. H. Garnett
July 31, 1864
Feb. 16, 1890
Take me as I am
my only plea.
Christ died for thee.

William John Lawton
Oct. 21, 1824,
Feb. 8, 1912.
The Lord Shall Be Thine
Everlasting Light.

Susan B. Maner
Wife of
W. J. Lawton,
Jan. 23, 1833 - Nov. 11, 1912
She Hath Done What She Could.

Clifford M. Lawton
Feb. 12, 1867
Jan. 7, 1938

Memory of
Catherine M. Martin
wife of
Ben Martin
Born Dec. 27th 1851
Died July 23rd 1881
In Jesus arms we laid her down
A lovely jewel for His Crown.

Benjamin Martin
April 29, 1842
March 3, 1920
A devoted husband and father
A faithful fried.
A gallant soldier for the Confederacy
A courteous Christian gentleman.
Confederate Cross

Son of
Ben & Catherine M.
Sept. 3rd 1878
Aug. 6th 1882

Daughter of 
Ben & Catherine M
May 2nd 1871
Oct. 7th 1874.

Ella Porter
Infant Daughter of
J. A. & A. M. Tison
Feb. 5, 1888 - Apr. 2, 1889.

On a stone at the foot of these graves:
In as much as ye have done it unto one of the
Least of these my brethren ye have done it unto me.

Julian A. Tison
Born Feb. 24, 1858
Died June 27, 1910.
"Woodman of the World" Memorial
Agnes King Lawton
Born March 17, 1855
Died Dec. 9, 1947
"in hoc signo vinces"

William King
1877 - 1944
Agnes Tison
"Until the Day Break and the Shadows Flee Away."

Mary Lawton
1910 - 1993
Beloved by all

1873 - 1928
1875 - 1964

Joseph M.
Beloved on of
E. M. & S. W. Lawton
Feb. 18, 1900
Dec. 10, 1918

James King Lawton
Col U.S. Army
World Wars I & II
Jul 3 1891   May 2 1979

Wallace W.
Feb. 27, 1864
Oct. 29, 1926.
The links of love and 
memory death can not sever

"Ella" (this was in a very fancy script not sure this is correct)
Elizabeth Thompson
Wife of 
Wallace W. Mallard
July 23, 1874 - May 6, 1900
"Beautiful as sweet; 
and young as beautiful and soft as young
and gay as soft, and innocent as gay."

Katherine Lawton
April 11, 1901
Feb. 21, 1973
She lives in the hearts of
Those who loved her.

John King 
Sept. 26, 1903
Feb. 13, 1981
Jesus Lover of my Soul

Arthur DeLacy Lawton
Born Feb. 6, 1869
Died Dec. 29, 1912

Wife of 
Jos. M. Lawton, Jr.
Born March 1st 1829
Died February 21st 1854
Aged 25 years.

Little Frankie
Son of
S. A. & Jos. M. Lawton, Jr.
Born May 15, 1848
Died Aug. 16, 1858

John G. Lawton
Departed This Life
October 18th 1853
Aged 29 Years.
(this is a large four sided monument on the other four sides are these names, I do not know their meaning)

To the memory of
Mary Catherine
Infant daughter of
J. G. & C. M. Lawton
Born 9th June 1850
Died 31st August 1850.

Jane E. Lawton
1834 - 1864

To the memory of
Ann Bolling Green
Who was born March 5, 1823
Married W. H. Lawton
Nov. 8, 1843
And died August 23, 1852.
She was for more than 8
years an exemplary member
of  the M. E. Church.
She left 5 small children
to struggle through a 
heartless and friendless world
without a mother's care.
Other side:
Sweet be thy sleep beneath the sod
And calm be thy repose
Thy spirit is I trust with God
Free from all griefs and woes.

Mary E.
Wife of 
W. R. Lawton
Jan. 23, 1859
Died Aug. 3, 1887.

Warren A. Lawton
Nov. 24 1853 - Aug. 15 1928.

Frank Maner
Son of
Wm. J. & S. M. Lawton
Born Sept. 14th 1864
Died June 7th 1865.

Susan Gulielma
Daughter of
Wm. J. & S. M. Lawton
June 26th 1875
March 3rd 1876
Safe in the Arms
of Jesus.

William J.
Lawton,  Jr.
Sept. 1, 1830
Jan. 11, 1934

BAXTER (headstone)

Edgeworth B. Baxter
South Carolina
2D Lt. Provost Guard Co
World War I
March 31 1895   June 2 1937

Audrey Counselman
Feb. 2, 1903
Sept. 28, 1936

Frank Price Patten
March 9, 1919
July 24, 1988

In Memory of
Carol L. Patten
Aug. 5, 1922
Nov. 2, 1983

Clifford L. Baxter
South Carolina
2D Lieutenant 66 Arty CAC
World War I
Nov 17 1893   March 12 1958

Ruth Ariail Baxter
March 24, 1896
March 16, 1992
Blessed Assurance

Mary Elizabeth Baxter
October 24, 1918
February 14, 1994

In Memory of
Clifford L. Baxter. Jr.
South Carolina
S2 U. S. Navy
World War II PH (purple heart)
Feb 22 1920   Aug 31 1942

Asleep in Jesus
Pickens Lawton
July 19, 1851
Oct. 18, 1902

John C. Lawton
1823 - 1870.

Henry Richardson
Jan. 26 1848   July 26 1919
Blessed are the pure in heart
for they shall see God.

Olin G. Lawton
Born Aug. 30, 1851
Died June 29, 1915
Peace Perfect Peace

Rosa Caroline
Wife of 
Joseph M. Lawton
Oct. 22, 1841
Aug. 22, 1916
Lovingly Remembered.

Infant Son 
E. M. & S. W. 

Infant Daughter
E. M. & S. W. 

Joseph M. 
Lawton, Jr.
Feb. 2, 1825
April 27, 1884
Blessed are the pure in heart
For they shall see God.

John King Garnett
Oct. 19, 1853.
Nov. 11, 1903.
If I ask Him to receive me,
Will He answer nay?
Not till earth and not till Heaven
pass away.

Ida Maner
Wife of
John King Garnett
Nov. 20, 1869
Jan. 10, 1909
And with the morn those angel faces smile
Which we have loved long since and lost awhile.

Infant Dau. Of
Mr. & Mrs. C. Maner
Feb. 17, 1949
Footstone: Infant

Elycher C. Maner
South Carolina
Sgt. BTRY A 117 Field ARTY
World War I
July 6 1897   March 7 1959

Mary Lou Baxter
July 4, 1907
April 30, 1990

Southwood S. Maner
June 9, 1867 - Jan. 9, 1914
Ever Near Us Though Unseen -
Is His Beloved and Gentle Presence

In Loving Memory of
Our Mother
Anna M. Salley
Wife of
William Francis Maner
July 16, 1835
May 19, 1922
Some day our hands shall clasp her hands
Just over in the Memory Lane.
Back of stone:
Peaceful rest with work well done.

William Francis Maner,
Jan. 12, 1816.
Dec. 23, 1901
Mark the Perfect Man and Behold the
Upright For the End of That Man is Peace

Elizabeth King Maner
March 27, 1861,
April 19, 1900.
Gentle and loving in life, 
In death thou art not forgotten.
Sleep on beloved sleep,
and take thy rest.
We loved thee well
But Jesus loved thee best.

Elizabeth K.
Wife of
William F. Maner
Born 24 Decr. 1827.
Died 20 Octr. 18, 1855

John M.
Son of
W. F. & E. M. Maner
July 10, 1855
Sept. 3, 1867.

Little Maud A.
Daughter of 
W. F .& A. M. Maner
Oct. 3, 1879
Mar. 1, 1880

Howard D. 
Son of
W. F. & A. M.  Maner
May 18, 1877
Nov. 1, 1881

Richard Henry Sams
Son of
Miles Brewton Sams
And Caroline Oswald
Born at Beaufort, S.C.
Oct. 22, 1850
Died Nov. 22, 1927
Footstone: R.H.S.

Annie Bolling
Daughter of
S. P. & M. A. Maner
Oct. 18, 1862
June 20, 1865

To the memory of
James Lawton
Son of
S. P. & M. A. Maner
June 25th 1857
May 16th 1858

On the 16th day of March 1806
Aged 53 years
Mr John Morgandollar
A truly pious man
The following lines written in 
memory of him by a Friend.
Go happy soul thy Saviour's call obey 
In praises join as time may roll away
In endless bliss thy days will be,
Compliant to all eternity.

Memory of
Mrs. Elizabeth Morgandollar
Who died Nov. 23rd 1808
In the 53rd year of her age.
Having in an exemplary
Manner performed the 
various duties
devolving on her as 
Wife, mother, mistress 
and above all as 
a Christian.
She departed, full of that
blessed hope that gospel
"To those sweet groves above
where stress of life bear
fruit of love."   J. s tall

In Memory of
James F.
Son of
John S. and Catherine 
Sweet is life to
And friend in whose absence
He breathed his trust.
Sept. 2, 1831
AE 5 yrs. 4 mo.
& 17 ds.
Like the dew on the mountain
Like the foam on the river
Like the bubble on the fountain
He is gone.

In Memory of
Caroline Matilda
third daughter of 
John S. & Catherine
his wife
who died
14th July 1823
aged 2 years 8 mo. 
& 20 days.

James Eugene
Feb. 6, 1871
Apr. 4, 1952
Leaning on the everlasting arms.

Jesse C. Sharpe
Wife of
J. E. Wiggins
Nov. 4, 1869
July 1, 1927
She being good, made better every one
who knew her held God's purpose and moved
down life's pathway scattering flowers and none 
knew her but to love her and to be loved.

In memory of
Annie M. Sharpe
Born Mar. 12, 1834
Died Apr. 10, 1916
"Her children arise 
up, and call her

The Memory of
Charles E. Wiggins
Born Jan. 2, 1874
Died Dec. 21, 1895
Leaning on the
everlasting arms.

(double marker)
Rev. Casper E.
May 28, 1829
Nov. 22, 1901
A Member of the
South Carolina Conference
M.E. Church South
Having finish his course
faithfully he has entered 
upon his reward.
Other side:
Mary E. Grier
Wife of
Rev. Casper E. Wiggins
Jan. 3, 1838
May 15, 1924
Leaning on the ever-
lasting arms.

to the memory of
John S. Maner
Born June 3rd 1818
Died December 1st 1854
36 years & 6 months.
Because I love ye shall love also
John XIV:19
"Thy dear Redeemer's might
hath gain'd for thee the Victory."

Martha A. Maner
Daughter of John S. & Catherine Maner
Born December 22nd 1830,
Died on the 9th September 1848,
Aged 17 years 8 months 18 days
At Montplier in Georgia,
where she
had gone to complete her education.
A painful illness of thirty days
Convalescence was borne with patience
gentleness and fortitude.
Early, bright, transient, chase and went to Heaven.
During her life she commanded the
Admiration, love and esteem of all who
knew her
Her remains lie beneath his stone
waiting the summons of her Redeemer
to put on immortality and life.

Parental Affection
rears this stone
in memory of
Elizabeth Ann Robert
Eldest daughter of
John S. and Catherine Maner.
She was born in this vicinity,
Dec. 9, 1810 and here died
June 20, 1834.
Much loved in live for uncommon virtue
She was no less mourned over in death
At the too early flight of every promise.
Parents, brothers, sisters, friends 
can alone properly estimate her worth
Hence with them it is left
Imitate her example
And gain her blessedness
To share it with her forever.
She died - she gazed on weeping friends
But death had not his terrors when he came.
Around her hovered angels, at her side,
There stood hope! The Savior is his name.

Simply to Thy Cross I Cling
Wife of
Maj. J. S. Maner
May 27th 1862.
Aged 68 years.
"Blessed are the Pure in heart
for they shall see God."

In Memory of
John S. Maner
Born 3rd July 1785
Died 18th June 1852
A native of
this community where he 
occupied a high position
and exerted a wide influence
for many year,
Serving the people in the
House of Representatives
then the Senate
which bodies elected him
Major of the Army in
the War of 1812.
By industry & enterprise
he acquired an ample estate
to all the relations of life
he evinced the courtesy
and hospitality of the
Gentleman with out 
pride or ostentations.
Other side:
Husband and Father, Friend
and Master he was loved and 
valued while living and
deeply deplored when gone.
Truthfulness, Sincerity & zeal
for improvements were the
great traits of his character.
In 1832 he made Profession of
the Religion of Christ.
Prosperous in life
He as happy in death.
After life's fitful dream he sleeps well
"And I am glad that he has 
lived thus long
and glad that he has gone
to his reward 
nor can I deem that nature
did him wrong.
Softly to disintegrate the 
vital cord.
For when his hand grew
palsied and his eye
dark with the mist of age, 
it was his time to die."

to the memory of
John Seth
son of
S. P. & M. A. Maner
Born June 17th 1855
Died June 18th 1856

the memory of
Joseph Lawton
son of Samuel P.
and Mary Ann Maner
Born Sept. 28th 1853
Died Sept. 8th 1854

the memory of
William Francis
son of 
S. P. & M. A. Maner
Born Jan. 12th 1849
Died Nov. 10th 1850

To the Memory of
Mary Ann,
Wife of Saml. P. Maner
Born March 27th 1827
Died July 26th 1866
"She stretched out her heart to the poor.
Yea, she reacheth forth her hand to the needy."
"She openeth her mouth with wisdom, 
and in her tongue is the law of kindness.
Her children rise up and call her blessed.
Her husband also, and he praiseth her
Give her of the fruit of her hands
And let her own work praise her in the gates.

Oh! Well she knew that though her lot had been
supremely blest
Though the world seemed a happy spot, yet 
"this was not her rest"
The richer feelings of her heart to earth she 
had not given,
For hers had been that "better part" to last 
alone in heaven.

Mary Ann Maner
Nov. 25, 1860 - Mar. 25, 1918
Married J. L. Fraser 1885
Married R. H. Sams 1894

Mary J. Robertson
Sept. 11, 1841
Nov. 4, 1912
At Rest

William Frank
March 26, 1854
December 20, 1918

Robert L. Maner
April 18, 1864
January 31, 1919
Earth's struggles all have ceased.
Since Jesus called him to heaven's
perfect peace.

Anna Martha Maner
Nov. 7, 1872 - Apr. 25, 1953
There from the music round about me stealing,
pain would learn the new and holy song.
And find at last beneath thy trees of healing
The life for which I long.

Hart M. Maner
June 20, 1875
January 4, 1919
Grant him Thy eternal rest.

Maud Richardson 
May 24, 1884
June 22, 1964
Maude R. Hopkins
South Carolina
Nurse Army Nurse Corps
World War I
May 24 1884   June 22 1964

Frederick B. Son of
J. C. & C. H. Richardson
Mar. 13, 1896 - Feb. 14, 1912
Gods' finger touched 
Him and he slept.

Son of J. C. & C. H. 

Infant of
(Damaged next to above so I assume it is another Richardson infant)

Footstone only: S.A.M.

Footstone only: M.A.S.

Double stone
W. H. Stephens
Apr. 12, 1830
Jan 6, 1913
Confederate Cross
Elizabeth M.
Wife of
W. H. Stephens
Jan. 16, 1831
Dec. 4, 1920

Engraved "M"
Elizabeth Mennett
Died Dec. 29, 1919
Age 65 yrs.
4 mo. 9 Days
Gone to be with Jesus
and loved ones in

Memory of
Anna Martha
Infant daughter of
W. H. & S. A. Maner
Born 27 January 1856
Died 10 February 1856
Aged 14 days

John S.
Son of 
J. W. & S. A. 
Aged 28 yrs.

In Memory of
Henry Richardson
Son of the late Revd James Richardson
Minister of Morebattle Roxburgshire, N.H.
who departed this life
on the 25th day of November 1828
Aged 59 years

Mary Richardson
Widow of Henry Richardson
and daughter of 
James and Mary Fraser
Born at Beaufort
April 15th 1777
Died March 20th 1856

To the Memory of
Cecilia Isabella Dawson
Relict of
Jacob Drayton Dawson
and daughter of
Henry & Mary Richardson
Born at Columbia the 6th of March 1814
and died the 21st of December 1839.

Ella Walton
Wife of 
Walter W. Smith
Feb. 1, 1854 - Oct. 29, 1913
As a wife devoted
As a mother affectionate
As a friend everlasting and true
In loving God, she loved her neighbor as herself.

Walter Watson Smith
Feb. 22, 1849 - Nov. 29, 1926
He was a Confederate Soldier.

Georgia P. H.
May 12, 1860
Dec. 14, 1916
Thy trials ended
Thy rest is won.

To the memory of
Eveline E.
Wife of Albert G. Porter
Born Aug. 12, 1818,
Died Jan. 14, 1874
Though dead she's dead
to earth alone,
above she will be found
amid the stars and hear
the throne
Which saints life she surround.

Our Brother
Albert N. 
April 8 1846
Died April 15, 1883
Blessed are the dead
which die in the Lord,
for they rest from their
labors and their works
do follow them.

Weep not for him that dieth
For he hath ceased from care
and a voice to his replieth
Which he hath nor heard for years.
Confederate Cross

Youngest son of
W. W. & E. W. Smith
July 23, 1885.
April 17, 1895
He shall gather the lambs with 
His arms and carry them in his 

Little Walter
Son of Walter W. &
Ella W. Smith
Nov. 17th 1875
Oct. 23rd 1877
Aged 1 Yr. 11 Mos. &
6 Days.

Eloise Brevard
Daughter of
William E. and Eloise Hayne Martin
Wife of
John Maner Richardson
July 14, 1850
June 30, 1935

John Maner Richardson
June 4, 1841
Jan. 7, 1890

Mary Asinithe Maner
Wife of
Henry Warren Richardson
1813 - 1884

(1 stone)
John Maner
June 1841 - Jan. 1890
Henry Warren 
Aug. 1844 - Jan. 1916
The Memory of
Dr Henry Warren
Son of
Henry & Mary
Born in Columbia
the 6th of Sept. 1812
and died
the 29th of August 1845.

Henry Warren
Born August 21, 1844,
Died January 4, 1916
Here lies a man who was good to
his family & true to his friends.
Confederate Cross

Sarah Aldrich Richardson
Wife of 
Henry W. Richardson
April 19, 1846
October 11, 1928.
Daughter of the American Revolution

Joseph W. Maner
Born Nov. 4, 1829
Died July 26, 1901
They loved him most who
Knew his best.

Susan Ann Riley
Beloved wife of 
Joseph W. Maner
Born Jan. 29, 1935
Died May 25, 1902
How desolate our home, bereft
of thee.

1 stone
July 2, 1866
Sept. 26, 1898
Dec. 17, 1859
Jan. 3, 1904
When Christ who is our life shall appear then
shall we also appear with Him in glory.

1 stone
James C. Richardson
June 3, 1852
June 7, 1931
His Wife
Cora H. Riley
Jan. 14, 1865
Sept. 12, 1942

Stella Fuessel
Mar. 13, 1892
Sept. 10, 1967
"No one knew her
but to love her."
Footstone: S.F.K.

Henry R. Kittles
Feb. 26, 1854
Dec. 24, 1834
His Wife
Catherine E. Riley
July 16, 1862
Aug. 29, 1941
Footstones: H. R. K.    C. E. R. K.

Little Henry
son of 
H. R. & C. E. Kittles
Born Aug. 27, 1886
Died Aug. 24, 1887

Sacred to the memory
Thomas J. Riley, Jr.
Sept. 22, 1867
May 2, 1896
And Jesus stood on the golden shore
And bade our brother come
So we meekly kissed his folded hands
And said God's will be done.

Thy Will Be Done
Mary M. Fuessel,
Wife of T. J. Riley,
Left a widow 1877
Married John Cooper 1882
Aug. 26, 1841 - Nov. 14, 1912
At Rest
Footstone: M.M.C.

Thomas Jefferson Riley
Died at Brighton, S.C.
March 3rd 1877 
In the Fifty-second year of his age.
He was a fond father, a devoted 
husband, a faithful friend, and
a consistent Christian
He Sleeps in Jesus.
Confederate Cross

WIGGINS (headstone)
Anne Julia Chisholm
Nov. 27, 1902
July 7, 1999

Edgar Causey Wiggins, Sr.
Col. US Army
World War II
Feb 17 1901    Dec 20 1979

To the memory of
Mrs. Sarah Anna Leard
Wife of Rev. S. Leard
Of the So. Ca. Conference
M.W. Church South
Who departed this life
On the 2nd of May A.D. 1857
Aged about 39 years
Her record on high.
"Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord."
In memory of
Edward Maner Lawton Leard
Infant son of 
Rev. S. and Sarah Anna Leard
Died on the 8th of June A.D. 1857
Aged 3 mos. & 22 days.
In death they are not divided
Erected by a bereaved and sorrowing husband
as a token of his undying love for his 
wife and son.

Unmarked grave (next to Sarah Anna Leard)

Joseph Bostick Loyal
Nov. 3, 1888
Jan. 7, 1956

Fannie Bostick Loyal
Aug. 13, 1865
June 5, 1944

Walton Smith Loyal
Jan. 12, 1887
Nov. 25, 1902
On Back:
The consecrated cross I'll bear
Till death shall set me free
And then go home my cross to wear
For there's a brown for me.

Erected by Brighton S.S.
In Memory of their
esteemed Superintendent
L. C. Loyal, Jr.
Apr. 14, 1861
Feb. 1, 1891
Asleep with Jesus

James Bartow
Sept. 24, 1861
Aug. 26, 1930
Alice Bostick 
Feb. 4, 1858
Mar. 26, 1928

COLEMAN (headstone)
Herbert Harold Coleman
Oct. 10, 1891
Nov. 12, 1950

Amarien Benton Coleman
Nov. 16, 1898
Aug. 6, 1963

Daisy Garvin
July 6, 1906,
Aged 32 yrs. 10 mos.
Dearest loved one we must lay thee
In the peaceful graves embrace
But thy memory will be cherished
Till we see they heavenly face.

Winkler Garvin
Apr. 17, 1901
Age 33 yrs.
2 mo. 22 Das.
God in His wisdom has taken away 
This precious one to us he had given
But we will cherish the time of his stay
Till we meet him again in Heaven.

Daughter of
J. W. & M. R.
Died Mar. 7

Annie Riley 
1872 - 1916

Dau. Of
J. W. & M. R. 
July 1909
March 1910

Son of
J. W. & M. R.
March 1909

Daughter of 
Mr. & Mrs. 
E. C. Wiggins
April 7
(year is covered with concrete)

Thomas Jefferson Kittles
2nd LT. U. S. Army
World War I
Dec. 6, 1897
June 20, 1992

Marguerite Rhodes Kittles
Daughter of
Julian E. and Janie B. Rhodes
Oct. 15, 1904
June 3, 1987

Victor Hugh Kittles
Nov. 7, 1882
Dec. 27, 1942

Annie Wright Kittles
July 27, 1888
July 6, 1963

BUCKNER (headstone)

Miriam K. Buckner
Sept. 5, 1884
Mar. 1, 1974

Franklin C. Buckner
Jan. 3, 1883
May 29, 1942

CHISHOLM (headstone)

Marie Margaret 
July 25, 1900
July 31, 1994

Mattye R. Chisholm
Aug. 19, 1875
Nov. 29, 1954

Jesse W. Chisholm
Jan. 26, 1873
Dec. 6, 1947

Infant son of
Joseph Edwin & 
Pattie Lou Barfield
Footstone: Infant

BARFIELD (double stone)
Joseph Edwin
May 26, 1885
Jan. 1, 1953
Footstone: Father
Pattie Lou Smith
Apr. 2, 1910
July 24, 2000
Footstone: Mother
Into His Hands I Commend My Spirit

Harrison Lee
Oct. 28, 1945
Feb. 25, 1988
Gone But Not Forgotten
Footstone: H. L. B.

Joseph Lee "Joey"
August 29, 1965
July 6, 1995
Beloved Son and Brother
Footstone: J. L. B.

James Riley	
Jul. 28, 1909
Dec. 16, 1989

Louise Volland
Nov. 14, 1908
Jan. 16, 1986

Frederick Fuessel
Nov. 27, 1915
April 17, 1989

Margaret Jennings
Apr. 15, 1920
Aug. 2, 1994

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