Cemeteries: Bostick Cemetery, Hampton County, South Carolina. ****************************************

Bostick Cemetery Hampton County, South Carolina. This cemetery is located near the small town of Garnett off Highway 119 North. It is .3 of a mile from the Hampton County line. There is a dirt road to the left (before you cross over a railroad overpass). The cemetery is located .3 of a mile down this road on the right. It is in a very peaceful location and is very well maintained. Survey taken June 2001 by, and data submitted by, Ann Baker (abaker@aol.com).


Cemeteries: Bostick Cemetery, Hampton County, South Carolina. This copy contributed for use in the USGenWeb Archives.  Used with Permission.


On the gate: In Loving Memory of Richard Fuller Bostick Son of 
Benjamin Robert and Jane Maner Bostick Born at Robertville, 
So. Carolina November 8th 1839 Died at Hamilton, New York October 21st 1917

Howden (large Cross)

Joy Howden 
Beloved Daughter of 
Lucile and Frederick Howden 
1924 - 1977

Lucile Fetty Howden  
Beloved Wife of 
Frederick Howden
1898 - 1972

Frederick J. Howden, Sr. 
Beloved Husband of
 Lucile F. Howden
1897 - 1978

Eurith Fisher Fetty  
Mother of 
Lucile Fetty Howden
1876 - 1955

Hancock (double stone)
James W. 
1895 - 1982
Asenath J. 
1902 - 1992
James Wallace McAlpin Hancock
Jane Asenath Bostick Jones Hancock

Luther Bostick Jones 
Son of 
Catherine Bostick McAlpin
Henry DeSaussre Jones
1897 - 1978

Agnes Bostick Jones
Daughter of 
Catherine Bostick McAlpin 
Henry DeSaussre Jones
Jan 15, 1896 - Apr 22, 1974

Southwood Jones 
Son of 
Catherine Bostick McAlpin 
Henry deSaussre Jones
March 29, 1904 - September 10, 1965
Footstone: At Rest

Mary Jones Colcock
Sept 17 1861
Apr 30 1931

Apr 11, 1857
Sept 11, 1917 
Footstone: B.B.J.

Sacred to the Memory of 
Jane A. Jones
Wife of 
Seaborn Jones
Born January 20, 1830 
Died February 9, 1916
"Her children shall rise up
and call her Blessed."

Henry De Saussre Jones.
May 1, 1871, 
Oct 3, 1906.
Footstone: H.D.J.

Henry DeSaussre 
Infant Son of
Catherine B. & H. DeS. Jones

Catherine Bostick McAlpin
Daughter of 
Mary Fuller and 
Luther R. Bostick
March 28, 1870
April 11, 1947 
FS: C. B. McA

Pierre Robert 
March 3, 1856 
March 2, 1931

Caroline Elizabeth 
Daughter of 
Wm D. Martin and 
Wife of 
Wm Maner Bostick,
Died 29th Jany 1871.
Aged 48 years 10 months 
and 2 days
On Earth she bore the Cross 
In Heaven she wears the Crown.

Anna Maner 
daughter of 
Wm Maner, and
Caroline E. Bostick 
died 8th Sept 1863.
Aged 15 years 
8 months and 20 days
"Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven."
Footstone A.M.B

Carrie Martin
 daughter of Wm Maner, and
Caroline E. Bostick
died 19th Aug 1863,
Aged 9 years 
6 months 
and 13 days 
"He shall gather the lambs 
with His arms and carry 
them in His bosom."
Footstone: C.M.B.

Jane Maner Bostick 
Daughter of Wm M & Caroline E. Bostick
died 27th December 1849,
Aged  3 years 
and 10 months
"The Lord gave and the Lord hath
taketh away blessed be the name of 
the Lord."
Footstone: J.M.B.

Our Mother 
Catherine E. Robert
Sept 29, 1831
May 18, 1918
She was faithful unto death
And now has her crown of life
Footstone: C.E.R.

Luther Robert Bostick
Son of 
Benjamin R. & Jane Maner Bostick
1844 - 1910
Confederate Cross

Luther Robert Bostick, Jr.
Son of Luther R. & Mary Fuller Bostick
1876 - 1918
Footstone: unmarked

Edward Means Bostick
Son of 
Luther R. & Mary Fuller Bostick
1875 - 1921
Footstone: unmarked

John H. Robert Jr.
1857 - 1932

William Martin Maner
Son of 
Samuel Perry Maner II
& Anna Bostic Martin
7 Jan. 1881
27 Jan. 1956
Eternal Rest Grant Unto Him
O' Lord and Let Perpetual Light
Shine Upon Him.
May He Rest In Peace.

Rentz (double stone)
Obediah Rentz  
Oct 8, 1876 - Nov 15, 1943 
His Wife
Marion Rose McKenzie 
May 6, 1876 - June 20, 1946 
Footstones: O.R.         M.R.McK.R.

Samuel Perry Maner III
son of
Samuel Perry and
Anna Bostick Martin Maner
June 7, 1883 - March 10, 1952
Footstone: unmarked

Frank Bostick
son of
John Vincent Martin 
Mary Harnell Bostick
July 29, 1856
April 4, 1924
Footstone: F.B.M.

Harriet Thompson
1855 - 1928

William Edward
1848 - 1917
On earth he bore the cross,
In Heaven he wears the crown.

(engraved initial) M
John Vincent
Son of 
John Vincent &
Harriet B.
Mar. 15, 1846
Jan. 27, 1916
FS: J. V. M.

Anna Bostick 
Wife of
Samuel Perry Maner
Daughter of 
Harriet Bostick 
and J. Vincent Martin
Born March 16, 1850. 
Died Sept 18, 1921.
Footstone: unmarked

To the Memory of 
Samuel Perry Maner
Oct. 7, 1850,
Dec. 31, 1908.
Footstone: S.P.M.

Frank Vincent Maner 
son of
 S. P. & A. B. Maner
Aug. 4th 1889,
Oct. 27th 1901.
Oh bless me now, my Savior,
I come to Thee.
Footstone: F. V. M.

Mary Harriet Martin,
Daughter of Benj. R.
And Jane A. Bostick
Wife of 
Captain John Vincent
Nov. 4th, 1822.
April 24th, 1903.
The years glide on,
The shadows fall
But work her hands 
Have wrought live on.

Harriet M. Martin
3rd Daughter of 
J. V. & Harriet Martin,
Born on 20th April 1861,
Died on 25th Aug. 1864.
Footstone: H.M.M.

Jennie Martin 
Beloved Daughter of 
J. V. & Harriet Martin.
Born on 2nd Feby. 1844,
Died on 2nd Nov. 1863.

In Memory of 
Capt. John Vincent Martin
Born April 19, 1820,
Died April 4, 1874.

Anna (very large monument)
Daughter of B. R. & Jane A. Bostick 
who died Feb. 28, 1854
In the 23rd year of her age
"Beautiful in life triumphant in death" 
On one side:
She is not dead she lives and walks forever
Through the green pastures of a land more fair.
Crowned with fresh garlands which shall wither never
Or lose their fragrance in the balmy air.

Then let us think of her not dead but living
An angel presence veiled from mortal eyes
The fair rose shattered but the pure flame giving
New beauty to the path, which upward lies.
On other side:
She made a profession of her faith in Jesus Christ
Became a member of the Robertville Church September 1851.
She loved the church of Christ and showed by a life adorned by
The graces of Christianity, that her hope was in the resurrection 
of the body and the blessedness of the Saints in Heaven.

Jane Asenath Maner 
Wife of 
B. R. Bostick
Mar. 24, 1801 - May 6, 1887.
Her children will rise up And call her blessed.
Many Daughters Have Done Virtuously
But She Excelled Them All.

Benj. R. Bostick 
Born Oct 11 1791 
Died Oct 25 1866
Follower of the meek and lowly Jesus

to the memory of 
Infant Son of 
Carrie L. & Pierre 
Born Sept. 23, 1896 
Died May 13, 1898
Safe in the Arms of Jesus
Footstone: P.R.

Caroline Lines Robert 
1867 - 1952
Footstone: unmarked

"I Know That My Redeemer  Liveth"
Mary Helen McIver.
Wife of 
Joseph M. Bostick.
Born, July 7th ;
Died, August 29th ;
"- In all these things we are 
more than conquerors through 
Him that loved us."
On reverse: 
"Her price was far above rubies
The heart of her husband did safely 
trust in her."
"And in his ears till hearing dies
One set slow bell will seem to toll
The passing of the sweetest soul
That ever looked with human eyes. "

Daughter of 
B. R. and E. L. Bostick,
Aug. 18, 1898 - May 18, 1901.
"He took them up in His arms 
and blessed them."

Infant son eof
B. R. & E. L. Bostick
Nov. 5, 1894

Anna Rogerson McIver.
Wife of 
Jos. M. Bostick,
Nov.15, 1828 - Dec. 13, 1896.
To her the living sacrifice 
was a reasonable service.

Helen Bostick 
Age 12 years

Benjamin Robert Bostick 
Died 1904

Elizabeth Lawton 
Wife of 
B. R. Bostick
Died Mar. 18, 1951

Robert Bostick 
Age 9 years

Elizabeth Bostick 
Age 16 years

McIver Bostick 
Age 14 years
Joseph Maner Bostick
July 28, 1902 
Sept. 20, 1959

Mildred Archambault 
Wife of 
Joseph Maner Bostick
Dec. 26, 1910 
 Apr. 19, 1971

(Engraved initial) "C"
Carrie Bostick 
Wife of 
Wm. English Campbell
Oct. 25, 1865
Nov. 14, 1933

(Engraved initial) "C"
Wm. English Campbell 
Sept. 13, 1854
Aug. 12, 1941

Raulston A. Bostick 1998 - 2001

In Loving Memory of
Joseph Alexander Bostick
B- Oct. 1, 1901 Bamburg SC
D- Aug. 13, 1954 Beniot MS
Son of A. McIver Bostick
By his Grandsons:
W. Tom Robinson, Jr.    A. Bostick Robinson

Joseph Maner Bostick
Born May 19, 1835
Died Oct. 20, 1913
A preacher of righteousness
They that turn men to righteousness
shall shine as the Brightness of the stars 
forever and ever.  Daniel XII.3
Footstone: J.M.B.

A. McIver Bostick 
Born Jan. 4, 1863,
Died May 14, 1907.
"Nearer My God To Thee"

Miss Harriett B. Fuller

Benjamin Robert Bostick.
son of 
Benjamin R. & Jane A. 
died Mar. 23, 1899.
Aged 73 Years.
All Is Peace

Caroline Elizabeth 
Wife of 
Benjamin Robert 
Bostick, Jr. 
Aged 75 Years.
A devoted wife and mother 
Earth's loss Heaven's gain.
Footstone: C.E.B.

Benjamin Bostick 
Dec. 6, 1846 
Died Oct. 5, 1864.
From wounds received 
in battle around Richmond
Died at the Military 
Hospital No. 2 Wilson VA
On one side: 
He served in the 4th 
S.C. Calvary. Member of 
the Charleston Light 
On other side:
Brave, Noble and fearless.
Son of 
B. & C. E. Bostick.
Confederate Cross

Richard Franklin 
Son of 
Benjamin R. JurR. and Caroline E.
Born 21st of June 1843.
 Died 3rd December 1854.
"Suffer the Little Children. 
And forbid them not,
To come unto me for of such 
Is the Kingdom of Heaven."
Footstone: R.F.B.

Vincent John 
Son of 
B. R. & C. E. Bostick
Dec 18, 1855. 
Died March 22, 1864.
Footstone: V.J.B.

Decatur Roberds Bostick
Son of 
B. R. & C. E. Bostick
Born Aug 30, 1861
Died Nov 13, 1881
Footstone: unmarked

Benjamin Bostick
Infant son of
William E. & Carrie
Footstone: B.B.C.

2nd Daughter of
William E. & Carrie
June 30, 1885.
March 24, 1896.
"Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven."
Footstone: C.C.B.

To the Memory of
son of
Rev. H. J. & M. E. Stevens
Born Nov. 20th 1853,
Died Dec. 25th 1867.
My darling boy.
Death O'er thy Spirit cast no shade,
And like the Rainbow thou didst fade.

John Hutchinson McKenzie 
Feb. 12, 1863 
Sept. 15, 1933 
His Wife 
Annie Ulmer Oglesby 
April 20, 1884 
Sept. 17, 1940 
Footstones: J.H.McK. 	A.U.O.McK.

Shirley G. 	Lawrence A.		Harold L.
	May 16, 1867		Nov. 26, 1895
Aug 15, 1909	Jan. 25, 1938		Nov. 11, 1964
Mother		Father			 Son

Edward McKenzie Sept. 14, 1873 - Nov. 3, 1945 
Fist Wife
Laura Evelyn Daley Oct. 20, 1878 - Nov. 11, 1907
Second wife 
Elizabeth Yarborough Aug. 3, 1885 - Feb. 12, 1971
EYMcK.      	  EMcK.         	  LEDMcK.
Sara Louise 
Dau. of E. J. & E. D.  
Feb 4 1909
Mar 22 1909 
On reverse:
Bright Gems 
for His Crown

"Woodman of the World Memorial"
Edward May Bostick 
Son of 
Benjamin Robert &
Caroline Elizabeth 
Born Nov. 2, 1869 
Died Oct. 28, 1928
"Come unto me all ye that 
labor and are heavy laden 
and I will give you rest."

Our Little 
Third Daughter of 
Edward M. and Jennie L. 
May 22, 1896.
2 yrs.  6 ms.
Safe in the Arms of
Footstone: M.B.

Edw. J. Bostick.
Capt. 21st Reg S. C. V.
Killed at Five Forks, Va.
April 1865, AE 36
Citizen, Patriot, Soldier.
Pro Patria Etcum Patria Jaret.

Thomas B. Rhodes Aug 28 1878 - Mar 5 1952 
His Wife
Margaret McKenzie Jan 7 1874 - May 5 1944
Footstones:	T.B.R. 		 M.McK.R.

John W. Son of T. B. & Maggie Rhodes
Feb 4 1914 Nov 8 1914
At Rest

In Memory of F. N. 
Daughter of
J.A. & J. E. 
Born Nov 22, 1890
Died Jan 19, 1893
We Will Meet Again.

In Memory of  E.P.
Daughter of 
J. A. & J. E. McKenzie
Born Sept 27 1885 
Died Aug 3 1887
(this tombstone is broken in half)

Rhodes (double stone)
Mary Lightsey		Joseph Edward
Mar 27 1910		July 22 1909
Sept 7 1964		Aug 12 1968

In Memory of
Harriet McKenzie
Who was born on
25th July 1800
and died on
the 5th Jany. 1846.
The deceased passed
through the dark valley
leaning on the arm of her
Savior, her ambitious
life was rewarded by his 
presence in death.

An unmarked child raised with brick enclosed in concrete.

Civility E. Maner
Daughter of Wm. Maner
Born Sept 7th 1795
Died June 12th 1842.
"In early life a Methodist professor
She became a pattern of Christian humility and the memory of
her charities yet live among the poor of this Parish 
and her aids in Benevolent Institutions abroad will long survive
this frail memorial."
It is an awful thing to die
In the dread path we trod
Heaven lifts the everlasting portal high
And bids the pure in heart behold their God.

Alexander Lawton Smith
Feb 8 1882 
Aug 1 1946

Mary Eliza Smith
Sept 3 1873 
Nov 22 1942
Death is but a shadow across
The path to Heaven.

(footstone) M.R.S. (near the Smith site)
(footstone M.L.S. (near the Smith site)

Southwood Smith, M. D. 
Oct 1 1839 
Nov 12 1910
He who dwelleth in love
Dwelleth in God.

Lula Catherine 
Wife of
Southwood Smith
Apr 11, 1849 
Aug 21, 1921
Be ever faithful unto death  
And I will give thee a crown 
of life.

Anna Maner Smith
April 4, 1891
Aug 3, 1961

To the memory of
M. Mary Mullett 
Aged 106 years
Born Mary Stafford in 1717
Married lst  John May and 
2nd Mr. Mullett.
Died in 1823.
Footstone: M.M.

In Memory of
William Henry Lawton ESQ.
born on Blackswamp, So. Ca.
23 Feb. 1775
died on Blackswamp
11 Nov 1827.

AE  52 years, 8 mo. 
& 21 days
He was a truly honest & correct man
A sincere friend & a most devoted &
tender husband and father
He left this world in hope of a happy
Immortality thro the merits of the

to the memory of
Frances Julia Pocher
Daughter of 
Wm. And Catharine Lawton
Who departed this life on the 
21st October 1842
aged 24 years, 9 months
and 6 days.

(This is a very large monument but is in poor shape - some portions of it could not be read because of cracks and peeling)
to the memory of
Catherine Lawton
Beloved of
William H. Lawton
Who was born 
On Blackswamp
The 1st day of May 
in the year
Other side:
Blessed are the dead which
die in the Lord, yea saith
the Spirit, that they may 
rest from their labours 
and their works do follow them.
Other side:
For the space of forty two years
She was an exemplary member
of the Methodist Church
to which she was warmly attached
and the interests of which were
peculiarly her care to the close of her life.
Uniform in her deportment
She exemplified her faith
on the 30th day of November
in the year 1842 (I believe this is her death date)
Other side : 
Hear what the voice from 
heav'n proclaims
For all the pious dead
Sweet is the savor of their name
And soft their sleeping heads.
Far from this world of toil
And strife
they're present with the Lord
The labours of their mortal 
End in (sweet?) reward.

2 unmarked adults raised with brick enclosed in concrete
1 unmarked child raised with brick enclosed in concrete

In Memory of
Jane H. Lartige (? damaged)
Daughter of Wm. H. & Catherine Lawton
Born on the 18th day of  J? 1876
Died on the 28th day of  ? 1884

Holy Bible
His will		Kings I

Eliza Smith
Daughter of William & Catherine
Ob. 9 March 1845
AE  37 years 3 mo.
She is where the ransomed are.
Other side of this stone:
At the foot of this grave lie beloved
CATHERINE who died 1830
AE  8 mos.
SIDNEY who died 1836
AE  4 yrs 6 1/2 mos. 
SARAH E. who died 1836
AE  1 yr. 6 mos.
INFANT who died 1838
AE  1 mo.
STANHOPE who died 1848
AE  1 yr. 7 mos.
SARAH M. who died 1845
AE  7 mos. 
Children of Sidney & Eliza Smith
They are not lost
The buds that seemed to die
Are but transplanted to a world on high.

to the memory of 
Doct. Thomas E. Lawson
Son of
Wm. & Catharine Lawton
Who departed this life on the 
11th May 1845
aged 22 years, 6 months
and 15 days

Marker only H.F.McK.

Alfred Mitchell
Apr. 30, 1868 - Nov 6, 1949.

Sarah M.R.
wife of 
Lawrence McKenzie
August 10, 1888
Aged 51 yrs.
20 mos. & 25 days.
The weary is at rest.

In Memory of
Lawrence McKenzie
Born March 19, 1822.
Died March 16, 1898.
Age 75 years 11 mos 28 days
Our father & mother are gone
They lie beneath the sod
Dear parents, tho we miss you much
We know you rest with God.

In memory of
John H. McKenzie
Born Sept. 1 1820
Died Nov. 2 1890
Although He Sleeps
His Memory Doth Live.
Footstone: J.H.M.
Confederate Cross

No marker - just a Confederate Cross

In memory of
John Considen.
a native of the Co.
of Claire Ireland
who died
16th August 1830
aged about 80 years.
Footstone: J.C.

In Memory of
William son of
William H. & Catherine Lawton
Who died
Sept 3 1817

In Memory of
The children of
William H. & Catherine Lawton
William H. 
Died July 8 1799
AE 11 months
Catherine A.
Died Sept 19 1810
AE  5 years & 1 mo. (the corner of this has been damaged and the age may not be correct)

to the memory of
Capt. William Maner
Who died
24th August 1819
aged 64 years
& 8 months

to the memory of
Mrs. Asenath Maner
Consort of Capt.
William Maner.
Who died 8th June 1804
Aged 43 years
& 1 month

In memory of
Doct Samuel Perry
a native of 
Ridgefield Connecticut
who died on Blackswamp
16th Oct 1821
Aged 42 years
This gentleman came to this place a str-
anger, and after a short residency
From his amiable maners & successful practice
Died regretted by all his acquaintances.

To the memory of 
Doct. Caleb Wallace
Who died 5th Sep. 
1811 aged 24 years.

To the memory of
Mrs. Ann C. Wallace
Consort of 
Saml. M. Wallace
and daughter of 
Wm.  & A.  Maner
who died
23rd June 1813
aged 21 years
Footstone: A.C.W.

To the memory of
Wm. Maner Wallace
son of S. & A.
Wallace who died
Oct 27th
aged 5 years

To the memory of 
John S. Wallace
Son of S. & A
Wallace who
Died Aug 25th
1812.   Aged 8 months

To the memory of
Mary Anna Lawton.
consort of 
Joseph M. Lawton.
She was a native of
Effingham Co. Geo.
for many years a devoted member 
of the Methodist Episcopal Church.
And died 13th July

son of 
S. B. & M. Wallace
11th Sept 1840
aged 8 years

Son of S. B. & A. M. Wallace
2nd July 1842
Aged 1 year
6 months
21 days.

On gate to a fenced off section within this cemetery:
In Loving Memory of 
Elise Martin
Beloved wife of 
Augustus S. Jones
Died Mar. 11, 1921
She is not Dead: Her
Life was Made Immortal
By Sweetest Words and 
Deeds of Christian Love
It Seemed to be but Just
The Great Beginning
Of That Above.

William Evans Martin,
June 6, 1868,
Feb 18, 1905.
There is no death, the stars go down
To shine upon some fairer shore,
And bright in Heaven's jewelled crown
The shine forever more.

Samuel Fair Marshall
Apr. 3, 1845 - Oct 13, 1902
The Lord Lift up his countenance
Upon thee, and give thee Peace
Both now and forever more.
Confederate Cross

Elizabeth Evans
Daughter of S. F. & Alice T.
Died April 23, 1888
Aged 15 mos.
My savior as thou wilt
So may thy will be mine.

John Robertson Martin
U. S. Marine Corp.
1893 - 1917
Greater love hath no man than this
That a man laid down his life for 
His friends.

Marshall (Large cross)
Alice T. Marshall
Sept 3 1854
Nov 6 1887
In my hand no price I bring
Simply to Thy Cross I cling.

Wm. Wallace Martin 
Fifth son of
Edmund & Anna Martin
was born on the 14th Jany. 1840
and died on the 12 Nov. 1850.
Aged 10 years
9 months & 28 days

The grave of
William E.
Son of Edmund & Mary Anna Martin
Born Aug 10th
died July 1st

Sarah C. Martin
She was born on 
The 7th April 
And died 2nd November 

Memory of Rachael Jane
The second daughter
Of Edmund & Anna
Born 8th November
and departed this life
on 26th of August
Aged 6 years
9 months and 
18 days

In Memory of
Julia Ellen
The 4th daughter of 
Edmund & Anna 
Born 14th July
and departed this life
the 30th of August 
Aged 2 yrs. 1 month
And 16 days

To the memory of
Anna A. Dorothea
Only child of
Alfred & Elizabeth
Died 12 February 1851
Aged 2 years & 6 months
"The Lord gave and the 
Lord hath taken away
blessed be the name of 
the Lord."

Memory of
Laura Marie
The third daughter 
Of Edmund & Anna M.
born 11 September
and departed this life 
the 4th of September 
aged 4 years 11 months 
and 25 days

Sacred to
The memory of
Mrs. Anna M.
Consort of 
Edmund Martin
Who died the 12 Sep 1847,
Aged 43 years,
11 months and 256 days.
"She opens her mouth with wisdom
and in her tongue
was the law of kindness."
"Thy husband never trusted
to have lived
to bid farewell to Thee
and almost said in agony
it out not so to be."
"But thou art gone to the grave!
He will not deplore thee
Whose God was they Ransom,
Thy Guardian and Guide,
He Gave thee.  He took Thee
And death had no sting, 
For her Saviour had died.

Our Beloved Father
Edmund Martin
Born Nov 4th 1796
Died Aug 9th 1871
Age 74 years
"Blessed are the dead who die
in the Lord for they rest from
their labours and their words
do follow them."

Infant son of 
Alford & Elizabeth 
Died Mar 20 1853
Aged 9 months
"From God to God"

In Memory of
Mary Ann
Eldest daughter of
Edmund & Anna Martin
Who was born the 25th Aug 1828
And died
On the 25th Oct 1852
Aged 24 years
And 2 months

Youngest daughter of 
Edmund & Anna Martin
Died Nov. 6, 1865
Aged 9 years 5 months
Blessed are the pure in heart
For they shall see God.

Alfred M. Martin
Born November 13, 1823
Died May 13, 1919
Other side:
Grant Him O Lord Eternal Rest -
And Let Light Perpetually Shine Upon Him.
Confederate Cross

Large cross I h S
Elizabeth Evans Martin
Died April 30, 1911.
She whose one vocation
was a life of Love
Knit in God's salvation
To the Blest Above.
Other side:
"Warm Summer Sun
Shine Kindly Here
Warm Southern Wind
Blow Softly Here
Green Sod Above
Lie lightly, lie lightly
Good night dear hear
Good night, good night."
Beloved and Loving Wife of
Alfred M. Martin

Augustus Seaborn Jones
Oct 18, 1867
May 25, 1919
Elise Martin
Wife of Augustus Seaborn Jones
Died March 11, 1921
Other side:
And What Doth The
Lord Require of Thee, But
To Deal Justly, and to
Love Mercy, And To Walk
Humbly with Thy God.
His tablet is a human heart
His record - loving deeds.

Large Cross IhS
Alfred Martin Marshall
Sept. 2, 1883
Jan 2, 1955  (corrected by James S. Marshall - thanks)

Large Cross IhS
Agnes Wiley Marshall
Feb. 3, 1897
Nov. 17, 1968

Elise Marshall Simpkins
September 21, 1924 - November 9th, 2001 (update supplied by James S. Marshall)
Arthur Brooks Simpkins
May 8, 1915
September 7, 2000

Courtesy of,  thanks to, and Copyright ©2001 by, Ann Baker.

According to their death certificates, the following African Americans are buried in this cemetery:

Esau Benson born about 1839 died on Nov 21 1916. His parents were Steven Benson and Peggy Howard.

Clarissa Benson (Esau's wife) was born about 1850 and died Nov 29 1928. Her parents were Tony Eady and Syvia

Katie Frazier born was born 1884 and died June 23 1955. Her parents were Esau and Clarrsa Benson

Candiss Frazier was born May 14 1889 and died Oct 21 1941. Her parents were Anderson Brown and Rebbeca Chislom(She was Katie Frazier's sister in law.

Agnes Frazier born 1904 and died Sept 18 1922. Her parents were Katie and Richard Frazier.

Robert Frazier born about 1874 and died on 24 Jan 1939. His parents were Rodger Frazier and Clarossa Garvin. He was Katie Fraziers brother in law.

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