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The Lawtonville Cemetery is the largest cemetery in Hampton County, located in the area that was once Lawtonville before the Civil War and belonged to Pipe Creek Baptist Church. (This is not the tiny one in the original Pipe Creek location.) After the war, Lawtonville was completely wiped out (burned by Sherman's army), but the families of Baptists, Methodists, Episcopalians etc. continued to use the cemetery and they still do. (paraphrased from the words of Carolyn Ramsay)

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NOTE: Beginning through 1973 complied by Mrs. Mary Eleanor Bowers nee Wiggins and Mrs. Cora Theus nee Phillips. 1973 through July 5, 2000 complied by Miss Caroline Hattrick, Mr. Jack C. Parnell eand Miss Ruby Ramsay. Listed in alphabetical order by last names.

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